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A Look into the Future Economy

The future economy is creeping up and it is evident that technical innovation is the main engine of aggregate economic growth, providing advanced living standards in the long term and boosting per capita income and consumption. The future of innovation, will cause a change in the nature of work, demolishing some professions within the labour market whilst creating new ones. Furthermore, many jobs and business industries will be affected as the value of certain new skills and new business opportunities...
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Essay on Why Is Present More Important Than Future

‘Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present The words of the above quote belong to an American entrepreneur and author Jim Rohn. He was a motivational speaker also. He elucidated his ideas through audio, video, and by writing. He is well known for his notable work ‘The Power of The Ambition’. The quote describes the mindset and attitude of Jim Rohn on life. What is life? It is a boon...
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Theory of Relativity and Black Holes: Time Travel Might Happen Some Time in Future

When you look up at the sky in a clear night, you see a bunch of stars shining in the sky. All the starlight are unknown worlds waiting for us to study. After reading The Illustrated Brief of The Time by Steven Hawking, I saw the mysteries of the space and time. Albert Einstein’s formula E=MS shut the door of time travel down. It means that we need more energy to reach higher speed. Time travel requires light speed to...
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Should Humanity's Future Lie Among the Stars: Argumentative Essay

Introduction The exploration of outer space has captivated human imagination for centuries. As we continue to make advancements in technology and space exploration, the question arises: Should humanity’s future lie among the stars? This essay will argue that expanding our presence beyond Earth and venturing into space is crucial for the long-term survival and progress of our species. It will explore the potential benefits of space exploration, including scientific discoveries, resource acquisition, and the preservation of human civilization. Scientific Discoveries...
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My Future in Real Estate Essay

Introduction Real estate has always intrigued me. The idea of helping individuals and families find their perfect homes, negotiating deals, and being part of significant life milestones has always fascinated me. As I envision my future, I see myself pursuing a career in real estate, where I can combine my passion for helping others with my entrepreneurial spirit. This narrative essay explores my journey and aspirations as I embark on a path toward a fulfilling career in the real estate...
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JROTC in the Future Essay

As we look ahead to the future, the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) program holds immense potential in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. JROTC has a long-standing tradition of instilling discipline, leadership, and a sense of responsibility in young individuals. In this narrative essay, we explore the promising role of JROTC in the future and how it continues to evolve to meet the needs of a changing world. JROTC’s Evolution Over the years, JROTC has adapted to the ever-changing...
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The Trend of Data Analysis in the Future

Nowadays, data analysis becomes more and more popular in the world. Due to the development of modern technology, data analysis can be basically a comprehensive analysis of the company’s data, and it could achieve with no deviation. The future of data analysis and the reasons why we should learn data analysis become the most interesting questions in the society. Zimmermann (2018) mentioned that there will be more automation and more collaboration, driving transformation for every industry in the areas of...
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Organic Farming: The Future of Food Security

Food security is a situation whereby the amount of nutritionally adequate food produced in a society is sufficient for all the people in that society and also easily accessible to the people of that society. Meanwhile, food insecurity is a situation whereby food produced in a society is not easily accessible to the people of that society, either due to low production, hike in price of food commodities or other causes. In our world today, we do not need a...
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Is Organic Farming the Future of Food Security?

Agriculture is the backbone to life as it provides food, clothing, medicine and raw materials to humans and nations. Biological agriculture provides the systematic access to nutritious, affordable, and sufficient amount of food in times to come. Although this system of agriculture is effective and highly beneficial, it is highly capital demanding, has an advanced environmental and health risks, and yields low quantity of production for the satisfaction of the entire world in the future. Organic agriculture provides employment to...
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Essay on Technology in the Future

What is Robotics? How does robotics work? Will Robotics technology actually be able to take over the future of technology? Robotics is the Technology that involves the design, maintenance, and use of robots. According to, “Robots are directed by microprocessors, which are tiny computers that are installed in these machines. Why were robots created? Robots were originally created to make life easier for humans and advance technology and help humans understand the power of technology. Robots were created in...
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Essay on Future of 2D Animation

In a modern world where everything is now digital, what does this mean for the future of 2D animation? This essay discusses the differences between 2D to 3D animation and examines the widely debated question, ‘Is traditional animation a dying art form?’. The History of 2D Animation From ‘Despicable Me’ to ‘Frozen’ and ‘Finding Dory’, the bulk of contemporary animated films are created using CGI or computer-generated imagery. This is a stark difference from the popular animated films throughout 20th...
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Presentation of Fictional Future in Andrew Niccol’s ‘Gattaca’ and Nancy Fulda’s ‘Movement'

Science fiction texts imagine a future where technological boundaries are pushed and often discuss the costs of these advancements on humanity. By extrapolating from trajectories of present concerns that arise as a result of the negative evolution of technology, the endurance and power of the human spirit is revealed. Andrew Niccol’s 1997 film ‘Gattaca’, introduces the societal ideology of genetic determinism that discriminates individuals based on their genetic makeup. Whereas, Nancy Fulda’s 2011 short story ‘Movement’ reveals how a society...
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Bright Future with Artificial Intelligence

With the development of technology, humans’ intelligence is been used very wisdom, with the highly developed techniques we created the AI. Artificial intelligence is the most powerful technology in the world without a doubt it will change society and the whole world, in fact, it is not only a high technique but a new way of living. The future will be changed by artificial intelligence to a better place from a lot of different areas such as work, health, domestic...
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Existing Theories in Physics Might Lead to Real Time Travel in Future

Time travel have been the idea humankind interesting in for century. Since the ancient time, fairy tale about, time travel has always been relevant. From the Hindu epic, King Revaita accepts an invitation to Brahma’s place, when he returns to earth, he finds many century have passed. The story of fisherman name Urashima Taro, having saved a sea turtle, he gets invited to the sea-kingdom; when he return home he became a centuries old man although he just stay there...
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Theoretical Physics in Past and Future: From Speed of Light to Time Travel

The exploration of the universe is endless, and the duty of physics is to understand our origins by understanding the universe. Over the course of decades of science, great scientists have worked hard to advance physics and gain a better understanding of human existence. However, what tools do physicists use to carry out this magnificent project? Throughout history, ancient thinkers, in order to study the existence of the universe, created a series of guesses and perspectives, which are combined to...
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Future Plans and Goals Essay

My name is Mariam, I am a student at Zayed University. I will be graduating in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in financial management. I have plans that I believe will lead me to a well-heeled future. Three years from now, I am planning to get my master’s degree from the University of Mannheim in Germany after graduating from Zayed University. Moreover, I am planning to broaden my knowledge in my major field by getting a master’s degree in human...
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Which Matters More Present or Future: Essay

Jim Rohn who was a famous American famous author and also a famous motivational speaker said that “happiness is not something you postpone for the future it’s something you design at present”. According to his views, he forwarded five keywords for living the life you desire; they are fundamentals, wealth, happiness, discipline, and success. It’s only when you understand what these keywords mean, that you can apply his principles to your life. Apart from this now we can see the...
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Essay on Why Is Preparing for the Future Important

The world is changing at a more rapid pace than ever before. Technology is altering the way that we live, work and play and AI are no longer for tomorrow’s world. With the such fast-paced change, schools are challenged with the task of preparing students for an uncertain future. Key to this issue is identifying the challenges facing the world of today, what employers are seeking and how we can prepare young people for the future. Technology is shifting the...
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Influence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Future of Work

The fourth industrial revolution will impact everyone through the innovation of new technologies by merging that which is physical, biological and digital (Hinton, 2018). More so, the Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly altered the way humans currently live. These two events are likely to set a ‘new normal’. This paper will discuss the influence of the fourth industrial revolution and the Covid-19 pandemic on the future of work. Revolution: Job Replacement and Creation Robot hardware and software have current limited flexibility...
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Future of Work

The future of work is one of the most discussed and debated topic of today. In this technology driven world, what impact automation technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will have on jobs, skills, and wages in the coming future. A new set of ideas and trends have emerged to create a new kind of industrial revolution. Automation and ‘thinking machines’ are replacing human tasks and jobs, and changing the skills that organizations are looking for in their people....
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Factors Contributing to China's Economic Growth and Constraints to Future Growth

China’s economy has undergone extraordinary growth over the past four decades. The country was one of the poorest nations worldwide in 1978 with its real per capita gross domestic estimated to be one-fortieth of the US level. However, the nation has become a vital economic power since it opened up to the world following the end of Mao’s rule (Yang, 2013). The country’s real per capita GDP increased from 5.5% of the US level to around 25% in 2014 (Zhang,...
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Engineering Management: Current State and Future Prospects

The changes in the industrial requirements of the professionals is a never-ending task, and you will never be able to know what the industry would expect from you tomorrow. Regardless of your profession, you are stuck in a continuously rolling wheel, and you should remember that you are supposed to be moving so as to allow yourself to move forward with the wheel rather than get crushed from it. Engineering management is one such opportunity that has been created to...
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Education is the Passport to the Future

An aunty of mine, who was going overseas to the Philippines to visit her family was in a desperate state when she realised her passport had expired. This meant that she would not be able to travel and would not be able to do what she had planned for sometime. And I wondered why this passport and the absence of it, could be the cause of so much desperation. Was it because it had ensured admission to a doorway and...
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Essay on the Future of Computer Technology

It is impossible to imagine the modern world without computers. Today’s computers help the work force perform their jobs more efficiently and offers hundreds of benefits to the business. The most impacting benefits include saving money and time. Some of the most noticeable benefits include automating reports, increasing interaction among employees and managers, and dramatically increasing communications on a global basis. In addition to all the benefits in the workplace, they are about the same in the home. Some benefits...
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Essay on the Future of Computers

In nowadays, the technology that has more impact on human beings is the computer. The computer had changed our lives dramatically in the 20th century. How the computer affected our society, well, our generation strives to be a fast-paced society in which every task must be done speedily. The computer technology we use, our daily life, has a magnificent advantage to satisfy our desire which is the computer can execute multiple tasks in a short period spent. To compare with...
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How Will Global Warming Change Affect Airports In The Future

Most of the world’s airports were designed before when the global temperature was not as high as it is now. In order to reduce the disturbance to human daily life or avoid natural obstacles such as mountains, many airports are built near the coastline or River Delta. Other airports have shorter runways because of space constraints. In the past, airport designers rarely considered the impact of extreme temperatures on aircraft and airports. Climate change is forcing airport designers to rethink...
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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Future? Essay

Introduction When you hear the word ‘artificial intelligence’ the first thing that comes to mind is robotics, but what truly is artificial intelligence and what does the future hold for it? According to Wikipedia, artificial intelligence also referred to as machine intelligence, is any device or machine that mimics cognitive functions humans associate with the human mind such as learning and problem solving. Examples of artificial intelligence in our day to day lives include: Siri, Google, drones, advertising and so...
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Importance of Industrial Revolution: Analysis of Benefits, Losses and Future of Work

As humankind evolved, technology evolved alongside. This evolution in technology is also known as industrial revolution. Industrial revolution is a game changing part of a human life, everything which was thought to be next to impossible is made possible by the technology. This magnificent growth in technology is the reason why we don’t live in caves anymore. The concept of industrial revolution started during the mid-1760’s with the invention of steam engine which allowed faster transportation and lead to the...
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Planning Company’s Future during COVID-19 (Coronavirus Pandemic) Crises

The COVID-19 virus has rapidly spread out globally since the initial break out in China back in December,2019. The sudden increase in the rise of infections all around the world has compelled public & private hospitals and to act decisively. In addition, the pandemic has forced governments all around the world to pause all economic activities. However, this abrupt stop has had a negative impact on all the economies. Many countries are losing billions of dollars on a daily basis....
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Artificial Intelligence: Will Machine Be Smarter Than Us In The Future?

Introduction Starting from Turing test in 1950, Artificial Intelligence has been brought on public notice for decades. It flourished and stagnated over times in the past, which followed Gartner hype cycle. However, because of the development of big data, machine learning and deep learning technology, Artificial Intelligence returns back to the stage again in the 21st century, and play a growing role in all aspects. Millions of consumers interact with AI directly or indirectly on a day-to-day basis via virtual...
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