Gay Adoption Issue In The USA

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Did you know that in the year of 2016 in Mississippi a law trying to ban gay adoption was rescind, which made it legal for gay couples to adopt in all 50 states? My topic is solely based on if gay couples should have the same adoption rights as straight couples? In my opinion I believe that gay couples should most definitely have the same adoption rights as any other straight couple because at the end of the day we are all human who would love to have and raise our own children. Based on research same sex couples usually tend to have far more good outcomes of their adoptive kids, their adopted kids feel more unbiased and accepting, and same sex couples have a big interest in adopting children and taking them in.

In the year of 1960-1970 the growing LGBTQ rights movement up held the community. During these times LGBTQ couples also began starting to form families. In the year of 1968 Bill Jones, which was a gay man became one of the very first single men to adopt. Approximately ten years new York became one of the very fist states to to not turn away people based solely on their sexuality, more specifically if they were gay. In 1997 new Jersey was said to be the first state to approve of homosexual couples to adopt statewide. Although there were many issues and concerns of gay couples being able to adopt because of things like, children getting teased, lower levels of self-esteem, children ending up gay because of their homosexual parents and many other things made this difficult to people to approve of. In 2015 the United States Supreme Court made it legal for gay marriage, and due to this and a series of court rulings, it was ruled that same sex couples could adopt in all 50 states.

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One of my first reasons as to why I believe that gay couples should have same adoption rights as straight couples is because gay couples usually tend to have a far more good outcomes of their adoptive kids than heterosexual couples. Based on data acquired by the 2000 Census, Michael Rosenfeld, a Stanford sociologist found the rates in which children of all types of families had to repeat a grade in either elementary or middle school. According to Rosenfeld’s study it appeared that gay couple’s children had far more less grade repetition, than those who were raised in heterosexual homes or single parent homes. Another study by Kristof de Witte, Deni Mazrekaj and Sofie Cabus, a group of economists from Belgian University revealed that the performance of children who were raised by the same sex parents were more likely to make higher test scores and were seven times more likely to graduate than those with heterosexual parents.

My second reason is that adopted children of gay couples are even said to feel more unbiased and accepting than those of which were not raised in their same situation. With having the same sex parents there is more likely to be talk about emotional feeling. Having gay parents is typically more compassionate than it would be having straight parents, with this being said children raised under a same sex household are usually equiped to be more accepting of things and more calming about situations. When living in a house where being open is normal and warming, children tend to grow with that and become more open and honest with communicating and have no problem with letting feelings out. These children are also said to be more supportive and considerate of differences and believe more in equality.

My last reasoning to this argument is that same sex couples should be able to adopt because they are have a bigger interest in adopting. So many couples in the U.S. are adopting, but according to UCLA school of law, Shoshana Goldberg and Kerith Conron gathered information from the 2014-2016 American Community Survey and state that 3% of heterosexual couples are raising an adopted child. Goldberg and Conron’s research also shows that 21% of homosexual couples are raising an adopted child. Based on the information given in this research project by UCLA it shows us exactly that same sex couples are far more interested in adopting. Without the help of these loving couples not as many of these children would be getting adopted and taken care of. To get more specific UCLA’s research also revealed that of the same sex couples adopting, there are more female same sex couples are raising children with a percentage of 24, and male same sex couples were raising children with a percentage of 8. Out of the 705,000 homosexual couples living in the United States 114,000 of them are raising children.

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