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Gender Discrimination In Todays Society

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Did you know that African-American women earn 64 cents and Latina Women earn 56 cents for every dollar earned by a caucasian man? Discrimination is one of the leading problems in our society and has been for the past 50 years. Discrimination is the biggest problem women face at one point in their life, but the majority of women experience it several times or daily in their life. Society should stop gender discrimination because it causes workplace inequality, social gender expectations and because of the many flaws of discrimination.

One of the main areas that gender discrimination takes place in is in the workplace. In the workplace, discrimination comes in many forms. A some of them are unequal pay, sexual harassment, unlawful termination, pregnancy discrimination and gender inequality in high positions. Studies show that women in professional speciality occupations earn just 72.7% of what men in the same position earned. Also, the total number of businesses in the US that are owned by women is 40%. Society should stop gender discrimination in the workplace because it causes things like unequal pay and sexual harassment which is terrible not only for women but for businesses.

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Gender discrimination has many flaws such as reduced productivity, lower employee morale, lack of skill diversity and lower mental health of victims. Because employees have to focus on dealing with sexual harassment and prejudice the attention they give may be significantly less. A hostile work environment can reduce the morale and mental health of those directly affected, which leads to widespread discontent throughout the workplace. A personal story from someone who had experienced sexual discrimination themselves: ‘ when I was in college, and a professor attempted to rape my classmate, we reported it to our homeroom teacher. She told us ‘forget about it. These things happen in women’s colleges’. Gender discrimination should not happen because of its adverse effects such as lowered mental health and productivity, which is terrible for your overall health and also slows worker output which can drastically affect business performance.

Gender discrimination in social situations also has a prominent occurrence in today’s society, and the expectations and stereotypes towards women from friends, family and others are widespread. Women pressured to stick to a stereotype of their gender. Women are expected to sound, behave like, and look like ‘normal women’ and to date the opposite sex. If women do not follow these ‘guidelines’ they often receive a reprimand and negative and hateful comments. An example of this is in the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, when the main character Scout Finch notices she sounds, dresses and acts like a ‘Tomboy’ a 1930’s slang for a girl who behaves in a manner considered boyish. All the town ladies notices this too and bully her and pressure her into being ‘more normal’ which worries her and lowers her self-esteem. Gender discrimination should not exist because of the girls like Scout being affected by the evil of social discrimination.

Gender discrimination is terrible because of its occurrence in the workplace, the flaws of discrimination that significantly impact society and the expectations and stereotypes that come with gender discrimination. Society should stop gender discrimination because it causes workplace inequality, social gender expectations and because of the flaws of discrimination. As the famous Australian lawyer once said, ‘Gender equality is not a battle of the sexes, it is a battle for equality, a battle that men and women must wage side by side. The empowerment of women is about the empowerment of humanity.

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