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Considering Gender Diversity in Science

Gender diversity is used to describe gender identities that demonstrate a diversity of expression beyond the binary framework. It calls for the equal acknowledgement of and respect for individuals across a spectrum of gender identities. People who respect gender diversity, respect the choices others make about their life with regards to their gender. Over the years, the importance of having gender diversity in the work environment has been underlined through positive results obtained from various gender-diverse endeavors. Research has suggested...
2 Pages 731 Words

Male Dominance over Females: Essay

Male dominance over females is one of the earliest known and most prevalent forms of inequality in human history. Due to its everydayness, male dominance seems natural. But one question never goes away. Might innate biological mechanisms be a hindrance to women attaining equal power with men? Or might men’s authority to command women be credited to the nature of the male personality itself, rather than anything else? My research has convinced me that male dominance over females is not...
6 Pages 2682 Words

Gender and Successful Leadership: Essay

Isn’t it inconvenient that women are perceived as less effective leaders than men? Isn’t it inconvenient that women are valued less than men around the world? And isn’t the 21st century the ideal time to create change and equality in the world for a more prosperous tomorrow? Continuing to live with the world’s current and inaccurate perceptions about women’s leadership abilities represents a greater inconvenience than the inconvenience that would arise from educating and implementing a new leadership development model...
4 Pages 1692 Words

A Woman's Power Should Not Be Underestimated: Essay

We cannot deny the importance of the role that women have played in history, more specifically in the history of the Middle Ages. Women have been viewed as possessions and were given off for peace. They were considered not worthy of power nor freedom, just living under the mercy of their lords and husbands. Their duties included raising children, cooking, and farming. Unfortunately, this has been going on throughout history and in many places today. But when women take power,...
2 Pages 1002 Words

Argumentative Research Essay on Women

An important area to look at when deciding whether women need women representatives is the relationship between descriptive and substantive representation. Substantive representation looks at whether representatives ‘act for women’ in the policies that are articulated within political institutions. Descriptive representation occurs when representatives mirror the backgrounds of the represented. In some countries such as Sweden, Argentina, and Rwanda, women have made remarkable progress in participation and representation. However, in other countries, women either lack the right to vote as...
6 Pages 2842 Words

Sexual Harassment in College: Critical Essay

Women hold a secret designation in almost every society, religion, and country of the world. However, there are always those people who exploit women based on the upper hand, they have been granted with respect to money status, or race. Islam has always encouraged women to acquire education and support the livelihood of their families if required. The first Muslim business women were Hazrat Khadija R.A, who is not only an example for Muslim women but also for the entire...
2 Pages 960 Words

Women and Their Fight for Safety: Informative Essay

Women have always had to fight for their safety, the only difference now is that they get to be more open about it. The fight for feminism can be a bit difficult to understand when one has not personally experienced trauma or helped a loved one through it. The world in which feminism and law enforcement come together can be a very touchy subject as so many people have so many different opinions. Typically, people that have been through instances...
3 Pages 1557 Words

There Cannot Be Girl Power without Brain Power: Persuasive Essay

130,000,000 girls. 130,000,000 girls who don’t have access to school. 130,000,000 girls who can’t even read the words on this page. 130,000,000 girls with no chance. 130,000,000 girls left behind ('Gender Inequality Is Keeping Girls Out of School'). Do you sense a problem? In our evolving world, uneducated people are at a catastrophic disadvantage. Without literacy, a woman cannot earn a steady income. For generations, women have been denied their fundamental right to education. This illiteracy perpetuates the cycle of...
3 Pages 1385 Words

How Have Gender Roles Changed: Argumentative Essay

South African women have been courageous across all racial lines. When Thabo Mbeki was still the president of South Africa, he stated that 'No government in South Africa could ever claim to represent the will of the people if it failed to address the central task of emancipation of women in all its element and this includes the government we are privileged to lead' ( This clearly shows that the 1956 march to Union buildings was not in vain. Men...
2 Pages 1068 Words

How Did Industrialization Affect Gender Roles: Critical Essay

Personally, the most important feature of the American Revolution has to be the industrialization period. This period achieved monetary advancement and improvement in light of the fact that numerous frameworks were made to beat battles among people and give them a better life. This industrialization period accompanied another lifestyle, thinking, working, and conditions between its kin. The period came with a great deal of machine and processing factories that made the individuals feel miserable on the grounds that it made...
1 Page 593 Words

Gender Roles Thesis Statement Essay

In the novels of Gillian Flynn, including Sharp Objects (2006), Dark Places (2009), and Gone Girl (2012), the female characters often use violence as a way of achieving ends and accomplishing goals. It may be tempting to dismiss these women outright as repugnant villains, or perhaps as abnormal examples of female mental illness. Upon closer examination, however, it can be argued that the violence and the femme fatale character type in the novels serve a distinctly feminist purpose. In allowing...
6 Pages 2793 Words

Gender Roles in the Ottoman Empire: Critical Essay

The ubiquitous spread of influence that instills hope, life, and compassion. The courage required to create change, the hunger to create a world full of hope. The spaces present in every valued life. The cavity in the human body that encompasses this space. This space or this container encompasses where we breathe, eat and sleep; life. In troubled and difficult times do we hide in fear and give up on our lives? Do we have the energy to climb out...
2 Pages 991 Words

Gender Roles in the Massachusetts Bay Colony: Analytical Essay

The time of the events that the book states that the story is set is the Puritan Massachusetts Bay Colony during the years 1642 to 1649, the novel tells the story of Hester Prynne, who gives birth to a daughter through an affair and is punished for it. Throughout time people have asked how and why females were treated differently through these last couple of decades, how Hester Prynne was treated by the people, and also how they treated Pearl....
1 Page 610 Words

Gender Roles in Different Cultures: Critical Essay

Cultural relativism is “the idea that the significance of an act is best understood by the standards of the actor’s own culture”. (Crapo 2013) Gender is a huge topic today and over the course of American history, we have seen how gender has evolved into many different things. Gender has become a hugely controversial issue within our society, gender was originally only seen as two: female and male. In my normal culture, gender is to be thought of just as...
4 Pages 1708 Words

Essay on Gender Roles Portrayed in Disney Movies

Disney took a massive risk in 1937 when they promoted and produced the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The industry thought this movie was going to flop as it had a massive budget of 1.49 million U.S. dollars and was the first animated movie of its kind. However, the movie ended up grossing well over sixty-six million dollars in 1937 alone. As of 2018, Snow White’s total box office value is over 885 million dollars, which puts the...
3 Pages 1457 Words

Essay on 'Beauty and The Beast': Gender Roles

Stereotypes are “a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing” ('Stereotype | Meaning of Stereotype by Lexico', 2020) and either contribute to or contradict gender stereotypes. Gender stereotypes are very common in children’s literature as stories regularly present boys and girls in relation to specific socially defined norms as well as societal expectations. Thus, “The Beauty and The Beast” by Disney reflects the contribution to gender stereotypes through the use...
3 Pages 1429 Words

Puritan Gender Roles Essay

Puritan beliefs were rigid and extremist. They believed that man exists to carry out God's will. There was great debate within the Puritan movement on whether to adopt Presbyterianism into their religion or keep the bishops' hierarchy. The Puritans believed that demons were among us and proactively possessed the morally weak people of the colonies. Pastors performed exorcisms and sentenced alleged witches to death or other strong-willed women like Anne Hutchison and Mary Dyer strong-willed women who were either banished...
2 Pages 719 Words

Mesopotamia Gender Roles Essay

Gender is a crucial concept to think carefully about in a society and is made up of social norms that determine the behavior of men and women in a society. A gender role is an appropriate behavior and attitude that has been developed over the centuries that both males and females of society are supposed to go along with and live their life by. Gender has always played a major role in both ancient and modern societies, and even in...
3 Pages 1385 Words

Hyper-masculinity and the Song ‘Blurred Lines’: Critical Essay

Masculinity can be defined as attributes that are considered to be characteristic of men. The basic definition may seem harmless, but the way in which masculinity is performed can have a negative effect. Media uses masculinity to display its superiority over the genders and patriarchal views. Music videos such as ‘Blurred Lines’, written and recorded by Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell Williams, display such aspects of masculinity. It is not blurred but clear to see that in the video...
2 Pages 876 Words

Theme of Violent Masculinity in the Film ‘Tough Guise 2’: Critical Essay

In the video ‘Tough Guise 2’, Jackson Katz explains the violent masculinity in domestic violence, video games, movies, manhood, and media. He also argues that men are not violent as most people think. In today’s world, men and young boys are taught to ‘man up’ and act tough. Violence is a man's issue, therefore, men are taught by people who show them what it means to be a tough man. The majority of the violence is caused by men because...
1 Page 578 Words

Theme of Masculinity and the Role of Women in the Film 'Fight Club': Critical Essay

'Fight Club’ (1999), directed by David Fincher, remains to be a volatile encapsulation of the zeitgeist on the eve of the 2000s, underlining white-collar melancholy mourning the loss of manhood. The film has been interpreted in vastly differing lights – some identify it to be a film that critiques hegemonic norms of white masculinity, but also one that perpetuates a dangerous notion surrounding misogyny and homophobia. In a literal sense, masculinity is defined to be characteristics that are traditionally thought...
3 Pages 1375 Words

Critical Essay on Kate Quinn's Views on Women's Role in History Through Her Novels

Women, throughout history, have made a tremendous impact in shaping the world. While women's role within society has always been clear, significant, and needed for progress, their unique contribution to their immediate environment and beyond has not always been duly acknowledged. However, as societies evolved, socio-political trends have begun to recognize women’s societal status, rights, abilities, and accomplishments. In her novels ‘The Huntress’ and ‘The Alice Network’, Kate Quinn explores the role of women in both world wars, and how...
5 Pages 2083 Words

Informative Essay on Gender-Neutral Parenting as a Way to Prevent Mental and Physical Health Problems

According to statistical reports, men contribute to a larger number of perpetrators of crimes such as rapes, murders, and assaults. It is important to note, that not all men are involved in criminal activity, women are also responsible for horrible acts of violence. Nevertheless, consistently men commit more crimes. This difference in crime rates might be due to a biological factor, such as high testosterone, which leads to a loss of self-control. Therefore, men express their aggression physically, meanwhile, women...
2 Pages 839 Words

Informative Essay on Sexualisation of Girls

This essay will attempt to introduce the ideas and points that will be used to critically discuss the concerns over the sexualization of girls and the extent this reflects normative and naturalized assumptions about childhood and sexuality. My essay will touch on several points and will establish how the discourse of sexualization obscures sexism and unwittingly reinforces patriarchal constructions of female sexuality. This prominent discourse ensures that young people and girls particularly are characterized as victims and targets of dangerous...
2 Pages 1002 Words

Great Depression Effect on Women's Participation in The Workforce in the Early 1930s: Analytical Essay

There has been a drastic change in society, technology, and social media from the 1930s until the 2000s. The 1930s was a catapult for entertainment, technology, and women’s rights in the United States; The Great Depression was going on during this time but that is one of the primary reasons that women's rights and entertainment saw a big increase. Radio was one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the 1930s. “millions of children turned to the radio to...
2 Pages 976 Words

Critical Essay on 'Jane Eyre' and the Role of Women Reflected in It

What do you think of when you think about the word ‘woman’? Personally, I think of strength and perseverance. These two words are also very prevalent in the novel ‘Jane Eyre’, where the main character Jane has many obstacles thrown at her throughout her lifetime. The role of women is something that has changed over the years. It has shifted from women being the stay-at-home moms, cleaning and cooking all day. To women pushing their rights to be able to...
4 Pages 1785 Words

Critical Essay on Masculinity and Homoeroticism in the Film ‘Brokeback Mountain’

This essay will critique the representation of masculinity and homoeroticism in the film industry from the 1990s to the mid-2000s, centered around the relationship between two male characters. In particular, the film ‘Brokeback Mountain’ by Ang Lee (2005) will be considered. To evaluate the film, David Greven’s definition of the double protagonist genre will be outlined but also critiqued. This definition will then be applied to the selected film to break down each of the protagonist’s brands of masculinity, and...
3 Pages 1152 Words

What It Means to Be a Man and the Idea of Hypermasculinity

In our society, toxic masculinity is viewed as the traditional stereotypes that correlate men with strong physical attributes. By discussing toxic masculinity, people are made aware of the pressures put upon men and the detrimental effects it has on them later on. In the video ‘What It Is to Be a Man’ by Dr. George Belliveau, we are introduced to the idea of hypermasculinity and how it is enforced upon young boys. Dr. George Belliveau continues to explain the concepts...
2 Pages 882 Words

Stereotypes Surrounding Women and Driving

Stereotypes can be defined as “a set idea that people have about what someone or something is like, especially an idea that is wrong” (Cambridge University Press, 2019). Subconsciously stereotypes are used liberally to help simplify our social worlds. Through using a preconceived or widely held idea about a person based off of one of their characteristics (e.g., ethnicity, gender) it is assumed that everyone who possess that characteristic will also possess the same traits. Stereotypes can be both negative...
3 Pages 1270 Words

Review of Robert Augustus' Book ‘To Be a Man: A Guide to True Masculine Power’

Many people have very different perceptions of what it is to be a man. Since history began, different cultures have had different perspectives on how to be a man and what a man is. Our culture’s perspective toward masculinity and femininity is harming individuals and society at large. Men and women are struggling to stay true to themselves because it is shameful for them to express their emotions or to be different. Robert Augustus’ book ‘To Be a Man: A...
1 Page 514 Words
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