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Gender Identity: The Influence Of The Use Of Technology In Contemporary Society

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The definition of the gender identity it means that the individual’s perception of being either male, female, both male and female, or neither without necessarily conforming to the sex placed on them at birth. The society around them mainly determines the role of these genders. Children grow up knowing that specific societal roles are solely for a particular gender. Gender identity brings about gender-related bias in the society thus disadvantaging one gender over another. Individuals who do not believe in the societal definitions of gender and their roles are increasingly fighting against the traditional beliefs of gender. The use of technology in contemporary society has further highlighted what is believed to be the negative attributes of gender identity.

The gender identity is the main point in this discussion. In our modern society world gender identity is one of the huge problems that we are currently dealing with. In most cultures, people believe that male had more power which having the ability to impose one’s will while being female which people believe that they are having less power and being more accommodating. Today’s society has made significant headways when it comes to issues of gender identity. More individuals are deviating from the previously accepted notions of what it meant to be masculine or feminine. The current society increasingly understands ways and reasons individuals choose to identify themselves when it comes to their gender. Parents are also learning ways to which to nurture their children in a society that is placing more emphasis on the freedom of gender identity. Gender identity, although a contentious issue, will increasingly be more accepted as being a personal choice as compared to previous times. Miley Cyrus has reiterated expressed her belief of being gender neutral. She does not like the roles that are associated with being male or female. She is essentially advocating for a genderless society. Different individuals share and agree with her sentiments. However, the notion of gender is still alive and will be in place for a while to come.

The above opinions of gender identity being increasingly accepted as a personal choice and the fact that gender is not over can be corroborated through technology. As more advance of technology get, which has led to a more efficient society. It has also ensured that there is ease of access to information, which that lead to more awareness of the gender issue. The recognition created has meant that those wishing to choose their gender are accorded more freedom and credibility to do so. Gender has always been associated with the physical sex organs present at birth. However, an article in the New York Times revealed that the tendency for an individual to associate with a particular gender comes from the brain and not from the sex organs one is born with (Grady, 2018). Researchers pointed to the fact one’s gender is not determined by the anatomy, but by the brain and other biological factors. The report further highlights the fact that it is not an individual’s choice to identify as a transgender, gender neutral or any other form of gender identity. Technology has facilitated detailed scientific researches in the medical fields thus giving more credence to individuals seeking to choose their gender.

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Further, technology has pointed to the fact that gender is still alive. Technology fields are predominantly male-dominated. In many of the research shows that female have to work harder than male which in order they can be more successful in the technology related area The issue of gender roles plays a part in ensuring fewer women enter into technology. Society provides that women are brought up believing that the technology fields are mainly meant for the men. Additionally, many of the companies intentionally hire men, as they feel, for one reason or another; because they believe that male are more suited for the role. If the issues of gender were over, more women would not find it difficult to venture into technology. Technology companies are designing gender biased algorithms in areas such as AI and online recruitment. A report in The Guardian pointed out the fact that technology companies such as Amazon had developed a system trained on male resumes as the company sought to predominantly recruit men thus disadvantaging the women (Hicks, 2018). Further, technology has changed the way we communicate with each other. With more advanced of the social media platforms has led to some users need to hide their real gender identity in order to avoid discrimination. Technology has indeed highlighted that gender is an issue still ingrained in society.

As mentioned by Winner (1986), technological innovations have the potential to wield political properties (p. 1). He further says that the fact that what determines the power of technology is not the technology itself but the society in which it is developed (Winner, 1986, p. 1). Further, Joerges (1999) also reveals that technology can be used to indicate something about a particular society (p. 18). Despite the headway the contemporary culture has made, it is still grappling with issues of gender identity in the IT field. Many are of the political opinion that the IT field should be in charge by male because the fact that misconception of perceived superiority men possesses as compared to women. Just as the bridges designed in New York were meant to prevent individuals of a lower economic, social class and the minority ethnic blacks from entering the Long Island beaches, there has also been an emergence of bias technology in the current society that aims at blocking the entry of women into IT. The male-dominated IT industry is trying to maintain a stronghold of their political views that essentially mean men are more productive which while compared to women.

One of the example is that Amazon and Facebook that were found to have deliberately designed recruiting systems that were trained to identify resumes according to gender giving preference to men. Amazon and Facebook believed that men would be more productive for their companies. Both of these companies developed systems that highlighted the gender bias that exists in IT as they held the political opinion of men being more productive as compared to women.

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