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Gender Inequality between Male and Female as a Matter for Social Justice

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1000+ Words on Gender Inequality Essay

In the following research paper, I would like to develop the controversial issue of gender inequality. To begin, I will go over the reason why I have chosen this topic. Secondly, I will focus on what I’ve learned through my research and finally I will finish with a little conclusion based on what I have learned.

For my research paper, I chose to promote the topic “gender equality”. It is a topic that has been debated for decades in different countries of the world. We can clearly see that a few decades earlier, this question had not been as sharp as nowadays. Indeed, back at the time, it was something considered normal: women had less right and were given lower position in jobs and social ladder. They were often considered as men’s property because men considered that they had ownership over women and could thus do whatever they wanted to.

Nowadays, even though there is a slight improvement, men still seem to have all the good benefits. This is because we live in a world, describe as “man-ified “, women struggle a lot to obtain the same privileges as men. In fact, the gender inequality is such that nowadays, men are given more important job with higher responsibilities, they earn more money and they have a real authority in life. In other words, men are more valuable than women in the actual society”.

In my opinion, this is wrong. There are no explained reasons why a man should be more paid than a woman or that women should be treated differently than men, especially if they have the same position in the company, they are working in. I strongly believe that the same opportunities should be given to everyone.

Impact of Gender Inequality on Our World

Throughout my research, I was exposed to many ideas that are considered as solutions to tackle the issue of gender inequality in the world. Although I am not totally convinced of the efficiency of all of them, I believe they can somehow make things better. First, there is an article that focuses on courageous leadership through open communication which is the ability of a business owner to ask external people or clients what they think about the company mainly in term of its personnel. The goal is to identify if there is a parity between male and female workers as a result to help the corporate culture’s change which can be a good thing. However, I believe not every company is ready to change their corporate culture, it is not that easy to change because corporate culture represents a central pillar of the corporation.

Moreover, it is said that many of us think of the traditional gender roles, as if “only men have the power and ability to be a leader” or have more job opportunities while women are more associated with children. I do believe that women can do anything a men can. Everyone should have the same opportunities to participate in every aspect in the economy and society. In my opinion, nowadays women are more independent as compare to a few years ago and have more freedom because, they are given the opportunity to live an independent life, choose, their jobs career and mainly they can now also participate in decision-making.

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How to Reduce Gender Inequality

Besides, it is also claimed that now governments promote more and more gender equality in many aspects as in education, employment and try more and more emphasizing on the fair treatment of both genders. Therefore, now women are having nearly the same equal enjoyment as men of socially valued goods, opportunities, resources and rewards since gender equality is improving.

Nevertheless, it is also claimed that many women want gender equality, but most of them do not realize what it will result from. Women need to be treated equally in the workplace, have the same salary, same work opportunities. But for such equality, some women would have to sacrifice their 'women's rights” and will no longer see themselves treated 'like a lady,'. In other words, women have many benefits that men can never have, and most of them do not want to sacrifice that. I personally do not share this point of view, I feel like when women speak about gender equality what they want is to be given the same opportunities, it does not mean they want to be treated as if they were a men.

In addition to that, in some countries, gender equality can be difficult because sometimes it is something deeply ingrained in their culture and although there is a slow wave of modernization, it is very difficult to achieve gender equality all over the world because women’s situation is not at the same level around the globe. Some people believe gender equality is not possible, some even compare it to a “hoax”.

Regarding education, although young boys are generally allowed to attend school, girls don’t always have the same opportunity, they have to stay at home to help with household chores or in some cases they get married at a very young age. As a result, they have a lack of education and so they don’t get proper profession. In many countries of the world, this kind of discrimination is still spreading. In the home environment, women are often seen as not having to pursue a career or education. Instead, their traditional role is to raise children while the boys go to work.

However, there is a middle ground where equal opportunities make sense. That is why I have many expectations in term of development in the future. I really hope women will have as much jobs opportunities as men because I believe together, we can reach a lot more, as “strength lies in differences and not in similarities”. We need to ensure the gender equality in the society but also try to maintain and improve equity where it is possible. We could do this by creating awareness among people of the fact that all human beings should be treated likewise and there should be no discrimination at all based on gender.


To conclude, equality between female and male is a matter of social justice. “The perceptions, interests and priorities of both genders have to be taken into consideration because all these are necessary to enrich development processes”. (OSAGI 2001) Everything is not “only male” and “only female” because both genders have the equal potential to be valuable. Now, we have balanced up our mind, generations and judgements compared to the olden days. It is certain that in the future gender diversity would help to promote innovation and a fairer growth in the future. We need to give a positive image of women and do everything in our power to improve the place of women in our society. I am truly convinced we have the tools in our hand to build a world where everyone can thrive.

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