Gender Influence In EFL Conversation

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When learners are getting self-confidence In English classrooms, they lose conversation fears this process might take several months or years, additionally when learners have gotten enough vocabulary to use in conversations, they are ready to have talks with their counterparts. Some studies sates that having a good relationship between boys and girls can help learns to participate in EFL English conversations regardless of their English level, so far I have seen some studies holding that men have more classroom participation in English talks, bearing in mind that all of these studies were carried out in middle west counties where women play a second role in society and they are not allowed to talk with others easily. This study is intended to identify whether gender plays a pivotal role in Latin American counties focus on Ecuador society where women and men are considered equal given women the same opportunities than men in society. This research wants to answer differences or similarities in gender EFL English conversation. Form teachers experiences in different English Educational Schools stress that gender play an important role in classrooms English learning, holding that women lead English classroom participation.

Gender plays an important role in EFL classrooms conversation, many studies have been done for many researchers who wanted to understand and answer some questions with regard this topic, important researches in middle west counties have revealed that gender influence the students participation in English classes, countries where male role dominate most aspects of society life like middle west countries where differences can be notorious in EFL classrooms communication. Some studies have demonstrated that not only gender dominance can influence learner’s participation in classrooms but also other factor as teacher’s influence in classrooms “as a key factor in making learning and communication effective, even more so in English classroom where students’ learning relies so much on teacher’s teaching” (wen & Clement, 2003, cited in Gol et al.,2004). Teachers play an important role in classroom communication where teachers can control or elicit situations where students have the same opportunities to participate in class Mehrdad Sheybani sated in his study “The relationship between EFL learner’s’ Willingness to Communicate (WTC) and their teacher immediacy attributes: A structural equation modelling”, 2019)that emphasize teachers should the best strategies or a variety of them to help learner during their learning process and encouraging them to communicate in English classrooms these actions spring students willingness participation. Mehrdad Sheybani (2019, p2) speaks about “Teachers’ immediacy attributes” and “learner’s’ willingness to communicate” making a correlation between those variables remarking teacher’s role as a key factor in students’ communication putting aside gender role as main factor in EFL English classrooms conversations.

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Identify which factors can influence learner’s participation in EFL English conversations can take us for different paths in order to understand deeply this interesting topic many researches have taken different roads but the gist is the same at the end, teachers, learners and resources play an important role in English learning to Saman Ebadi and Ahmad Asakerh. 2017) in their study “Developing EFL Lerner’s’ speaking skills through dynamic assessment: a case of a beginner and an advanced Lerner” they stressed that teachers and resources are the pivotal in EFL English classrooms conversations these two key points are very helpful for learners encourage them to participate in classrooms topics where the teacher mediate knowledge and resources elicit students focus on classroom themes. “Dynamic assessment capitalizes on the interaction between a teacher and language learners” (Poehner & Lantolf, 2003, p2) evidencing that teachers can give sufficient assistance when learners are developing their speaking skill giving them enough courage to participate in oral communication in classrooms. “Mediation is provided to bring about changes in performance” (Poehner & Lantolf, 2003, p3).

“Vygotosky believes that cognition is subject to modification through mediation which is aimed at improving learners’ performance and making them cognizant of their errors while assisting them to reformulate their utterances to reach self-regulation. Mediation helps examiners to perceive how examinees respond to mediation” (Davin, Herazo, & Sangre, 2016, p3)

This thought confirms that teachers and sources role in EFL classrooms conversations are essential, putting aside once again that gender influence in English conversations is not the main reason or doesn’t play an important role in EFL English classroom conversations.

Speaking English for EFL students might be a traumatic experience because of anxiety placing students in a very difficult situation. But not all learners face anxiety when they have to speak English in front of others. For students who face this problem teachers are in changed to help them to overcome this difficulty

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