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Gender Roles In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

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In the novella, the men are expected to uphold the honour of the family. With this in mind, the Vicario twins (the brothers of Angela) come into existence. While the two are twins who were raised the same way in the same society, they both have different opinions on how to bring back honour to their family. To expand, on one hand, they believe killing Santiago Nasar is necessary to redeem the family’s honour but on the other, the Vicario brothers do not really wish to murder Santiago however the intensity of the situation (which was determined by the cultural norms at the time) almost forces them to do so.

The brother’s role here is to uphold the family honour, and are not expected to display any remorse (or any ‘feminine’ (or in a different sense, emotions that gave way to not being macho men) emotions at all as they are macho men- and macho men are expected to be strong, dominant, and want only few things in life, such as sex, protecting their family and honour, and display aggressive/violent behaviour), however Marquez displays their emotional state through Clotilde Armenta- and her being certain that the “Vicario brothers were not as eager to carry out the sentence as to find someone who would do them the favour of stopping them”- and one can see this as the brothers attempt to avoid killing Santiago on numerous occasions- by first announcing at the market that they were actually going to perform the murder (a scheme that could have led to the murder’s prevention) and conveniently telling around twenty two people about their plan.

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Furthermore, Pedro Vicario, “the more forceful of the brothers”, almost refuses to go through with the plan to kill Santiago however Pablo(surprisingly), steps up to the plate and convinces his brother to go along with the plan- and Pedro refused to go through with it because the mayor took away their first set of knives with which they had planned to kill Nasar with, and to him, that was a sign that they no longer needed to go with the plan. Despite their inner struggles, upholding their sister’s honour was important, and it was not even seen as a ‘murder’ by them, for after killing Nasar, they immediately went to church to confess, and believed that they were innocent “before God and before men” as the murder had been a “matter of honour” .

The Vicarios are mostly concerned with matters of family reputation, while Pablo’s fiancée and the other members of the community were concerned with being associated with them, which shows that cultural norms came before the emotional welfare of the twins, and Prudencia Cotes (Pablo’s fiancée) even states that she “never would have married him if he hadn’t done what a man should do”, for after all it was their role to bring honour to the family.

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