General Overview Of Autism

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Autism is one of world’s most problematic disorder in the world. 1 in 40 children are more than likely to develop that disease because of brain abnormalities in the brain structure or function. Having autism doesn’t make you weird or unlike everyone else, it makes you unique in your own special way. In a lot of families, Autism gives off an impression of being an example of chemical imbalance or related disabilities further supporting the hypothesis that the confusion of the hereditary basis. The disorder has been recognized as causing mental imbalance and scientists are scanning for more research of hereditary code that kids with Autism may have acquired about. Autism symptoms consist of broken spoken language, nonverbal Gestures, lack of eye contact, various facial expressions, tone of voice and expressions not meant to be taken literally

Autism also causes a lot of social challenges with the people that are diagnosed with this disorder and those tribulations are recognizing emotions and intentions in others, recognizing one’s own emotions, expressing emotions, seeking emotional comfort from others, feeling overwhelmed in social situations, taking turns in conversation, or having an appropriate distance between people. Restricted and repetitive actions are also acquaintances with the autism disorder, these actions contain being active in body movements such as spinning, running and flapping their arms. They also like to stare at lights or spinning objects such as fans and cars because it catches their attention and causes them to lose focus. People diagnosed with autism also are immunes to the same schedule, food menu and routes to certain places because they can’t adjust to change like someone who does not have autism. Many people with autism have sensory issues as well so therefore, they are very sensitive to loud sounds, bright lights, sensitive touch, low tolerance of pain and high rates of physical, mental and emotional health complications.

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There are a lot of unpopular facts about the autism discombobulation that the world is not aware about and there is a lot that we should know. Males are more than likely to be diagnosed with autism than a female would and autism spectrum disorder is one of the fastest growing complications in the United States of America. Autism spectrum disorder is a more common and serious disorder than child cancer, diabetes and AIDs combined and that creates a higher probability for a child to have autism. This disorder can be detected into a toddled as young as two years old and it is suggested that treatments for ASD are suggested to be early as possible for improvement and a better life. Currently, there is no medical detection or cure for the autism spectrum disorder but we are hoping for one soon because ASD costs an family an average of 60,000 dollars per year for medication and therapy.

Up to one-third of people with the autism spectrum disorder also develop the seizure disorders and the expectation for them to get diagnosed with it is 10 times higher than the general population. Even though those negative attributions can be scary and pity upon, there is actual pros that come along with being autistic. They have a passion and natural talent for music, theater, art, dancing and singing and will be greatly gifted at it. Famous researchers are also know for have autism and their names Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Andy Warhol and Bill Gates and they were heavenly on the spectrum of autism. Even though an average of 50,000 individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder will graduate high school each year in the United States of America, 35% of students struggle with finding a job or received a higher education after leaving high school. Overall, many people with Autism spectrum disorder are successful and working with major industrial companies and corporate America; there are contributing to their communities and making a difference in people’s lives.

Every person with Autism reacts differently and has different symptoms because some people might be handling it differently than others. Autism can be more serious than what an average person thinks because it can cause a surplus of synapses, the development is slower in the brain and can affect the learning ability during social and academic activities. Problem behavior comes along with being autistic and those behaviors can come with anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, conduct disorder, delirium, dementia, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. These disabilities can alter to lack of theory of mind because they don’t grasp the concept that they are different in their own unique way and also lack understanding, perception and sensation. People who are Autistic tend to lack of being aware of their proper surroundings because they can’t sense danger or feel threatened like an average person would be and that can cause serious anxiety issues among many situations.

Problem behaviors such as property, destruction, physical aggression, self-injury, stereotypy and tantrums can risk children to being isolated from society in the educational field, community field or the family field. Aggressiveness is a big factor of having Autism spectrum disorder because you can’t show them your perception as quick as you would like too. The main purpose of this research is to bring awareness that autism need to be taken more seriously amongst the community and the united states and to know more information on this sensitive subject. “We hope this exploration of the challenges faced by people with ASD will provide insights that help family members, teachers, physicians and others better understand and support those with ASD. We hope, too, that it may help those with ASD better understand themselves. It is up to the rest of us to make them feel welcome, safe, and appreciated for who they are as we support their efforts to live meaningful lives in what may seem a strange and alien land.”

Literature Review 1

In this article, they are discussing the basis and the foundation that Autism Spectrum Disorder portrays and provides the symptoms that come along with the disorder. It explains the concepts, behavioral problems, anxiety disorders and the social disabilities that comes along with being autistic. Each year, the diagnosis for this disorder gets slimmer by each year because of birth defects and other bad functions that happens in the body. The cause of autism remain unknown logically speaking because they cannot find the route of the problem. Even though the cause is unknown, it still affects the higher probability especially when you are a twin; when you are a twin you have a 36 to 95 percent chance of having autism too. Those who suffer with autism undergo changes in their brains that affects their speech and behavior for a lifelong time.

For a while, a study has been brought to society’s attention that vaccinations can increase the chances of a child developing the autism spectrum disorder but that hasn’t been proven. ASD is a complex neurodevelopmental condition that causes challenges with social cooperation and favors severe adherence to schedules and unsurprising designs. There are various sorts and severities of ASD, including Asperger disorder. A few people with ASD can live autonomously while others need increasingly supported mind and help. The causes are presently obscure, however specialists have distinguished a few qualities that may have connections to the advancement of ASD. Immunizations don't cause mental imbalance. Research is continuous, and medicines are being worked on that may improve personal satisfaction for individuals with mental imbalance, pushing ahead. Current treatments incorporate word related treatment, language training, and different types of correspondence support.

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