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General Overview of Stonehenge: Descriptive Essay

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Stonehenge (Monument)

Key Features

Stonehenge is prehistorical and was built around 3000BC. It consist of standing stones that make a ring. Many historians believe the people who created this used it as a burial ground. It is intriguing for many due to how it was built and how many years ago could've been constructed it with limited technology. The name of the monument derives from the Saxon stan-hengen, meaning 'stone hanging' or 'gallows'. Along with more than 350 nearby monuments and hinges, Stonehenge was designed a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986.


Stonehenge is owned by the Crown. This means that the Queen or the Monarch of the time legally owns the site. However, it is managed by the organization's English heritage. The surrounding land is owned by the National Trust. Stonehenge could have been a burial ground from its earliest beginnings.

Stonehenge's dad been privately owned since the 12th century. Cecil and Mary Chubb became its last private owners after buying the monument t auction in 1915. Prior to the sale, the Antroba family had owned Stonehenge and taken steps to protect it since the early 19th century.

Source of funding and target market

According to the latest annual report on the 18th in 2019 the biggest form of funding is through donations and legacies. Also another source of funding is through memberships and admissions. However, one standard adult ticket is £19.80. it is part of the public sector as is a non-profit organization and most of it's income goes towards the upkeep of the sites.

Stonehenge's target market is for everyone as is easy to access and offers many services. However, it can be said that it has a niche market for people who love history also people who are interested in archaeological digs.

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Location and accessibility

It is located in Wiltshire in South West England from London it is a 5-hour journey on public transport and requires 2 changes or a 2-hour journey by car on the M25. When you arrive at the destination there is a visitor bus that takes around 10 minutes to reach the Stones.

Stonehenge offers disabled access and also provides a shuttle bus for people who might need. Stonehenge also has an audio guide, you can download on your phone to help get around and a route that was made by the National Trust.

Products and services

Stonehenge offers onsite services such as the Stone Circle Experience at which will allow you to get up close to this world-famous monument and learn the secrets of the stones. You can discover the story of Stonehenge: the stones, the landscape, the people, and its meaning through a powerful combination of cutting-edge audio-visual experience and incredible ancient objects. The exhibition contains nearly 300 archaeological objects.

The facilities that Stonehenge provides is that they have parking on site, during peak periods there is a parking charge to non-members and those who have not pre-booked tickets which is fully refundable on the purchase of a ticket to Stonehenge. However, the Visitor Bus services runs frequently from the visitor center, for those who need it and take around 10 minutes to reach the stones. Food and drink, their large café serve grab-and-go hot and cold food, which includes drinks, soup, pasties and many other sweets and savory products.

They have a picnic area, you can picnic in the monument field with a view of the Stone Circle, or at other designated point around the Visitor Center. Also they have a gift shop that offers an extensive range of books, gifts and souvenirs, including jewelry and an exclusive range of Barbour clothing and accessories. Male and female toilets, including accessible and adult change facilities, are available and also they are family-friendly.

Target market

Stonehenge's target market is for everyone as is easy to access and offers many services. However, it can be said that it has a niche market for people who love history and also people who are interested in archaeological digs.


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  5. is a prehistoric monument,and weighing around 25 tons.
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