Genes And Environment In Criminals Behavior

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It is a possibility that DNA and environmental influences, is a contributing factor in crime. It has shown in many factors in example,families with drug abuse or such as sexual abuse will soon inherit in the genes of the criminal or grow in or around the environment and watch and learn things he/she shouldn’t and become so used to that behavior that they have the need or urge in the future to have that intensity or adrenaline. Growing up around such a negative environment as a child or in the womb, it has always reflected as if you’re growing up and you’re learning from others, or in such as in the womb, parents doing drugs, being abused or doing crimes is in their blood and that blood is connected to the child. In this article Genes and Environmental Influences Inherited in the Criminals behavior Jones talks about the environmental influences and how it is related to criminals. There has been research shown that genes and environment affects the criminal’s mind and behavior. Researchers have claimed that it is the family environment that influences the hyperactivity of children such as factors of poverty, education, parenting practices, and family structure. Those families who have more children and are not financially sound, shows lack and consistency of discipline or punishment if the children ever do anything wrong and will have a bigger chance of influencing the behavior of an antisocial or delinquent behavior. One of the most important arguments that has been said is that there is fifty percent greater risk of acting upon criminal acts, if they were ever neglected or abused.

Genes and Environmental Influences Inherited in the Criminals behavior

There is a common comparison between one’s inherited genes and the environmental influences around them. A very complex interaction in these two comparisons, evidence shows the expression of the genes are influenced by a wide variety of the habitat cause. If these two similarities do affect the adjustments of genes and activity of neurotransmitters that cause the behavior, this interaction can be an important factor of the development of criminal or antisocial behavior.


Criminals are surrounded and grown into the bad behavior. Even though they don’t make their choices until a decent age they start off as being peculiar as young kids, and people usually never seem to notice and think it’s a normal behavior for a kid. Once they are are grown ups, it’s good sense that they make their own decisions and choose their choices but inside their mind they have a different perspective or urge to different things as anyone else would. The point is that even as a child they start off with an off behavior and develop more of it and as it grows the urge becomes stronger.

Alcohol and Drugs are very big concern in criminals behavior. Two major concerns that can just change your whole world upside down. Big impacts such as drug abuse and alcohol abuse has shown in different cases in the criminals record, showing either they grew up around it in the environment or had issues when they were born and affected them. Being altered has caused them to become criminals, the environment and the genes where he/she is coming from that is who they are and how they live. Becoming so used to that lifestyle, they have been taught or shown the crimes to do drugs or other things and show the visuals and excitement that person gets and proves it is a good feeling and convinces the soon to be criminal that it is okay to do such thing. Although all criminals are different, as two organisms with the same genes and environment they all show the comparison in how they react to crime at a young age and as growing up and being forced to show the interest and finally become the criminal and no longer being the victim who was forced into doing something he/she never thought they would do. With the family not having a good finances towards the child it starts showing as an example of the criminal behavior, they do not have much so therefore they have to get things the hard way. It can be from small crimes to large crimes, in the genes and habitat it has came down to the feeling you get when you have done the crime. Usually when doing the crime it’s a relief or a release of your own problems and self-preservation those conclusions will obviously influence the soon to be criminal. Such as disciplinary the genes coming from the parents and the disciplinary they had will show off on the new child and affect the child providing the loneliness or abuse the parents had and take it out on the child and show the same emotion, that’s when the environment comes around because that is how they are living and used to that anger from the parent and abuse, they don’t know anything else and feel neglected.

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Genes and environment for the criminal is coming out as the same, parents who are encouraging or forcing the criminal to do crimes will show the effect on the child and prove the child will be the outcome of the crimes and become the criminal and will not stop until he is stopped by someone of greater authority. These genes inside the criminal will never change such as the environment they grew up in, it will always be as how they were taught and how they inherited from the family.

Outcome 1: The factors are taught and brought up the criminal’s behavior and kept that way to make the criminal content with the lifestyle.

Outcome 2: Proof shows that being violated or hurt or humiliated in any way definitely show some actions the criminal has taken due to those things being done to them.


With my agreement towards the articles genes and environment affect the criminal’s behavior, with and how the family acts it will eventually be shown to the child and show that is who they are and how they have to live to get that satisfaction of such a crime. They are both very important and I believe share the outcome and behaviors.

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