Genetic Explanation Of Diabetes

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A genetic disease is typically an illness that rises due to the deformity of the genetic makeup of a person. Genetic disorders may occur in a single-gene, chromosomal or complex disorders. Obesity is one of these diseases that is caused by genetic disorders. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 8.5 percent of individuals who were above 18 years had diabetes in 2014. Additionally, in 2016, diabetes caused more than 1.6 million deaths and further triggered other diseases such as high blood pressure that consequently claimed more than 2.2 million lives. The United States of America has the highest obesity infection at around eight percent. However, some other countries such as India and China have only one percent of the population suffering from diabetes. Therefore, the paper will focus on the genetic basis, physiological effects of the mutation and the influence of the environment regarding diabetes.

Genetic Basis

According to several scientific research papers, genetics play a critical part in obesity. Thus, genes can cause diabetes through disorders such as Bardet-Biedl syndrome and Prader-Willi (Swerdlow et al., 2015). Both syndromes may directly cause diabetes. Most importantly, the HLA genes are the cornerstone for the cause of severe obesity among individuals. Science claims that proteins are the primary materials for the immune system, but the interference of the process of making proteins due to HLA genes may alter the operation of the immune system (Fall et al., 2015). Take, for instance, Type 1 diabetes that is an autoimmune disease, that causes the body to terminate important cells that create insulin. Thus, there is positive correlation between genes specifically the HLA genes and diabetes.

DNA variation may increase the susceptibility of diabetes infections among the toddlers. Single gene disorder such as melanocortin four receptor (MC4R) seldom causes diabetes. However, in most cases, a polygenic model postulates that diabetes arises due to complex gene disorders. Thus, scientific research hypothesizes that there is a link between genetic alteration and BMI in many people across the globe.

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Comprehending the genetic connection with diabetes may help individuals to know more about their health and what they have to do so that they can prevent diabetes. Genetics assist individuals in understanding how they are unique and why families have some things in common. Thus, knowledge that genes increase the risks in the family to have particular health complications, it will help in early diagnosis and the offers chance to change some environmental aspects such as habits and diet (Wheeler et al., 2017). In essence, if an individual learns that specific disease is genetic then the individual can change behavior since genes cannot be changed once someone has been borne. Generally, learning genetics helps an individual to make healthy choices that may reduce the susceptibility of heritable diseases such as diabetes.

Physiological Effects of the Mutation

The genetic basis of inheritable diseases can either be complex or single gene. Single-cell disorders occur due to monogenic disorganization. On the other hand, complex genetic disorder occurs due to the multiple causes of diseases such as environmental aspects and mutations (Fall et al., 2015). Thus, understanding the type of genetics that occur in diabetes depends on the risk factors that may cause the disease. Since the disease’s risk factors are genes and other environmental factors, then the condition is complex gene disorder. Therefore, for diabetes, genetic disorder is not enough to cause the diseases hence the environment triggers the disease. Some scientific researches claim that Type 2 diabetes has more gene connection than the other type of diabetes.

Role of Environment in the Expression of Diabetes

Although diabetes is a genetic disorder disease, it can also retreat from the environmental aspects. Therefore, ecological situations of an individual may cause diabetes. Prenatal and postnatal is a common factor that affects pregnant women. The environmental element may cause diabetes (Swerdlow et al., 2015). Some behaviors such as smoking may create a harsh environment for the development of an infant hence becoming vulnerable to diabetes. Some mothers may choose to smoke thus affecting the unborn baby to have high risk of contracting diabetes. Besides, some pregnant mothers may be overweight; hence it can affect the baby when it grows up since it can develop weight complications just like the mother. Finally, if a baby is overweight, it adversely affects health conditions in the future; for instance, it increases chances of an excessive weight hence developing adult obesity. The environmental factor may have some solutions and preventions. Pregnant mothers should avoid smoking, maintain their weight and breastfeed their babies.

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