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According to (Calloway, 2018), George Washington was the firstborn of Mr. Augustine and his mother, Mary Ball Washington, who lived in Virginia County in America. He had six siblings, and he was brought up in a very adverse background since his dad left him at a significantly younger age, eleven years, where he left most of his wealth to George’s brothers-in-law. George Washington inherited ten enslaved people at the age of eleven years. He spent most of his time at Ferry Farm, and he assisted his mother with the plantation.

During the time of George Washington, only the children from the royal families were in a position to get the best education. However, typical families like his were typically taught at home, where they had to be taught by private tutors or join private schools. He never attended college; however, from 7 to 15 years, he attended the school irregularly at a church-sponsored school. He became more interested in elementary measurements and mathematics while studying. He embarked on short-time farming at the age of seventeen. He was lucky to explore as a surveyor after culminating in school. This happened after his mother denied him from joining the navy. He got a survey job with the county surveyor for the created Culpeper (The Library of Congress, n.d). While working, he was also able to earn some cash, where he worked hard and purchased his land.

Furthermore, in the times of the Indian and the French war in 1753, George joined the forces where his nine-hundred-mile hike via snow caused the Virginia governor, Dwindle, to choose him to lead the troop to the war as a major. Two years later, he was appointed as the general commander of Virginia forces in 1755. While working at Culpeper county as a surveyor, that experience made him resourceful, experienced, and toughened-minded. The work made him spike his interest in holding western land and a solid belief that the nation’s future would be colonized in the west. The brother of George Washington, Lawrence, died of tuberculosis in 1752, and he was made the successor of the Washington lands (Henry, 2020). Lawrence’s daughter Sarah died a few years later, and George Washington was appointed to the helm of one of Virginia’s most prominent estates, Mount Vernon. Washington increased his land to almost eight thousand acres at Mount Vernon because he loved farming.

George Washington in the American Revolution

According to (Grinin, 2022), the American Revolution occurred when the American colonists rebelled against the rule of Great Britain. They were also fighting for independence to ensure that they gained their freedom. The tax was overcast against the American colonists in the 1760s, and George Washington experienced the same. In 1774, George was the first Continental Congress delegate in Philadelphia. In June 1775, Congress appointed him to order the Continental Army that would besiege the British in Boston. Washington informed his mother about his hope to return home safely. He was barred from visiting Mount Vernon for another eight years. It was an order for which his military background, while more than any other candidate’s, had not prepared him. The knowledge that he had only laid him in frontier warfare that incorporated fewer soldiers.

George had no practical experience that could maneuver extensive formations, dealing with cavalry or artillery, or ensuring enough line supply to aid more men in the field. He learned about the job even though his army was reeling from diverse adversities. George had the courage, mental agility, and determination to ensure that the American move one step ahead of total disintegration until he investigated how to win the team he was leading, an unprecedented revolutionary struggle. George’s troops were poorly trained, and they had less ammunition, food, and other critical materials (American Battlefied, 2021). During that eight-year war, very few battles were won by the colonial forces. However, more battles were being won by the British.

In June 1776, a new British army led by Sir William Howe arrived in the colonies with permission to attack New York City. William also led the most potent invading army Britain had ever sent overseas. They were nearly incapable of defending New York. New York is an island surrounded by a maze of waterways, giving naval supremacy a significant advantage. His army was better equipped, larger, and more trained than George Washington’s. In August, they conquered George’s army at Long Island and then routed the Americans a few days later at Kip’s Bay, resulting in the city’s destruction. The continental forces and a few French captured the British troops in Yorktown in October 1781 under General Charles Cornwallis. It was this capture that effectively culminated the Revolutionary war hence declaring Washington a national hero.

Surprisingly, George had defeated the better-equipped, more prominent, and better British army because he was more capable of adapting than his adversaries. On December 23, 1783, he resigned his commission and appeared before the Congress in Annapolis. Like Cincinnatus, the traditional antiquity hero he most applauded, he had the foresight to relinquish power in a situation where he could have been crowned king (Watson, 2021). Washington left Annapolis and decided to return to Mount Vernon, vowing never to serve in public again. In the absence of precedent in modern history, George was given the status of an international warrior.

George Washington, the President of the United States

George acted as president for only two terms. As the first president, he served from 1789- to 1793 during his regime, which was majorly about coordinating the executive branch of the current leadership and coming up with administrative procedures that would facilitate the government to work with efficiency and energy, which he trusted that the two were critical to the future of the republic (Gruber, 2022). Furthermore, George being an astute judge of talent, ensured that he was surrounded by the able men in the current nation. Also, he appointed principal advisors and other officials to help me execute his duties. During his first inaugural address, George said that he was unfamiliar with civil administration duties; however, he was the best and most competent administrator ever to work as president of the United States. He further assured Americans that the president could be in power even without practicing corruption. Additionally, George administered the government with integrity and fairness. He executed duties with more restraints, formulating precedents for the broad-ranging authority of the president.

George Washington’s second term occurred between 1793 to 1797, and he focused on foreign affairs and was marred by broadening partisanship in his own administration. He resumed the presidency during the tremendous international crisis. on the eve of the French Revolution (Ingraham, 2020). There were many crises following the invasion of the European war in 1793, which made the pandemic the center of American politics. George also trusted neutrality dictated by the United States national interest. War could cause many distractions for businesses and stop the nation’s finances since the country’s future depends on the rise of the opportunity and the wealth that would come westward and through commerce expansion.

Washington ensured that he kept the country out of war hence proving the brand nation a chance to develop strength. He established the neutrality principle that played a significant role in shaping American foreign policies for more than a century. Even though George Washington was disappointed by the partisanship increase rise, his final years of rule were marked by unmatched achievements. They include the following; the long Indian war on the northwest frontier was won—additionally, the surrender of northwest forts by Britain. Also, the Mississippi was opened by Spain to American commerce.

The Impact and Legacy of George Washington

According to Rakove (2020), George Washington has been acknowledged by the American people as one of the best presidents in American history since he announced his retirement. The name of the Washington Monument, the Capital City, his involvement on Mount Rushmore, and his regular location near presidential polling places all attest to the strength of his legacy. The confidence and trust George inspired made the creation of the presidency possible and established the executive branch. While in the office, he was always mindful of the principles of the republic virtues that constitute decorum, self-sacrifice, leadership, the self-improvement. Furthermore, an inveterate imprint on the political process was left by George, mainly through the establishment of his cabinet, which has been used by the presidents that succeeded him.

Additionally, his decision to step away from power firmly solidified his legacy and had a significant impact on the future of the American presidency. All George Washington’s successors followed his example of retiring from power after two terms of being in power. The most important thing is that George recognized the benefits of stepping away willingly from power. Besides, he believed that Americans needed to know and learn how to elect, transition, and inaugurate the current president. George had a strong belief that the act of slavery on its own in the long run would die and be substituted with the industrial revolution, which was starting to emerge in the northern states. Before the American Revolution, he did not show any animosity towards slavery until the time the egalitarian belief influenced him that men have natural rights by birth.

Besides, Washington is often referred to as the ‘Father of His Country. This is because he played a vital role while in office as the president of America. He not only worked as the first president of America, but he also gave orders to Continental Army, especially during American Revolution, which occurred from 1775 to 1783 (Tschachler, 2020). George Washington also presided over various conventions that drafted the United States constitution.

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The Leadership of George Washington Essay

This is a question that inevitably arises in the mind of anyone who studies, even on a casual basis, the founding of our nation. Washington lived and worked with brilliant philosophers, thinkers, writers, orators and organizers, such as Franklin, Mason, John and Sam Adams, Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Hamilton, Madison, Dickinson, the Randolphs and the Lees, almost all of whom were far better educated than he. Yet at the three major junctions in the founding of the nation, the Revolution, the...
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What qualities mark a great, respectable man? Surely, in order for others to consider him an exceptional man, he must be virtuous and brave. Historians illustrate a large multitude of historical figures to be admirable, yet they don’t elaborate as to why. In Jane Addams’ address commemorating George Washington’s birthday, she clearly articulates how and why Washington earned his legacy as an incredible man. Addams not only examines Washington as a statesman, she also analyses him as a soldier and...
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George Washington is remembered for being one of the highest major and well-known leader and one of the founding fathers of the United States of America. George Washington today is remembered as having high morale who was an honourable man.George Washington fought in 9 battles i.e battle in New York 1776, battle in New Jersey 1776 at Trenton. George Washington had three parts of leadership, he was a commander in chief on the side of the Continental Army, he was...
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George Washington founding father of the United State of America. The extraordinary military general a progressive head of American autonomous powers and a statesman. a political pioneer. he was an opportunity vessel first and probably the best president and establishing fathers of the assembled province of America. Born: Founding father of United States was born in British rule Westmorland county Virginia state on 22 February 1732. Virginia is now known as a state of America. During the 18th century, Virginia...
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After his second term, George Washington formally resigned from his role as President of the United Sates. Washington took advantage of his resignation by preaching his political views of how our country should be run. He wrote what is called the Farewell Address as his final statement, or warning, to the American people. Washington’s public adieu embodied his fundamental values and what he believed was the right path for the US. However, Washington was not the sole author of this...
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The American government—in particular, the presidency—was in a remarkably primitive state. But Washington’s performance in those early years was both surefooted and brilliant. He went to one session of the Senate to receive its advice about a treaty but was annoyed because senators felt uncomfortable in his presence and would not debate its provisions. Washington withdrew angrily and swore he “would be damned if he went there again,” thus ensuring a tradition of separation between the executive and legislative branches....
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The Contributions of George Washington to The American Victory Over The British Empire

George Washington a man who is known for being one of the most prominent historical figures in American history. At the age of 21 years old, George Washington was a major in the Virginia militia during the seven years’ war. In 1753, George Washington was sent to Pennsylvania to demand the French to withdraw from the forts. The French refused to withdraw. In the spring of 1754, George Washington returns to Pennsylvania’s with about 160 men resulting in Washington defeating...
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The Successes and Failures of Each President of the United States

Each of the first five presidents had their successful moments and failures. George Washington had his good moments and his bad moments. He was the commander in chief of the continental army during the American revolution. He had many roles during the war. He gave his strategy of the war along with congress. He trained and organized the army and maintained the army’s morale. In 1795, Washington had signed Jay’s Treaty with Great Britain. This forbids the United States to...
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George Washington Failures

Experience had taught George Washington a great many things. His father had passed away at a young age, denying him the chance for the college education in England that he had been promised. Instead of lecture halls and libraries, his factories of learning were to be the wildernesses of the Virginia frontier, the battlefields of the War for Independence, and the unforgiving campgrounds of Valley Forge. As Joseph J. Ellis succinctly puts it, “Instead of going to college, Washington went...
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The Life of Martha Washington and Her Impact on American History

Martha Washington, the first woman to ever be First Lady of the United States, was a woman of high station and possessed the standard level of education for the time—she had no formal education but could read and write. She is a compelling historical figure, and one who set the standard for First Ladies in the United States. Her story is one of loss and monumental achievement, and one I knew little about despite her significant contributions to American history....
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Why Was George Washington a Good Leader? Essay

Leadership is something that many aspire to, but few achieve in full measure. It has been defined as being a combination of charisma, integrity, determination, flexibility, resourcefulness, creativity, self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, the ability to communicate, and consistency. George Washington had all these qualities, and it is therefore somewhat ironic that although he was truly a great leader, he never aspired to be one. Washington’s greatness can be judged by the way in which he fulfilled three important roles...
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Washington’s Farewell Address Analysis

Although, the Farewell of Washington was to be expected, the citizens still wanted his leadership to continue. The Farewell Address, was just a strong reassurance that what was started by a man, will not end with his absence. Freedom was founded, the laws were laid, but the man needed his rest. Setting a precedent for two terms per president, by acknowledging that presidency takes its toll, the Farewell Address” might have been a “goodbye” for then, but it is still...
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Founding Fathers of Freedom

The founding fathers considered various things to be important tools for maintaining freedom. Constitution is one of the tools and this explains why it has been amended over the years. The constitution has remained to be the supreme law of every sovereign nation. The constitution’s vast language is expounded by the principles outlined in the declaration. The founding fathers used the declaration’s principles in the drafting of the new constitution. The Declaration in liaison with the constitution addresses the fundamental...
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George Washington and James Monroe Comparison

George Washington and James Monroe both believed that our country should not become involved in foreign affairs during our early years of independence. Any international conflict could bring about war and since America was newly founded, George Washington and James Monroe, knew that if America was brought into war they would surely be destroyed. Before America got involved with other countries affairs their nation needs to be able to protect themselves first. George Washington and James Monroe knew that to...
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Analysis of George Washington's Farewell Address

George Washington was America’s first president that served 2 terms consecutively. Ending his second term, he decided to write a letter in Philadelphia in 1796 that became later known as the Farewell Address. The letter started as a draft that was based off of James Madison’s old notes and drafts, and then was revised and edited by Alexander Hamilton. Although Hamilton revised the letter, he made sure to keep the main points of the letter and then the letter was...
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The Farewell Address as Parting Words for American Society

In 1796, as his 2nd term in workplace drew to a close, President George Washington selected no longer to are looking for re-election. Mindful of the precedent his behavior set for future presidents, Washington feared that if he had been to die even as in office, Americans could view the presidency as a lifetime appointment. Instead, he determined to step down from electricity, imparting the usual of a -term restrict that might sooner or later be enshrined within the Twenty-Second...
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George Washington vs Barack Obama

I am going to talk about how George Washington or Barack Obama had a more successful presidency. I think that Barack Obama would have helped the US more than Washington because now we have more technology. Obama started a caring act called Obama Care Washington passed a lot of acts and tariffs as well. Obama also Signed $787 billion to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009, to spur economic growth after the Great Depression. Washington did bring America...
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Review on Joseph K. Ellis' Book 'Founding Brothers'

Joseph K. Ellis addresses the various number of obstacles that the revolutionary generation faced at home and abroad, as well as how the founding brothers’ relationship influenced the new nation after the fight for independence from Britain in 1776, in his book ‘Founding Brothers’. Joseph Ellis is an expert writer and American historian who focuses his works mainly on the early stages and development of the American nation. Of which, ‘Founding Fathers’ is one of his most successful works of...
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George Washingtons Presidency Analysis

George Washington was inaugurated april 30th, 1789. He accomplished the most within the first 100 days (153 days) than any other president has done. He was unanimously elected for both terms. He spent his first term in office creating a path for the executive branch. His first term also consisted of him creating the first form of the United states government. He was one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States. This paper will explain why...
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