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Gerrymandering and Social Forces in U.S. Elections: Opinion Essay

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Mark Twain once said, “if voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” The United States was conceived under the democratic ideology that the American people should have the authority and duty to elect their leader. Through the enactment of Article II Section 1, of the U.S constitution, the Executive Branch of the American government was established, which led to the first presidential election in 1789. Today, presidential elections are held every four years, where presidential candidates from both parties embark on massive election campaigns to gain as much voter support as possible. In recent elections though … U.S elections are not safe enough because they are being negatively impacted by social forces, political forces, as well as technological flaws.

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First, I would like to discuss how political forces are making U.S elections unsafe. Politicians fix the elections district by district through a process called gerrymandering. Politicians systematically draw voting districts in ways that reduce the power of their opponent’s party. This segmentation makes American democracy far less representative than it could be. Although both parties participate in creating such districts since the election of 2016 political maps were intensively drawn by Republicans to benefit their party. According to David Lieb in an AP news article on June 25, 2017, “gerrymandering gave republicans as many as 22 additional U.S House seats.” You might be wondering how gerrymandering creates an unsafe election. Well to begin it’s creating an unfair election system where even if Democrats have a big turn-out at the polls they are still being limited by the advantage it’s giving to the Republican party. Gerrymandering harms the way a representative democracy should work like.

Secondly, I would like to discuss how social forces are making U.S elections unsafe. Many people’s right to vote depends on the state they live in. There’s a trend that many states are choosing to disenfranchise poor and minority voters. Individuals with felony convictions who have served their time and been released from prisons cannot vote. According to Brent Staples in a New York Times article on November 18, 2014, “this system disproportionately blocks black men with 13 percent of them not being able to talk. [ TALK ABOUT MASS INCARCERATION] Does there seem to be a trend, no representation? Polls Lastly, I would like to discuss the technical flaws that are putting the elections at risk for a fair count. In the 2016 election, it was brought up to the attention of the Americans that the Russian government was colluding with Donald Trump to aid him in winning the election According to Jon Swaine in The Guardian article on January 19, 2018, “Twitter admitted that it removed more 50,000 accounts and reported them to investigators”

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