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Global Warming: Harmful Impact on the Polar Bears

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Over the last 50 years, human activities have considerably worsened the ecological situation. The Earth suffers from heat-trapping gases that lead to global warming. The rise of temperature increased the sea level that made the Arctic ice melt. As a result, the survival of polar bear population is under the threat of extinction. Global warming caused the disappearance of ocean ice thus limiting the food supply for these animals. Therefore, there is an urgent necessity to prevent global warming from expanding as it may lead to the extinction of that species.

Global warming contributes to the lessening of the ice area. In that regard, Sonne et al. (1) state that the reduction of the sea ice will hamper the bear’s access to seals thus causing adverse effects on the their population. As the food chain is interrupted, the polar bear would be able to find enough food fro existence. The polar bears are suffering from an extreme lack of food as the outcome of carbon dioxide dramatic increase. The increase of this gas is caused by such human activities as deforestation and industrialization, which are unlike to stop. Relying in this, “Arctic could be free-ice in summer by 2050” (Parry 15). As Arctic see ice is melting, it provides the lessening of hunting ground for polar bears as well as the shelter for their breed. Gradual melting only causes global warming to develop quicker.

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The rise of the temperature can cause volatility of chemicals resulting in the extinction of zooplankton. Under the high temperatures the contaminants are spreading faster that could be disastrous to the population of Polar bears. The contamination could destroy the food chain at higher levels of the food web thus causing the reduction of species and further increase of temperature. For instance, “bears are already scrawnier in places like Canada’s Hudson Bay” so that “Arctic’s entire population of 22.000 bears could become extinct” (Cone 170). Global warming fosters the poison spread resulting in bear population decrease. To be more exact DDT spraying and chemical emissions are significantly enhanced by the temperature increase. Thus, “the burning of fossil fuels – coal, oil, and gas – releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere” (Singer and Avery 35).

Owing to the fact that specific temperature is required for normal existence of polar bears, global warming negatively influences the body’s state of animals so that they are not able to survive. Carbon dioxide emission enhances the extinction of bears due to the worsening of biological state of the animals. According to the forecast the temperature could higher up to 0.07 degree by 2005 (William 74). Even this slight temperature would be enough to harm the health of the bear. Such an increase could hinge the bear’s function of reproduction. The refusal to reproduce the new generation of bears causes the decline in possibility to hunt. Numerous researchers prove that global warming obviously destroy the population of bears in Hudson Bay and Alaska.

In conclusion, it must be stressed that the natural existence of bears directly depends on the global warming process due to numerous reasons. First, global warming fosters the spread of poisoned substances. Secondly, it contributes to the reduction of ice areas that limits the hunting space for bears. Finally, the temperature rise aggravates the body conditions of bears thus lessening their reproduction function.

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