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Globalization Impact: The World Economy And The Environment

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Globalization is when different nations come together through international trade, investments and technology as a way to interact with each other, forming allies as a way to enhance their resources including the economic rates. This way businesses all around the world can communicate with each other easily and also by doing this they are trying to help undeveloped territories by giving them a platform to showcase their goods and services in the market. From this, you can see that globalisation has a major impact on development. This can be shown through the relationships between nations and their influence, for example as shown in my thesis statement that a solid relationship comes with benefits like an increase in worldly resources. However, you also have to understand with such covenants also comes with disadvantages like exploitations of developing countries or nations getting too comfortable without realising how they may be impacting others around them. As you have seen I have explained what globalisation is in a brief description, how it would impact developing countries and the benefits and disadvantages. This essay will be discussing the economy, gender and the environment and globalisation itself in more detail to make you understand how deep it runs within nations. I will also be including other scholars and their views on how the effects of globalization are working in certain areas, for example, women, the economy and diversity. I will also be talking about my views and if I may or may not disagree with the scholars I have chosen to include.

‘Globalisation is imperialist and exploitative. What do you think this means? Through my eyes, I have this vision that globalisation not only helps developing countries economically, socially and politically but they also make the rich richer and the poor poorer. This being shown through the power of the US and how they seem to be taking over more than others. This does not help the people in the developing countries at all as its basic inequality. It seems to be shown more as a fictional idea than to be known as something that is contributing and actually making itself useful. It’s just putting ideas into our minds and not making any actions it’s promising. Not every nation is benefitting from globalisation as Africa is still known as one of the countries with the highest rate of poverty whereas India and China have been exceeding more than others globally and financially. Globalisation may be having a positive effect internationally but it’s not helping those within the countries. The most obvious point is that not all globalized forces are good, hence it being easier for terrorists and drug cartels to intervene and operate through their networks. With that being said, you are also putting many civilians in danger and you are also allowing others to infiltrate and slowly take over as I have said with drug cartels smuggling their product into other countries causing many deaths and for the environment itself becoming bad.

Economic globalisation is one of the best aspects of globalisation. This is because as said above it represents free trade which is the reason why people are given the opportunities of representing their cheap products within the markets, also creating more jobs and businesses expanding helping the unemployed in advance. However, with free trade, there are still many barriers that have not been taken care of such as VAT (Value Added Tax) and tariffs between the nations. Globalisation has allowed businesses from all over the world to come together as a way to unite and move forward as one also by doing this creating less poverty helping the undeveloped financially. By doing this, it has allowed developing countries to rely upon developed countries for resources like oil, food and raw materials which has a positive effect as this shows the relationship between the countries is really strong as they are showing their respect and trust through their trades, deals and negotiations. This is shown through the World Bank which also links to the environmental aspect of globalisation and its influence on development as the World Bank is still today providing financial help to developing countries by helping provide water and electricity and helping nations with building schools and health care centres. The cooperation of the World Bank has been amazingly wonderful for developing countries because, in my eyes, I am seeing a firm that is helping not only financially, but also environmentally as a way for people to get opportunities and make something of themselves to provide for their families.

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According to Sylvia Chant, author of the book Gender, Generation and poverty, she has this theory known as the ‘’feminisation of poverty’’ (Chant, 2007:1) which makes me have this image and belief that what Chant is trying to say here is that women are still suffering more than men but in terms of poverty and that women face more barriers than men when trying to get out of poverty. That being said I do agree with Chant’s views or how she may be interpreting her beliefs, however, I also believe that women are rising next to men and that they are being shown as more equal as time surpasses. From what I have read, and have seen with my own eyes, globalisation may be increasing employment for both men and women but in terms of wages, women are getting lower-income even, working longer hours with their rights being abused. Equality is nowhere seen in this case and honestly, it’s disgusting how even the opportunities that are open to women now are still being exploited and treated in terrible conditions. Do you agree with Chant or do you believe women in developing countries should be treated the same as men in everything including work? Also with that being said globalization has not only brought states together it has also brought different races, cultures and genders together reducing gender issues, as money and poverty have become a prior concern allowing gender inequality to strengthen and show the world that they need to be given the same rights as everyone else while the main focus is on class and other factors of importance including the environment and economy of other countries. My concern is that if globalisation has the ability, the power and the control to help foresee a future where poverty is becoming less, gender issues are being less prioritised and helping build developing countries like their own, what is the point of it all if one way or another exploitation is still occurring whether that be with women or whether the intrusion of globalisation is allowing certain businesses to go to developing countries and get the poor to work for them with the wrong treatment, condition and cheap labour. This is where policies and rules need to be taken into account so the priority is the people’s rights and that man, woman or any gender people claim themselves as to be respected as this way not only will you strengthen the ties between those issues that have been occurring but you will also be making a huge impact influencing change.

Overall, as a whole, I believe globalization has influenced development through the use of unity, trade currency and relation. This is because the treaties that have been made through globalization have allowed different countries and people to strengthen their bonds, therefore, decreasing the risks of poverty or undeveloped countries crashing down. That being said globalisation, in other words, is like a saviour of some kind to most nations. This is because it not only increases awareness around the world but it also has the advantage of making others see certain issues that you may not have found as soon as you do now. Like the issue of climate change. It’s a way for other cultures to experience and live in other people’s shoes on how they have been living. It’s causing more competition, therefore, business expansion as I have said before therefore more jobs. However, some like myself will say that globalization may have the benefits but realistically who is it affecting more, the wealthy or the poor? From my point of view, it seems that it’s causing issues in certain aspects for example diversity. This is because people from other parts of the world may come together but the downfall of that is that others may start to feel threatened of others coming into their countries and starting to take over in general cases their lifestyle, their jobs etc. and what they may be good at, others may start to feel that the outsiders are becoming more successful than them. This could either cause good competition or and bad rivalry which could cause a problem with the agreements that are being made. Due to jealousy, it could cause a hindrance within the states therefore something terrible could happen and could end up having a long term effect on them. Its major core link is politics as politics is the reason why so many nations are even considering the help of others as it has forced them to let go of rivalries and come together because this is the only way their countries will survive and flourish and if they don’t have trust or a civil relationship at least then all countries including the people will diminish and everything will fall and there will be more of an increase in poverty and homelessness which is what we don’t want.

Globalization has impacted femininity, the environment and the economy widely but several changes still need to be made because not everything is at it seems. Despite promoting peace and prosperity, negative effects remain like injustice, starvation, and poverty. Some people are still suffering more than others and issues that need to be dealt with are being tossed to the side. It does not matter whether you are poor or rich or if you are doing favours for others, you must make sure that everyone is being treated equally. This is also where you need to be aware and careful because the majority of the poor people may feel blessed to be getting this support but they also might start to worry that with any luck this is not a secret agenda to enforce obedience upon them as the way they cannot speak their truth because they may feel like they owe them and if they do speak out of line, everything that has been given to them, could also be taken away which is where the idea of inequality and fear has also been stricken with. Is it a means of dominance or is it the need to control? The fear of being replaced by the rich or the fear of having to go through more trials and slave labour.

Like Chant’s statement, I also believe that women need to be heard and people need to see that globalization may be giving us solutions but it is causing discrimination greatly especially with women being at the hands of it. There is so much that needs to be prioritised however it seems that it is more about markets growing and businesses expanding and partnerships. The rapid growth of the world economy has been overflown with the vast development of technology. Everything has risen so quickly it is quite shocking to see just how much influence globalization has been in terms of productivity. These are important to the economies but there needs to be more assurance for the people’s rights. Globalization may have the aims of spreading wealth equally to all countries but are they?

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