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Glued to the Screen: How YouTube is Impacting Current and Future Adults

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Students and adolescents all over the world use YouTube as a form of entertainment, and learning. With growing usage of YouTube by students, it has become an addiction with many students using it an unhealthy amount which comprises their academic performance and ability to complete assignments. Adolescents will use YouTube primarily as entertainment and will find specific youtubers to watch and will begin to take head of their various life experiences and stories in the form of their own identity Excessive and compulsive YouTube use shows a decrease in academic motivation and performance that correlates with personality traits. You Tube’s influence has caused identity issues among adolescents through its content creators.

Students various personality traits dictates whether they have increased or decreased academic performance when using social media. The use of YouTube for entertainment over academic purposes can lead to compulsive use since YouTube recommends videos through an algorithm. Students who view videos that are merely for entertainment, will be more inclined to get side tracked when working on academic tasks. Compulsive usage of YouTube is associated primarily with personality traits that exhibit anxiety, depression and low mood. These personality traits are strongly attributed to compulsive internet use, and closely related with an inability to multitask and use YouTube for educational purposes, and as a result their motivation to complete academic tasks declines. Excessive YouTube usage combined with negative personality traits leads to students using YouTube as an outlet to escape stress and anxiety but makes it worse.

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Personality traits determines a student’s ability to use social media responsibility and is the difference between increased or decreased academic performance. Students with personality traits exhibiting anxiety, low mood, and worry, also known as Neuroticism, had decreased academic performance and were more inclined to use YouTube compulsively and excessively than those who did not have those same traits. Those high in Neuroticism traits used the internet in excess to avoid loneliness, as well as using it as a manner of acceptance. The use of YouTube and social media irresponsibly can cause academic issues, but someone’s personality traits are the dominating factor in determine how someone will utilize their time online.

Adolescents primarily use YouTube as a form of entertainment and will choose a specific set of Youtubers to watch and engage with. Adolescents who use YouTube will base their own identity around the youtubers they choose to watch and engage with. Youtubers are able to connect with the adolescents because they will discuss subjects with the viewers that they are currently going through, which allows them to relate to the Youtuber. The experiences the Youtubers share and explain to their audience is coming from a post adolescent stage viewpoint, yet their current audience is still in the stages of adolescents. This can lead to the adolescent having issues thinking for themselves, as well as basing a lot of their own decisions around what their favorite Youtuber did. The use of YouTube by adolescents to connect with their favorite youtuber can compromise how they view their own identity since they are watching the video from only one perspective.

Adolescents perception of their own identities are warped by the youtubers that they choose to engage with and watch. The use of YouTube for entertainment purposes combined with negative personality traits leads to unfavorable academic performance and decline in motivation. Excessive use of social media, primarily YouTube, as a form of entertainment can result in a significant drop in one’s academic performance and motivation. The compulsive uses of social media are dictated by one’s personality traits with high levels of Neuroticism being the main one that results in unhealthy amounts of online use. Adolescents own identities are influenced based on the Youtuber they choose to engage with, and are influenced by their advice, and experiences. The use of YouTube and social media is not an issue as much as how someone utilizes their time with it. Excessive usage creates more problems than it attempts to solve, students and adolescents alike must find different ways to avoid excessive usage by finding other means to spend time.

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