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Goals of My Life

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To accomplish anything in life, everyone needs to be plan and a path to get there. This especially applies to my carrier path. I personally have many goals that I would like to achieve in my lifetime. The three main goals of them are to become a vegetarian cook, own a restaurant and to travel around different countries to expand my business of restaurants as well as to enjoy everything after being successful in my life. I would like to explain more about my goals in the upcoming paragraphs.

To begin with the top goal which I want to accomplish in my life is to become a vegetarian cook in the future. I have had this dream since I was 12. So, I know for sure that this is what I want to do and there’s no regret in this goal. The road to become a cook will probably be a hardest ever but I am willing to face my fears. In order to accomplish this goal, I need to go to college for cooking course. For this first I need to get work permit so that I can find a good job. A job will help me to improve my cooking skills and other working skills like how to work with a team, how to manage my time with work. I can also get experience from that job for my future. Once I get the enough experience with my cooking course then I will proceed with my next goal in life to own a restaurant and to become my own boss. For that I need to save more and more money by doing a lot of work at my job also need to keep track on my spending and make budget for everything. For saving money I will start transferring a fixed amount of money from my expenses every month to the saving account, also by paying all my bills on time so that I will not get any extra charges as fine to pay. By following all these steps, I will proceed to my next goal of life.

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Second goal of my life is to open my own marvelous restaurant. Being my own boss comes with a lot of responsibilities but also shows that I am committed to my work. A reason to own a restaurant is to get things done the way that I want to them to. Another reason is so I can try my own new recipes by my own different ways as I want to and when I want to. Out of all my goals I believe this is the one which takes more time and more efforts to get done. I will work as hard as I can do to get close to my goal. So, to accomplish my own restaurant I need a perfect location which should be visible to public, easily accessible to people specially to whom using transit so that everyone can access to my restaurant. Moreover, the area should be clean, pollution free and beautiful as well. After that I will decide the interior structure of my restaurant like how to design kitchen and how to decorate dining room. Like any other type of company, a restaurant will need a business plan should include menu and pricing, equipment, qualified employees who should be responsible toward their duties. I will need to look for candidates with prior experience and an ability to multitask and to work quickly and efficiently. Also front-of-house staff in particular should exude exceptional skills. There are some fundamental positions like general manager, servers, chefs, hosts I will likely need to fill when I will open my restaurant. Thus, there are lots of responsibilities for the owner to make the restaurant better in competition area.

One of my three goals is to travel different nations to expand my business of restaurants and to enjoy everything what I have done in my life after fulfill my two goals. To accomplish this goal, I would organize some events to get the feedback from other people about my restaurant to make that better. The views of other people would help me to make changes to open more restaurants in different countries in which I would travel to explore my business. Also, I need to study the market to understand if my original model or offering will work or if some changes are required for better results. I can also do this with the help of social sites by posting about restaurant and its food, also people’s feedback which may enhance the number of customers. One more way to attract the customers is, that I will keep changing or adding new dishes to the menu every six months to make the customers more curious about food. I will need to create a budget and a financial plan for all my upcoming ventures. By travelling I would look for good location, investors and good employees before the launch of new restaurant and train them adequately. So, these are all things that I would need to concentrate while searching to open other restaurants in different countries. When I have grown to where I feel that everything is going to great then I would plan some vacations with my friends and family while travelling to enjoy everything what I would done in my life and to celebrate my goals which I might fulfill with great success.

In conclusion, by picking my three goals make me feel better to fulfill my dream to become a vegetarian cook who motivates me to open my own my restaurant which leads me to move around the different regions to rise my business of restaurants and enjoy everything after being successful. I feel like I have one life to live so why not live it up with my goals that I would really want to be done in future.

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