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God And Human Sexuality In Tomorrow’s Society

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According to the Christianity religion, God is the supreme being that created and sustains everything in the world. Their actions and believes are anchored His wishes and commands which are structured in the holy bible. On the other hand, human sexuality is defined as sexual desires and attractions that an individual gets. Their response can be triggered by desires which are either physical, erotic, emotional, and so on. To Christianity, human sexuality is defined by God, whereby the bible stipulates that these desires should be between a male and a female. Therefore, this essay is going to pose an argument on why it is necessary to remain religious even in the current technological and scientific world.

Morality in the Internet

Every human being has personal sexual desires which need to be satisfied. However, this desire must be addressed in the right manner without eroding morals, ethics and legality. Development in technology has made the world become a small village where communication can be transferred easier than before. People can share their personal information through the internet to their partners who are overseas away. This is a good development as it has brought cohesion among families. It has also improved trust, which is a basic component while discussing human sexuality. Even religiously, God command partners to trust each other by strongly condemning selfishness and unfaithfulness.

However, with all these positive attributes of the internet, there are as well negative aspects that have brought erosion of religious beliefs. Today, catholic priests are engaging in homosexual activities amongst themselves and with young recruits in the service. This extreme to which religious believes have today been eroded. With the improvement in science and technology, people whose beliefs are anchored in the holy bible are interpreting the scriptures in the way it will suit them. This has led to them continuing to satisfy their sexual desires outside their religious belief.

Religion is like a line of command which guides its believers on how to behave when encountered with life challenges. However, it is a voluntary engagement, and people in the world are not forced to associate themselves with any religion. For this reason, if one chooses to follow the faith of Christianity, one is expected to live by those beliefs. If one fails to adhere to those believes he is seen as an outcast and can be alienated by the other believers. The bible only allows people to engage in sexual activities when they get married. It also limits individuals who are married to only express sexual desires to their partners alone. According to the roman catholic, a man is only supposed to marry one wife with whom they are expected to bare kids and grow the generation (Balswick & Balswick, 2008). However, in case they are incapable of getting children, they are expected to stick together until death.

Today, there has been a drift from the religious beliefs of people sticking together through thick and thin till death. Divorce cases have increased, and Christians are now getting married too many love partners in their lifetime (Balswick & Balswick, 2008). The God-human relationship is today being interpreted separately from the traditional way. Religious people are now interpreting marriage as compatibility and not as a lifetime union. The same religious leaders who ordained marriages as a lifetime union are the same ones that oversee the exchange of vows when these people get new partners after divorce. Today the society seems to oppose the religious leaders’ teachings about remaining in marriage till death (Beya, 2006). Marriage is about compatibility and respect. If one partner does not respect the other, there is no need to stick to it.


Technology has resulted in children getting sex-related information at a very early age. The study has shown that 95 per cent of united states teen has access to smartphones. Among these, 85 per cent are often in internet-enabled networks (Schlosser, 2018). Because of this reason, they end up getting a lot of exposure to sex information. This exposure has affected their mentality, which often pushes them from doing immoral activities like masturbation. A study done by Rochman (2011) found out that at least 63 per cent of young united states boys have masturbated at least once in their lifetime. The percentage increased to 80 per cent as the boys reached the age of 17 years. On the other hand, girls’ masturbation rate was low with at least 43 per cent of young girls reporting to have masturbated at least once and increased to 58 per cent as they approached the age of 17 years.

This change in human sexuality morality can be attributed to change in technology and improvement of science. Before, technology came, people were more inclined to religion as a source of guidance. Human sexuality challenges were controlled by following what one’s faith meant as prescribed in the bible. Today people are using the internet to express and find guidance. Online counsellors have also increased as opposed to the traditional religious leaders. Children are more independent today as compared to traditional days. The rise of incest among young children and adults is an illustration of how society has evolved from biblical teachings. For instance, the bible prohibits any form of sexual relationships between people who have a close kinship.


While all types of religion preach against fornication, most teens are engaging in sexual intercourse before marriage. This has led to their parents introducing their children into the use of contraceptives like family planning early. Despite the increase in sexually transmitted diseases among the young generation, they are still engaging in immoral sexual activities. Research shows that the level of HIV/AIDS is higher in young people globally than in the old generation (Kavanaugh et al., 2013). This signifies that the more people are internet savvy, the more their exposure to sexual activities. Most of the baby boomers and generation X members of the society do not have the extensive exposure to technology as compared to members of generation Y and Z. therefore, although they are today living in the 21st century they are more inclined to use their religion as guidance in sexual matters. This brings them closer to Gods will and righteousness as compared to the young generation.

Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriages

In the 21st century, cases of sex marriages have been on the rise, which raises the issue of the religious leaders’ influence in society (Beya, 2006). Biblically one marriage sex was vehemently profited as it was seen as not only immoral but also unethical. Toady these marriages have even gotten legal recognition in the united states of America and other states. This is an illustration that society today is reshaping its own course, which is different from that prescribed in the religious teachings. The same-gender marriage has even spilt over in churches with even priests taking part in the exercise. According to Norris, Marcus & Green (2015), most religious communities believe that same-gender marriages and even homosexuality do not conform to their belief. None of the common religions in the world has ever stood to recognize same-sex marriage as one of their belief (Heaphy, Smart, & Einarsdottir, 2013). It is considered as a wrong type of marriage that does not have God’s blessings as it is against His will. There are two main reasons why these religions regard same-gender marriages as wrong. One it is because of the argument that marriage is meant for procreation. The same-gender marriage does not have this capacity of bearing a child on themselves. This pushes partners to seek help elsewhere, which is against the biblical teachings of partners being committed to one person.

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Scientifically, for reproduction to take place, there must be the presence of a sperm and an ovum which is the female egg that gets fertilized. In same-sex marriage, these two gametes are absent, meaning reproduction cannot be done. The Roman Catholic beliefs that marriage is supposed to be done between an adult man and woman and should last for a lifetime (Balswick & Balswick, 2008). The primary purpose of this marriage is to give birth to children, bring them up to maturity by instilling discipline and morals. Therefore, sex that is not primarily based on procreation is not supported by the roman catholic belief. Judaism also does not also promote same-sex marriages. The most antagonist to this type of marriage is the orthodox Judaism who opposed any form of recognition of same-gender marriage among their believers. In fact, they have been lobbying against national recognition of this marriage in the states where they exist. Islam which is the second biggest religion in the world, also refer to homosexuality and same-gender marriage, is immoral, unethical and ungodly (Hasbany, 2013). In most of the Islamic countries, homosexuality is prohibited by law. This includes Saudi Arabia and Iran. All these illustrations show that same-sex marriages and homosexuality are unwelcome in most religious beliefs.

However, with the emerging rise in homosexuality and same-sex marriages, some religions are bending their beliefs to accommodate this member of our society. For instance, traditionally, Hinduism did not have a room for same-gender marriage. However, today, some Hindu religious leaders are siting the traditional Kamasutra context as a way of accommodating members of this group (Hasbany, 2013). Although some religions are silent about this type of marriage, many are opposed to it.

The other reason why religion opposes same-sex marriage is that it is ‘unnatural’. The argument is that human beings were created to control the world and rule it (Balswick & Balswick, 2008). Animals which were created with lesser minds naturally know they are supposed to mate with the opposite sex. Therefore, the opposite sex is the ordained and God’s will. A woman was created with a complementary purpose of giving birth. Therefore, the lack of using these capacities is like an insult to the creator, who is God.

The emerging trends on homosexuality are making religions incline towards adopting the practice. The only religion that seems to be unmoved by the trend is Islam (Hasbany, 2013). This proves that following Godly ways in modern society has become difficult to not only the believers but also to the religious leaders. Homosexuality is more common in young generation than the old. The marriage is being televised on local television stations as well as international ones. Films nowadays, without one character playing as a homosexual is not perceived to make more sales. All these are avenues that have led to the adoption of this practice. Recently, there has been rife news of sexual violence in churches. Priests are being accused of violating young boys sexually. This raises questions on how the society is expected to respond to such actions having in consideration that these are the same individuals who preach against homosexuality.


My opinion is that religious leaders should not be pushed to bend the Gods will in order to accommodate homosexuality and same-gender marriages. They should be guided by their belief and advocate to have a moral and ethical society. When religious leaders drift away from their holy book teachings, they immediately stop being Gods servants as commanded. They should stand for the truth because that is what will prevail for ages to come. My personal reflection was an experience I had two years ago when I was hit on by my friend whom I did not he was gay. Having gone for a sleepover at his place, he made sexual advancements. It was awful and shocking since I could not accommodate his actions. I left and went to my home with huge anger even after he apologized. After a few days, I met him and tried showing him how God hates homosexuality. Although he is a Christian and his belief is anchored in the bible, his argument was that homosexuality had been endorsed by many priests in the country, and above all, it is legal. I took him through a biblical journey on what the bible says about homosexuality. We both saw the facts that it is against Gods will and should not be practiced by Christians. However, despite the facts, he did not change the behavior, but instead, he changed the church. Today although we are still friends, we are not as tight as we were before.

Scientific Revolution

The society has today moved so far from Gods teachings. In 2016 a sex robot was launched and had a name Sophia (Szczuka, & Krämer, 2016). The robot had the capability to communicate with her user and give sexual desires satisfactions. This is the height at which technology and science have gone in its quest to copy Gods creation. With the current world of technology whereby people are lost in their world of cellphone, they have little time for their partners. Therefore, the primary purpose of making Sophia was to satisfy men sexually (Szczuka, & Krämer, 2016). This means that a man who has this sex robot would have no interest in a woman. This is ungodly since the holy books only recognize sexual intercourse between people.

Sex was given by God as the biggest gift to humankind, and therefore, it ought to be treasured and respected. The reason why it is regarded as the biggest gift is that it brings joy to the two partners. However, it has the ability to cause enigma in the partners’ relationship when they share with other people. The world has evolved technologically, and there has been a high development of methods of preventing conception. This has extremely changed society’s view of sexuality. People use pragmatic means to define sexuality whereby they believe it is a way of finding out how a person is sexually active. According to Hill (2008), using psychological and physiological definitions, sexual intercourse can be defined as how humankind respond to their sexual desires. Such a definition of sexuality is very secular in that it distances us from our cultural and religious belief.


Technology in science has often been used when people get pregnant out of their sexual engagements. Through science, a developing pregnancy can be terminated more easily without pain. People are using this technology to divorce their religious engagements which puts them at a distance with God. This is a very unique and unreligious opinion about human life which God took time to create. The roman catholic church has stand firm on protecting human life and human sexuality. To forecast the human perspective of human life and sexuality, Pope Paul VI wrote an encyclical called “Of Human Life” (Balswick & Balswick, 2008). The theme of this writing was explaining why it was important as it is today to protect the human value for sexuality. People should not only consider their personal feelings, desires and instincts when they want satisfaction, but they should consider how God wants it done. Through this, the society will be able to remain morally upright in terms of human sexuality. It is impossible to detach human sexuality from respect for human life since the former brings the other one. This means that it is out of sexual intercourse human life is created. Therefore, if people do not respect human sexuality, it would also be easy for them to terminate human life. This is why society today is using technology to terminate pregnancies.

In Vatican II, Pope’s talked on why it is necessary for religions to expand their teachings on why marriage, human sexuality and family life should be natured. The family is the smallest unit of society, and members should express love for each other. Showing respect for human sexuality is the biggest love that spouses can express towards each other (Balswick & Balswick, 2008). God’s love is unconditional, and He loves us all. Married people try to echo this love but supporting each other and remaining faithful. Therefore, marriage between man and woman is a true reflection of God’s presence in people.

Religious leaders should lead by example by showing their followers the right practices of human sexuality. To a great extent, adoption of abortion, divorce and extramarital affairs among the society of the united states has led to the wrong definition of human sexuality. It has become the new lifestyle, and most the churches have been compromised to adopt it too. Homosexuality, single-gender marriages, divorce are now acceptable. Despite the bible being direct on some of these aspects, religious leaders are choosing to interpret it in a way that suits them. Technology and science have also played a big role in changing how people view human sexuality. It has, therefore, become difficult for people, especially the young adults, to follow the Gods way as prescribed by religious teachings.

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