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Good Study Habits for Academic Success: Essay

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The best way to succeed academically is to have good study habits. Before looking at them, we should know that different people have different study habits. Not all of the students have the same study habits, but some of the study habits learners should have. Firstly, you will need space for you to study, the place that you study must be clean. Nobody wants to study when the place is full of rubbish. Secondly, you will always have some water around your study area because water will keep you fresh while you study. Thirdly, a very common habit for academic success is having 8 hours of sleep every single night. Most of the people cannot reach this standard. And lastly, keep everything that will distract you away from you. Especially when you hear a message coming from your phone. In this generation, everyone always keeps their phone around them, it will distract you easily when you study.

When you study, you must always have a break between your study sessions. For example, study 50 minutes and have a break between 5-10 minutes. During the break, you can have some water to keep you fresh and reply to all the messages that you missed. This study habit is really good as it will increase your focus on your work.

The next important thing is to have a study plan. If you are a student and your parent keep calling you to do something, you can make a plan and show them your timetable and tell them you need this time to study with no disturbances and hopefully there will understand. Next is to create self-imposed pressure to get things done. When you start using your timetable, you will find the time that you can be doing other things you like to do, but always cannot find time to do. When you plan your timetable, give the maximum time that you will use, it will make your timetable look looser.

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Another good study habit is to have your own summaries. The summary method is a very common method. When you use this method, you must keep your summaries updated, the best time to do your summary for that section is when your teacher finishes the section, and the evening of that day is the best time because your memory is still fresh. Most importantly, this method is it refreshes your memory every single day.

And one last good study habit I would like to share is setting yourself goals. These goals may have different levels: long-term and short-term. Long-term is the period of time you need to reach the goal, which will be around 1 year and more. Short-term goals will be in one week to 3 months. Setting a goal will make you feel that you have something to do in your lifetime. Most people do not reach their goals because they set the goal too high, therefore, when you set your goals, you need to make sure you can reach them with a little bit of a challenge.

Summing up, we can say that all the considered habits are really good and effective for achieving academic success. From my experience, I can testify to this with full confidence.

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