Google's Main Management Functions

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Table of contents

  1. Planning
  2. Organizing
  3. Leading
  4. Controlling

Google Company were officially launched in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as the founders of Google. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were the student at Stanford University in California and it is founded by both of them at September 4, 1998 in Menlo Park, California, United State. The first search algorithm that had been developed in 1996 is known as ‘BackRub’. After that, in 2003 the search engine were soon proved successful and finally settling in Mountain View, California, United States. The company making its initial public offering in 2004 because of the market rapid growth. Next, in 2002, the company launched Google News and Google Maps in 2005. It is continue with Google Chrome in 2008 and the social network were known as Google+ in 2011 but it had been shut down in April 2019.

The Google become the main subsidiary of holding company such as Alphabet Inc. the search result started to be personalized in 2005 as the search engine had went thorugh numerous updates in attempts to combat search engine optimize abuse, provide dynamic updating result and make the indexing system rapid and flexible. For this any years, Google has engaged in partnership in many company such as NASA, AOL, Sun Microsystems, News Corporation, Sky UK and many other company. has set up in 2005 as a charitable offshoot and in 2006, the Google has involved in a legal dispute in US over a court order to disclose the URLs and search strings. With that, the company has been subject of tax avoidance investigations in the UK.

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The ‘Google’ name were originated from the misspelling of ‘googol', which is the ‘googol’ refers to the numbers that represented by a 1 and followed by one-hundred zeros. Larry Page and Sergey Brin choose that name because it fits with their goal that they want to build a very large-scale search engines. The full name of Google is Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth. There is a lot of confusion about if Google has a full form or it is just a word created by the founder of Google. After all these years, the tittle chief executive officer (CEO) has been hold by a man that called Pichai Sundararajan. He is an Indian American business executive and an engineer. Pichai’s current role which is Product Chief of Google was announced on August 10, 2015. As the restructuring process that he made to Alphabet Inc. in get it into Google’s parent company, he assumed the position of chief executive officer on October 2, 2015.

Google LLC is an American multinational technology company and it is specialize were in internet related services and products, that include online advertising technologies, cloud computing, search engines, software, and hardware. Google LLC is considered as one of the Big Four technology companies, alongside with the Apple, Amazon and Facebook. YouTube is one of the subsidiaries in Google and with it, there is, DoubleClick, Google AdMob, Google Nest, FeedBurner and many more.


Larry Page plans to invent wild ideas that help humanity and at the same time invent something that get themselves to adopt by the users at the very early stage when Google first come out to the world. He used the corporate structure to gain profit and keep inventing new things which were what he was looking for from his invention. He kept on to improve Google by continuing to create more new ideas and new features in order to reach his goal. One of the best things about him is he always improves and improvises every time along with the workers. That is why he became one of the famous persons in the world with his creation. The way that Larry Page use to continuously improve Google is working faster. He collaborates with the executives to make quick choices on something.


After google starting to introduce to the world, Larry Page put his effort in organizing Google to make it better. Larry Page took on many projects at a time and managed to sharing his focus equally on each project. For example, Google digitization of books actually took him 6 years to complete it. He focuses on the things he works on because he believes that focusing on the right things can helps to bigger see the picture, create outstanding ideas and find different ways to expand and improve them. Larry Page unsatisfied toward some big companies who only do one thing continuously. That is because he thinks that with more people and resources we have, the more we are able to do, to solve, and to achieve. Larry Page puts Google’s key executives to in charge in different individual product team’s which function to have them report to him later on. These are the trusted executives because they are able to make decisions to make sure they bring benefit to Google.


Larry Page has is a unique and democratic leader when it comes to leading, which make him a leader that value his employee’s opinions and ideas. He always encourages young employees to think and come out with crazier and adventurous ideas because he believes that these crazy ideas could end up involve into something even amazing or better, he believes those are the ideas that could really change the world. He inspires and values his employees by giving what is the best thing what he can gave to them and he also pay attention or care the health of his employees. This is because he believes that if people are happier, they are going to be more productive. Larry Page avoids to be an autocratic leader, he builds his team to gather more insight and ideas to help Google grow bigger. Besides, Larry Page not just insists on being involved in hiring and interviewing new employees, but he also continuously to seek thousands of brilliant and excellent graduates to join Google’s team.


Google Inc. is a famous search engine in the current era. One of the management functions used by Google is controlling its employees. Controlling can be defined as the process of comparing the actual performance against the standards and taking corrective action when necessary (Williams & McWilliams, 2010, page. 319). Google Inc. uses three basic control methods in a combination which is feedback control, concurrent control and feed forward control to take corrective actions.

Larry Page took over as the Chief Executive Officer of Google only for a couple years but manage to make Google evolve quicker, more disciplined and bolder. He focuses on things that will bring big impact and effect. Not just that, he also focuses on and invests in his employee’s creative ideas instead of repeatedly doing the same thing continuously like some of the big companies. Larry always pay attention and put in effort onto his employee’s first and constantly inspire and encourage them to think big, create ideas that are out of the box, so he can improve Google’ services. That is the reason why Larry Page is a manager that succeed not only in business wise, but also as a excellent leader in the business world.

Establishing accurate standard of performance is the first step in the process of controlling. This is the most important step in controlling as it sets a direction for the team and allows them to take an action which will help them to achieve the goal. The goals created must to be realistic, achievable, detailed and include the duration of the plan. This is because it will give a clear of direction to the employees. Beside, every goals created should be given a deadline so that the employees will be more committed into achieving the goals. In Google, the main goal of the company is always focusing on innovation. Therefore in Google, there is a rule called ‘20% time’, where the employees are allowed to spend one day in a week to do their side project. Google will be able to collect innovative ideas from their employees and allow them to pursue their idea. In this way, Google will be an investor company where they develop more advanced technology that show how innovative Google is.

The next step after setting goals for the company is to measure performance and take necessary corrective action. This step will able to ensure that everything goes smoothly at all time. By measuring the performance of a company, manager is able to know where the company stands. By using this information, manager will be able to plan out a corrective action needed for the employees to achieve the standards. In this way, manager is able to get the best output from the employees or at least meet the standard given. In Google, employees will be given survey about their manager frequently to differentiate who is the best manager and the worst manager. The worst manager will be subjected intense coaching which will help them to improve. Therefore, Google will be able to control the quality of their manager.

Google have performed that their controlling is not control their employees in a very strict mode as they are promoting innovation to their employees. In fact, the employees are given 20% of their working hour to do their side project indicate that the employees are granted freedom and space to express their creativity and innovative. Therefore, it can be concluded that Google is a non-hierarchy corporation.

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