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My Professional Life in Graphic Design: Reflective Essay

It has been a remarkably long journey to this point where I am finally getting to the end of my degree. Before, I had studied Graphic design for three years at college after which I followed my ambitions of becoming a part of the creative industry and decided to gain more knowledge and educate further by enrolling to the university. Another three years of education at the University of West London has really brought me to a new level of...
2 Pages 1007 Words

Diversity and Opportunity in Graphic Design Team: Analytical Essay

1. Executive Summary: Is diversity increasing innovation opportunities in the graphic design team? Since innovation is an important scale of modern organizations, all teams are searching for ways to improve their innovation. Innovation is the winners of today’s market competition. If a business wants to be successful, they had to add innovation to their products and services. One way of increasing innovation is inclusion and diversity. In other words, innovation could bring opportunities for business. In this report, firstly the...
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Argumentative Essay: Whether Graphic Design Should Be Considered A Fine Art

The designer left commercialism for art, and all the artist seemed angry. Art is a subject we all know well, everyone has their own version of art and what it means to them. Despite the fact that graphic design and fine art are different professions; graphic design should be considered a fine art. Art and design are closely related, regardless of the small differences in the genres. Moreover, art is about perception. Graphic design is an art form of its...
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Reflective Essay on Workshop in Graphic Design

Graphic Designers have their own approach in order to deal with social issues and other societal, national and international aspects. It is seen that graphics have the power to demonstrate various aspects that are required to be taken in front of the people. This study focuses on an event I attended on October 15th, 2019 at San Francisco public library, Koret auditorium about “The Roles and responsibilities of graphic designers in the Trump era”. The building was so big that...
3 Pages 1230 Words

Pop Art Influence on Graphic Design

Pop art was an art movement that originated in post-war Britain and by the 1960s where it was popularized in the United States was incredibly influential in shifting modern art. Pop artists generally worked with the techniques and imagery of pop culture, amalgamating everyday objects like comic strips, supermarket products, billboards, magazine advertisements and images of celebrities into their work. Some of the most established and significant artists include Richard Hamilton, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg. In this...
4 Pages 1778 Words

Father of Modern Graphics

In this essay, I will loo, king at the life and work of Paul Rand, and from an overview of his work for clients and will identify what the key components and stylistic traits of his work were. The essay will consider the corporate nature of his work and its stylistic connection to the modernist sensibilities of Swiss design and typography. The essay will then focus on a single Paul Rand project from towards the end of his life –...
3 Pages 1260 Words

Why Is ‘Persepolis’ a Graphic Novel: Essay

Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novel Persepolis tells of her life from the age of 10 to 14 during the Islamic Revolution. It all started by telling all women to wear a veil. Boys and girls are separated at Marji’s French school. Marji decided to become a prophet because he saw that there were many problems in the world that he thought could be solved. Sometimes you express your emotions to God. Marji’s parents participated in anti-government demonstrations. He discovered that his...
1 Page 475 Words

The Influence of Pop Art and Minimalism on Graphic Design in the 21st Century

The moderation of digital technology provides a huge opportunity for graphic designers, artists and businesses to showcase their work, products and services. Wider concepts and ideas are being bring into life far faster as technology evolved from manual to automatic. Nowadays, graphic design covers variety of fields such as motion graphics, calligraphy, typography, illustration and is also associated with computer games, video, fashion, architecture etc. Firstly, I would like to expand the topic about pop art, its impact on graphic...
3 Pages 1346 Words

Reasons for Choosing My Project in Graphic Design: Opinion Essay

Graphic design is an important tool that increases your communication skills with other people. It serves to convey your ideas in a way that is not only effective but also beautiful. I chose my project because I enjoy graphic design and everything to do with it, it is an important skill that I know I will use in my future, I have already decided that I will be a graphic designer and I will work hard for my bachelors in...
1 Page 621 Words

Postmodernism Lasting Impact on Graphic Design: Analytical Essay

Introduction Postmodernism is a design movement that rejects many of the tenets of modernism such as its philosophy of structure and form following function, postmodernism rejects much of this in favour of a more expressive ornate style of design with the use of humour and wit. Postmodernism also had a very experimental approach to aesthetics and often used techniques such as collage, experimental photography and distorted typography this movement started to have a major impact on graphic design in the...
1 Page 657 Words

Graphic Design Versus Industrial Design: Analytical Essay

Many people may not know the differences and similarities between Graphic and Industrial Design. Knowing the differences and similarities of these types of design could be beneficial in deciding if you want to choose one of these occupations for a career. Industrial and Graphic design both are types of designs, but industrial involves engineering and manufactured products, while graphic involves visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire or inform. This paper will give you in depth information on the differences...
3 Pages 1175 Words

Graphic Design Is My Passion: Essay

Personal Mission Statement I have always longed to be an artist who can inspire others through my own voice and vision. My passion for graphic design started to develop spontaneously since I learned how to read and write. I started making booklets of my own stories—mini graphic novels illustrated by my paintings. My friends enjoyed reading my novels, and I got fulfillment from having an audience in childhood. I began writing poems when I was twelve, and that was the...
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