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Reflections on Whether Britain Is the Perfect Example of a Democratic Country

A democratic country is seen as a country where the power is held by the people, whether directly or indirectly. The UK uses both direct and indirect democracy. For example, it uses direct democracy through citizens’ juries and public petition and uses indirect democracy, also known as representative democracy, through constituency MP’s. Many people view Britain as an example of a democratic country due to its democratic features in its political system, including elections, rule of law, and protection of...
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To What Extent Has Britain Lost Its Status as a Global Power During the 20th Century Until Today?

The Suez Crisis is another chapter in British history that showcases the themes of imperialism, power struggle and the effects it had on British status as a global power at the disinclination of accepting a new post imperial era. The Suez Crisis of 1956 involved the nationalization of the Suez Canal company by the Egyptian dictator Gamal Nasser in which the British government had a significant portion of shares within the company. This led to an Anglo/French collusion with Israel...
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Reflections on Whether Religion Is Needed in Modern Britain

The main road leading down the high street of the village in which I live is dominated by a grand church which draws all eyes towards it. One would think that such a structure, the largest in the village by far, would draw large crowds each week however the dwindling number of cars with every passing Sunday suggests otherwise. It’s undeniable that the grip of the church on the people of Britain has loosened in recent times with the number...
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The Education System in Great Britain: An Essay

The United Kingdom is a capitalist country with a socialist education system. Children under the age of 18 get access to education for free, this is known as state school (this is considered as a socialist system). But parents are also able to send their child(ren) to private school for a certain amount of money each semester per year. Parents who enroll their children into a private school are often upper-middle class. For a child to receive this education there...
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How did Britain Use Conflict to Gain Power?

Between 1600 and 1800, Britain evolved into a dominating empire that controlled most of the southern hemisphere. An underlying factor for their success was their strong economic state which enabled them to use conflict to extend their power overseas. Britain’s economy played a large role in their success to conquer many countries as they were able to afford and provide for the navy and army. The British economy grew between 1600-1900. This was predominantly a result of the success of...
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Essay on Social Citizenship Rights in Britain

Outline the liberal welfare reforms of the early 20th century and assess the extent to which they marked the beginnings of social citizenship rights in Britain. Nineteenth-century Britain had a lack of citizenship rights for its citizens. The 1906 election saw the liberal government introduce social reforms which saw these rights increase. The government under old liberal Prime Minister Henry Campbell-Bannerman moved away from the ‘laissez-faire’ attitude due to the rise of the labor party which led to the fear...
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Great Britain as a Tolerant Nation Regarding Politics and Public Reaction

Both immigration and societal issues surrounding immigrants themselves have rose to popular discourse within Britain for a significant number of years now (Kudnani, 2007). A large number of citizens and governmental figures have deemed immigration as a nationwide issue in the process (Blinder and Richards, 2020). This outlook will be analyzed to understand to what extent Britain claims itself to be ‘tolerant’ country with regards to immigration (Blinder and Richards, 2020). This essay will further elaborate on this proposal and...
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PESTEL Analysis of the UK Organic Food Industry

The UK’s economy is highly developed and market-oriented. It is the world’s sixth-largest national economy, calculated by nominal gross domestic product (GDP), ninth-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP), and twenty-second-largest by GDP per capita, accounting for 3.3% of world GDP. The UK was the world’s tenth-largest exporter of products in 2016 and the fifth-largest importer of goods. It also had the second-largest foreign direct investment abroad, and the third-largest foreign direct investment outward. The United Kingdom is one of the...
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Effects of Mercantilism on the Netherlands, France and Britain: Essay

The word ‘mercantilism’ is a term that most economists would define as a theory; this is based on the idea that the world’s total wealth was static and strongly supported government intervention in regulating trade through commercial (protectionist) policies to protect domestic firms and economic growth. If executed effectively, it should result in a country’s GDP increasing whilst producing a trade surplus. The Effects of Mercantilism on the Netherlands When looking back at history, the theory of ‘mercantilism’ was first...
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