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Great Scientist Archimedes And His Main Discoveries

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Archimedes, the famous scientist was a man who was born in 288 BC and lived until 212 BC. He was born and raised in Syracuse, Italy. He was assumed to grow up studying astronomy and mathematics (primarily geometry) in the learning capital of Alexandria, Egypt. Afterwards, he readapted to Syracuse to engage in a life of using his pure knowledge and his ground-breaking capabilities, which had led him to become an astronomer, engineer inventor, a physicist and a famous mathematician. What brought him to his death was murder by a Roman soldier, Marcus Claudius Marcellus during an unavoidable blockage. During his lifespan he theorized the Archimedes’ principle, the Archimedes’ screw, he transfigured the measure of circles and he made the Law of the lever by using his geometric knowledge. His knowledge made an immeasurable impact by changing our outlook on the centre of gravity and inventing some of the most important theories of mechanics, physics and hydrostatics which we now live by in our world today.

Archimedes Buoyancy Principle

He is mostly famous for the ‘Archimedes’ principle,’ that states that when an object is fully submerged in a such as water, the buoyancy (upward force) applied by the object has the same mass as the fluid that was moved by the object that was submerged into the fluid. Unfortunately, there is no established information about how the famous scientist created this theory. Having said that, according to a legend, he drew closer to his conclusion when King Hieron II and the royal court of his era hired him to clarify the weight of the king’s golden crown. While theorizing about the king’s dispute in his bath, he took heed how the water that was displaced because of his mass was equalled to his weight. Astonishingly, the tale also testifies that he ran out onto the streets shouting “Eureka!” without wearing any clothing to cover him up.

After making this theory of his, he invented a mathematical formula Fb= p x g x V. the ‘Fb’ standing for being the buoyant force, ‘p’ as the density of fluid, ‘V’ as the submerged volume and ‘g’ as the acceleration due to gravity.. Archimedes’ principle was known through the king when the famous scientist weighed the king’s gold crown using his own theory.

The Archimedes Screw

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The Archimedes principle is still reflected as a precise method to define the weight of an object , but when calculating the solidity of an irregular-shaped like object or package using Archimedes theory, the Archimedes principle is not going to be useful because it may not be accurate because the mass or volume would first need to be calculated. There have been no theories that has disproved the Archimedes principle or any of his other theories. And does not appear to be getting questioned either. An exclusion on the Archimedes screw. As stated by a New York Time article that was printed on June 25th, 2013, it stated that the Archimedes screw was differed by the public after it was mistaken as a death ray. It was recognised as a device “using mirrors to concentrate sunlight to incinerate Roman ships attacking his home of Syracuse, the ancient city-state in the southeast Sicily.” The said New York Times article was stating that the Archimedes invention, the Archimedes screw, is not a death ray. It was said in the lines; “For the last time. Archimedes did not invent a death ray.” And it was then stated that it is “Rather, it is a mundane contraption” and simply a “corkscrew inside a cylinder.” (New York Time 2020) As previously specified, no calculations or inventions created by Archimedes has been opposed or disproven and no other scientists has further developed his theories because they his theories has been thoroughly proven and is precise.

Benefiting Environment

Archimedes has changed the way we preserve our environment. Using one of his many inventions, the Archimedes screw which was a hollow tube with a corkscrew that was inside the tube. He has completely changed the way of the process of irrigation and this invention has been used to make the transfer of water much quicker and easier. This famous screw is also used to grow or heal crops such as dry farmlands, hay and much more. In relation, this invention has been used in numerous sewerage systems. It has been useful by transporting waste from these systems to another location so it can be disposed.

Benefiting education

Archimedes’ theories, calculations and inventions have all been donated to benefiting education. The information of these qualities of science and the simple identification of these important rules and laws can help in educating people to apply these rules and these laws to create inventions in the future to learn and understand the way gravity works.

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