Essays on Greek Mythology

The Contributions Of Greek Mythology On The Modern World

“I think that we need mythology. We need a bedrock of story and legend in order to live our lives ‘coherently.” These words of Alan Moore perfectly describe mythology’s’ importance around the world of keeping people’s moral alive. Greek Mythology has been around for more...
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The Impact Of Greek Mythology On Modern Society

Civilisations have been very important for the evolution of human history and is the basis for many modern mechanisms. Not only did it provide the basic structures of their buildings, it also surrounded the structure of their everyday lives. Greek mythology has greatly impacted modern...
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The Meaning And Symbolism Of Odysseus' Return

Odysseus’ return symbolises the return to civilisation and the world of mankind. Odysseus’ travels do not relate to geography, instead they explore the pillars that define both man and civilisation, one’s identity as a man, mortality, sacrifice, and working the land and the preparation of...
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The Topics Of Fate And Choice In The Poem Iliad

When does fate and when does choice play a role our lives, or in this world? That question may always be asked but in Homer’s epic poem, The Iliad fate and choice happen often. Throughout The Iliad Homer creates numerous conflicts between not only the...
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Odysseus’s Life: Fate Or Free Will?

In Homer’s The Odyssey, there were multiple power struggles between various gods, including Athena and Poseidon in regards to Odysseus, the protagonist hero. Throughout the story Odysseus is confronted with multiple events that change how long it takes for him to return home to his...
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All Myths Are Connected: The Common Things

All myths are connected to each other in some way or another. Whether its because everything started from a void, or because gods created everything, or because the myth show humans worshipping the gods. Those tiny details can connect a whole bunch of myths. A...
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The Relationship Between Zeus And Mortal

In ancient Greek mythology, the relationship between God and mortal has long been a complicated relationship. More people believe that there is a confrontation between God and mortal. The gods can be generous and generous to a certain extent, but sometimes they can bring devastating...
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The Relationship Between Men And Women In The Iliad

“If it is true that brilliant Achilles is risen beside their ships, then the worse for him if he tries it, since I for my part will not run from him out of the sorrowful battle, but rather stand fast, to see if he wins...
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The Main Themes And Ideas Of Iliad

The Iliad is an epic poem, which was written by the ancient Greek poet Homer; the story recounts most of the significant events experienced in the final weeks of the Greek and the Trojan War under the military action of the city of Troy. The...
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The Heroes In Ancient Greek Myths

Ancient Greek myths are the best known mythological stories because they involve colossal characters that are easily recognisable. Myths are stories to teach people about morals, they were also often used to teach people about events such as diseases and deaths and natural disasters like...
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