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Grit In Schools

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The non-cognitive trait cited as grit have been receiving widespread attention as a predictor of success until now. When grit is introduced on schools as a subject, the students will score higher marks obviously. If schools are to take the measures to teach grit, what would be the core aim they tend to achieve? Is grit a character that can be taught in schools effectively? Will teaching grit in schools increase student’s grit level significantly? The questions about teaching grit can go on and on. Though grit is a trendy trait that determines one’s perseverance, teaching it in schools may be unproductive.

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So far we have been relying on IQ to tell how intelligent an individual is, “ … but what if doing well in school and in life depends on much more than your ability to learn quickly and easily?”Angela[9]; driven by this concern Angela and her team set researches seeking other characters, other than intelligence, that would be useful to predict our achievements, after so many studies that involved many sectors “... one characteristic emerged as a significant predictor of success ... it was grit.” Duckworth[9]. Duckworth describes grit as “the passion and perseverance essential for achieving long-term goals”[7,p.28]. It was not a surprise that after people started to realize what grit is and why students need it, they would try to find ways to teach students grit by any means. It is on the debate, whether grit can be taught in schools or used for research purposes. Many studies have been done so far regarding the success of students; the results obtained are far from impressive. Grit has been found to predict success according to various studies. This link is influential in finding whether educational institutions should include grit to see successful outcomes. However, there is no guarantee that schools can teach grit completely that will increase students grit level. For a long time, grit was considered to have a direct link with educational performance and success; however, nowadays people are starting to realize that including grit in the institutional curriculum is a total misstep. Key terms: Grit, cognitive and non-cognitive traits, academic performance and success, intentional and non-intentional efforts.


Even though being gritty means more to success, grit is a trait that can not and should not be taught in schools. The inconsistent relationship between grit and academic success, the weak effects of methods that would be used to increase grit level, the fact that grit being difficult to assess the progress made it not effective enough to be used as part of a school curriculum. Sudden appearance and development of grit have raised so many questions since its first discovery by Angela Duckworth. Grit is a character every student need to possess and this sparked up a debate about whether schools can teach grit or not. This topic is still in its early stages and institutions need a better understanding before actually teaching grit to students. Use of the scale with less knowledge may lead to unfair and easily corruptible grading.


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