Gun Control Does Not Work In United States

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Over the past couple of weeks, I have been researching gun control trying to find why it's useful in America. Having many accounts of gun violence in America, many Americans say that the second amendment is outdated and that we need stricter gun laws. In reality states with stricter gun laws have more accounts of gun violence. This proves that stricter gun control doesn’t work.

California is ranked as A in gun control yet has more accounts of gun violence in their state, while Texas is ranked F yet has fewer accounts of gun violence or mass shootings(Swearer). This is important because the percentage of shootings in Texas is 6.6% of their population, and if it was compared to the state of Washington which is ranked a B the percentage is 8.9% of the population(Swearer). This just proves gun control doesn’t work. If that doesn’t convince you then, let talk about this so-called outdated amendment. According to a reporter for the new dealer, they say that our founding fathers created the second amendment when guns weren’t so strong during that time and were never expected to get this powerful. The statement is true guns weren’t so powerful and advance back then, yet they were able to advance and America was able to win wars. Without this use of advancement, I can conclude America would be one of the weakest countries in the world. Civilization has evolved with cars, medicine, and weaponry. Everyone should have the right to bear arms just in case another revolution was to take place. Instead of restricting gun control, how about the gun laws may be modified to be able to decrease the mass shooting of each state.

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Gun control is another myth that people believe would decrease the number of school shootings or patients with mental illnesses opening fire in a public location putting the lives of many in danger. Modifying the laws that are already given can change the probability of having a school undergo fire by someone. For example, if gun trafficking was actually looked at by the government then guns being sold illegally to minors would decrease. According to the Gifford law center, about 40 percent of guns entering us are from unlicensed sellers that aren’t required to give background checks. This proves that gun trafficking exists and guns are falling into the wrong hands. If the laws were modified this wouldn’t be a problem, having stricter gun control wouldn’t affect that because criminals would still be able to obtain guns. The only thing that would work is modifying laws to prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands.

When guns get to the hands of kids and teens then it goes bad. Without the proper guide on how to use a gun many deaths occur. There is a reason why there are laws that prevent kids to have guns, but sometimes guns are let loose in homes and children are able to get their hands on them and the first thing they do is point it at their face. This sometimes may lead to them pulling the trigger and either dying or killing someone else like their father or mother. According to the Guardian, a four-year-old found a gun under a mattress and shot his own mother in the face. Everyone who owns a gun should be given a safe to be able to keep their guns out of reach from children to prevent situations like this. Having laws modified can change the percentage of deaths in America.

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