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Gun Control: How Dangerous Can Be Some Types Of Guns

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The gun control theme has been a huge problem that is been discussed for a very long time. The problem has polarized people in terms of what is the best solution in the aftermath of the latest tragic mass shootings. There are some people who want the government to keep the limitations on weapons. On the other side, there are people who do not support the regulation and how firearms could be controlled. All law-abiding citizens should be permitted to carry weapons; this is to protect themselves against people who may wish to harm them, such as in instances of mass shooting. Due to the numerous school shootings and the availability of high-powered rifles, the executive branch should make our communities safer from gun violence.

There are over 250 types of guns in the US today and each citizen has at least one and continues to grow for about 7 million of them each year. Experts believe that the second amendment is rational and legal to the citizens, the author of the handgun prohibition and the person that brought out the second amendment Don B. Kates states that the “second amendment protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in the militia and can be used for traditionally lawful purposes, an example is self-defense within one’s home, however, she never said anybody can go around and start shooting people wrongfully and then claiming you are right. Every year gun violence increases, which really concerns the citizens and the nation. Anybody can purchase a firearm in the US without a background check, except in some states.

There are some solutions in which gun violence can be controlled, firstly reduce firearms access to youths and individuals who are at risk of harming themselves or others, this is basically talking about people who have been violent to their partners and families around them. Secondly, insist on mandatory training for licensing for owners. This training should include recurring education to renew permits, with a graduated licensing process at least as stringent as for driver’s licenses. When it comes to people owning a gun privately, there are guns that are suitable for protection. Guns such as the AK 47 or the AR15 that holds about 30 or more magazine capacity are not suitable in public and are the quick and efficient massacre of the people around. There are no reasons why anyone should have that much. Some of the biggest mass shooting histories have to do with semi-automatic rifles; examples are the deadly shootings at a concert in Las Vegas schools in Connecticut, South Florida, and was also used at a nightclub in Orlando. The AR-15s — often called assault rifles or sporting rifles — are semi-automatic weapons, a civilian version of the military’s fully automated M16.

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When it comes to the president changing gun laws, he cannot really do much. However, as the executive branch, the president has the power to direct his agencies, enforce gun laws and make them influence internal practices. If the president wants to take unilateral action on rifle guns, he or she can mostly act through the Department of Justice and its agencies, said attorney Lindsay Nichols of Gifford’s, the gun violence prevention organization. The democratic presidential candidates who have endorsed executive actions on rifle guns have proposals and ambitions. They have each promised to put on a mission called “engaged in the business”. This would make thousands of sellers get a license and conduct checks or they stop selling rifle guns. According to trace 2019, all four said they would reverse the Trump administration’s decision to use a much more limited definition of “fugitives from justice” for the purposes of the federal background check system.

A high-capacity magazine at can hold as many as 20 to100 bullets are capable of causing mass destruction. But with the magazines being reduced to a small amount, would cause less damage, this includes the fire rate and magazine capacity. In 2004, the U.S. Department of Justice found that following the implementation of the ban, a number of cities and jurisdictions reported declines in the number of assault weapons recovered from crime scenes. These declines ranged from 17 percent to 72 percent. With the disconnector removal or selector, fire will be manipulated with comparative ease automatically.

This also implies that within two to five minutes shooting can take place. This requires a ban on assault rifles. If the rifles are not controlled, there may be more threats in the public.

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