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Gun Control: Most Of The Mass Shootings Are Committed With Legal Weapons

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Gun control is a couple of laws and policies that are used to regulate the sale and possession of firearms to protect civilians. Gun control may sound like a good thing, however, it has great potential to be one of the worst solutions for society. This can be related to Chicago. Chicago has one of the most authoritarian gun laws in American but has one of the highest gun crimes with 4,331 shooting victims. Gun control will only make it tougher for law-abiding citizens to acquire guns for protection, hence giving criminals the upper hand to commit crimes against innocent citizens.

One of the main disagreements is that there needs to be more gun control because there is an abundant amount of people being murdered in mass shootings and no actions are being made. But little do people know is that these mass shootings happen because of gun control, people fail to ask the question, how do teens obtain such weapons? To be granted a permit or license to purchase, possess or carry any firearm you have to be the age of 21 or above, The simple answer is they obtain them illegally, therefore increasing gun control will only hurt law-abiding citizens who are only trying to protect themselves. When these shootings happen the first thing the government does is discuss gun control. Because people are in so much shock when these mass shootings happen they are more drawn in to listen to a plan of action on how to deal with these gun control, plans that will affect the entire future of America.

Yet, many people do not realize that most of the mass shootings are committed with weapons that can be acquired legally. Prohibiting assault rifles will not reduce or solve the crime rate and only a small percent of gun crimes are committed with assault rifles. People are wary of assault rifles because they feel that those weapons are displayed by the military, and are portrayed as too powerful, and should not be used by anyone else. Although the military uses fully automatic weapons which are illegal, the assault rifles that can be purchased are semi-automatic meaning they only fire as fast as you can pull the trigger, which is technically more environmentally safe. Another misunderstanding is that assault rifles are way too powerful for citizens to keep in their homes. This is mistaken because assault rifles are only as strong as the amount of ammunition you put in them. Putting a ban on assault rifles would not reduce the crime rate it would just take away protection from the citizens.

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stricter gun laws will not stop mass shootings there are more serious issues that have to be looked at, but what people seem to forget is that guns don’t kill people, people do. There are other solutions that can be done to prevent gun crimes and it is not just censoring violent video games, T.V. shows, and movies. People need to be psychologically analyzed, not just for gun owners but for everyone. A physiological evaluation will help benefit not only the health of everyone but it could prevent a lot of crimes in general, not just gun crimes. Most of the time after a crime is committed and the suspect is evaluated, it is usually found that they have a mental illness. It shouldn’t take the crime to occur to then evaluate someone’s mental health. Seeking help for a mental illness has a connotation of being a negative thing, and whoever has to get mental help is apparently an unstable person. This results in people keeping things to themselves and not seeking any form of help, which leads to them keeping all of that person’s problems within themselves contained.

Handguns play a major role when it comes to gun crimes which is why they are harder to obtain than assault rifles, and the reason for that is you can conceal a handgun more efficiently than an assault rifle and this is something a lot of people who believe in gun control will say. However, this is the reason why we should not add more gun laws. The more gun laws the government put will not prevent the criminal from buying and trading guns illegally, adding more laws is just gonna disarm the law-abiding citizens who need to have the gun in order to protect themselves. Even with Chicago’s strict gun laws teens that are under the age of 17 are killed four times more often than the teens in New York, according to NY Times.

Guns should be used to protect and defend, so taking that away will only hinder the public. Being able to own weapons will allow people to protect themselves from a dictatorial government, and with most of the people in the United States, the ideal thing would be to own weapons to protect themselves from a possible Fourth Reich. Instead of removing guns from users or future owners, why doesn’t the government try and educate people about firearms before handing them a gun, for example before becoming eligible to drive and obtain a license you need to take driving classes. So in order to obtain a firearm, you should be required to learn the dangers and possible accidents that can happen.

To conclude guns give people the chance to protect themselves. Putting more restrictions doesn’t help the main problem it would only hinder responsible gun owners. The real criminals aren’t going to follow the updated regulations, that’s why they are labeled criminals, putting more gun control laws will only give criminals the upper hand. If they want to put an extra step into buying a gun to make sure it is in the right hands the better thing to do would be mental health check every once in and while. The problem isn’t the guns, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The best thing to do is find the root of the problem which is believed to be the amount of ammunition that is being distributed and not trying to disarm the people.

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