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Gun Control Pros And Cons Essay

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While considering the pro-gun side, one must take note that even though crime will always exist no matter where we go or what kind of laws a place may have, the least our country can do is try to show effort and concern by taking action in this problematic occurrence going on in the United States. Countries with restrictive gun control laws obtain lower homicide and suicide rates. We can use Finland as an example, which has the most gun ownership but they have extremely strict laws in order to get one, whereas in the United States we have an easy route in order to hold possession of a weapon. With stricter gun laws, provides a safer environment and regulates the distribution of guns and who holds possession of them. Even though there is always a chance that the gun may be placed in the wrong hand, with gun laws the chances will decrease and not everyone will be able to obtain a hand weapon. Adding on, it is important to take into counter the extreme fear that has come across Americans with the amount of gun violence occurring from state to state. Many people have developed anxiety whenever they go somewhere with a large number of crowds, or even simply just being in a classroom or dining in somewhere. The number of shootings we see taking place all throughout the country from news outlets and on social media begins to evoke emotional distress. It is hard not to think about the nearest exit around, or exactly where one should hide if someone walks in with a gun; these things should be the last thing on one’s mind, especially in a school setting. According to Liam Stack, “ More than 5,000 readers wrote to tell us about the anxiety they felt while riding the subway, going to the movies, dropping their children off at school and attending religious services”. In addition, according to a newspaper article by Susan Paige and Marilyn Iceman, “Now nearly one in five, 19%, say they don’t feel safe at their school. One in four, 25%, say it’s very or somewhat likely that a classmate will bring a gun to school. Nearly one in seven, 15%, say it’s likely there will be shooting at their school”. In the article, the writers also incorporated quotes from students that express their feelings when they attend school. One of the students they have interviewed explained that “ ‘I watch over my shoulder because you never know,’ ” says Justin McDonnall, 17, a sophomore at North Central High School in Hymera, Ind”. It is truly unfortunate that the tolerant gun system that the United States has, has caused so many traumatic experiences that people feel unsafe just living their daily lives. One should not feel like they are not able to proceed in life with feeling unprotected and having anxiety when they go places; this takes emphasis on students attending school. As for parents, they should be able to drop their kids off at school, knowing they are in a safe place and not have to worry about whether their child is going to make it home or not. In order to come to terms with all that has occurred, both sides of the argument should come together and find the medium- gun control.

The lack of gun control that has caused serious and fatal effects to the United States, it has been due to the underlying issue of gun regulation. Just about anyone can purchase a gun despite the legal age laws. Just because the law requires one to be at least “at least 18 years of age to purchase shotguns or rifles and ammunition” does not mean that it is still safe for them to be purchasing a weapon. Adding on, today in America, buying a gun is way too easy for the damage that it can cause. Background checks here in America are too lenient to surpass and ultimately make the process of passing them extremely doable, even with those who have a criminal record. In selling guns, it is important to take into consideration who you are selling the guns to because “it isn’t only the guns, it’s the people who use them to commit the murders” according to Connors and Kelly as they write an article on gun reform. With the resistance of gun reform that America continues to dismiss “There is widespread support among Americans — Democrats, Republicans and gun owners alike — for a number of initiatives to curb gun violence they would like to see Congress pass” which is why gun control can be portrayed as one of the solutions to pleasing those who want some form of change to occur.

Adding on to the fight for gun control, many tourists normally do not feel that it is safe to travel to the U.S. in fear of a massive shooting taking place because of our gun laws. With news outlets portraying all the criminal violence going on that stems from gun accessibility, many people second guess about visiting the United States. Sadly, because we have so many massive shootings that happen per year, it becomes associated with the United States; this makes people scared to come and visit the U.S. because of the gun violence that we are known for. In an article, Nomadic Matt addresses the issue about the refinement people have in visiting the United States due to the excessive amount of violence arousing from the U.S. In the article, the writer proclaims that we have “The US has the highest rate of death by guns in the developed world (outside of war zones, of course), we have nearly the highest incarceration rate in the world, hate crimes have gone up since the election, and we average roughly one mass shooting five out of every six days (and 90% of the mass shootings in the world happen here)…And when these incidents and attitudes are projected around the world in conjunction with our recent political strife, it creates the perception of the United States as a dangerous and unwelcoming place”. Through this article, it is evident to say that because of the excessive amount of gun violence happening around the country, many people have adapted a nervous and frightful feeling in coming to the United States. Movements such as the “March for our Lives” protest, it has sparked great publicity in the violence occurring in America because of violent gun usage. The outrage of gun violence, it has created an unfortunate image for America. People should be able to come and visit our country without feeling unsafe and on edge due to the lack of regulation we have for guns.

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For those who are opposed to the idea of Gun control, they must understand that it is not taking away all of their guns or diminishing the second amendment, but it is rather the efficient way of balancing out the possession of guns and how one must obtain them. Politico Magazine addresses that “High-mindedly, Americans see themselves as locked into a perpetual stalemate over the meaning and limits of the Constitution’s guarantee of a right to bear arms”. Gun control can be seen as an effective way of understanding both sides of the aisle; giving those on one side the security they need, but also still letting those on the other side keep their freedom to bear arms. In doing so, those on the pro-gun side would just have to go through certain procedures in order to obtain their weapon, by the ability to have a gun would not be entirely diminished.

Aristotle, believed that to pursue happiness meant that if one is morally good then they are “striking a balance between two vices. You could have a vice of excess or one of the deficiencies”. Gun control can play an essential role between the two vices of lienantley having guns and taking away all possession of guns. With support from both vices, in order to obtain a moderate country and please each side gun control can be the ultimate solution to that by making sure that all steps are taken up properly to responsibly earn the ownership of a gun. Steps must include the proper age it takes to own a gun, and enhance careful observation by conducting in-depth background checks in order to ensure stable gun ownership.

As the recurring violence of guns causes deaths and massive shootings, it is our job as a country to help find a solution to the problem. With both sides of the argument being excessive, it is important to find the “Golden Mean” between the two as Aristotle would refer to it. In order to please both sides, but also find a cure to the problem, we must meet in the middle as a country and find the equilibrium between the two vices- gun control.

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