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Importance Of Costumes On Halloween

Halloween should be a day of celebration, but unfortunately, people seem to be aggravated when they see their culture caricatured and turned into a costume. Many Halloween or Carnival costumes have been banned for being insensitive, sexist or racist. In fact, it is a two-sided issue with people in favor and against the banishment of these costumes. On the one hand, appropriating a character from another culture can be perceived as disrespectful, but it can also be seen as a...
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What Is A Better Explanation For The Halloween Effect: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Or Vacations

Introduction In this paper, we will talk about a some causes of a certain calendar anomaly. We will try to compare them to each other and see which of them would make more sense. In financial research, these calendar anomalies are among the most popular topics. Although often still not convincingly explainable, a lot of papers are aimed at addressing this phenomenon. One of the most well-known calendar anomalies is the so called Halloween effect, also known as the “Sell...
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A Brief History Of Halloween

I have always enquired personally this question more often than not, that exactly why do people spice up in fancy costumes during Halloween. Like every other event, a history for this festival is associated with traditions which can be traced here we are at the 16th century and have already been passed in one age group to the various other. The typical human tendency is to stick to the activities and traditions in our folks. Hence no matter what our...
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My Experience Of Halloween Party

On October Nineteenth at Nine o’clock pm, I arrived to my friend Susan’s house for her Halloween party at Westlake Village. Demographics of the people attending the party focused on a mix of male to female college students over twenty-one years old and predominantly upper to middle class white background. Due to the lack of racial and ethnic diversity in the party, I could not observe gender discrimination amongst people of different backgrounds. When I arrived to my friend’s house,...
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The Yale Halloween Controversy Over Issues Of Inequality, Safe Spaces And Marginalization

Many debates and discussions have been going on in Yale University over controversial and sensitive issues of racial sensitivity and free speech. Apparently, these matters have gone beyond campus to reach the media and the national News. Two days before Halloween of the year 2015, the college committee on intercultural affairs notified the students via email to think twice and reconsider wearing Halloween costumes that might be racially insensitive and inappropriate. However, this did not gather the attention of many...
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Halloween: The History And Modern Traditions

Today I am going to educate you about how the history of Halloween is important, how it evolved and how I personally celebrate Halloween(parallelism). Several ages ago(hyperbole), Halloween was a very religious ceremony, but now it is just a party with candy and costumes for most people, have you ever wondered what the point of Halloween even is? The only thing that is the same is the fact that Halloween marks the end of harvesting season. So let’s talk about...
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Halloween As My Favorite Holiday

It was the month of my favorite holiday, Halloween, the only time of the year where accepting candy from strangers is ok. This story was back when I was a child, around 8 or 9, and was about to go outside to play with my friends. As I headed out, I was amazed with joy, of all the fall scenery. Seeing the neighborhood houses decorated, the clouds turn gray, and the weather turning colder, really put me in the spooky...
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Representation Of Halloween In Tim Burton's Films A Nightmare Before Christmas And Edward Scissorhands

Edward Christmashands: Tim Burton’s Nightmare As if to bring us into the mind of Tim Burton, both films, “A Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Edward Scissorhands,” begin with the opening of a door leading us into a world of mystery. In “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” the main character, Jack Skellington, becomes unsatisfied with his Halloween surroundings. He feels as though a part of him is missing which leads him to stumble upon Christmastown but he soon learns that he may not...
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The Differences Between Day Of The Dead And Halloween

Day of the dead and Halloween are two different holidays from two different traditions. The holidays are similar, although they take place in two different countries, but they also have many differences that make each holiday its own. The two holidays have been around for decades and are celebrated by many people every year. In addition, these two holidays bring joy to many and both started out as practically the same thing. The Day of the Dead, also known as...
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The Themes And Ideas Of Halloween Film

Introduction Halloween is a Horror film series that first started in 1978, with the release-of ‘Halloween’. It is about Michael Myers who was put in a psychiatric hospital for killing his sister when he was 6 years old but escapes to the suburbs of Haddonfield where he stalks babysitters while being chased by his doctor, Dr Loomis. There are 11 films in the series, with 2 more set to release this year and next year. Personally, I remember watching this...
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