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Hamilton vs Jefferson Essay

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During the late 1700s, there was a heated debate between the Federalists and the Republicans. While both political parties had different ideas of what the government should become, it was ultimately Alexander Hamilton’s that eventually bested Thomas Jefferson’s vision. Hamilton was the first treasury secretary and had a great influence on President Washington over Thomas Jefferson. Alexander Hamilton was one of the most important founding father figures in the late 1700s. Thomas Jefferson believed in decentralized government, freedom of religion from government influence, and education.

Alexander Hamilton spoke for the Federalists and believed firmly that trade and manufacturing were the keys to successful progression as well as a strong military power. Although this would be difficult because it was hard to assemble the appeal to artisans and workers because they still remained faithful to the mother country in the New England States. Hamilton brought to light public policies and ideas that would help with the government’s effectiveness and the public economy. Hamilton insisted on taking on full the national debt of the war, and that the federal government shouldered unpaid debts from the states from the revolutionary war. Hamilton emphasized strong government, public credit, and a centralized national bank system. Hamilton believed that tariffs, and protecting new firms could help the nation develop industrial businesses. The systems Hamilton put into place helped the federal government grow to become a robust industrial stronghold, and helped others to realize we need a strong central government. Alexander Hamilton foresaw America becoming a manufacturing country, and also told others to view America, not as a country, but to think as a nation united ‘continentally’. Hamilton suggested stated that the national government had the right to collect debts, borrow money, and taxes, therefore, making a national bank extremely efficient in these takings.

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Thomas Jefferson spoke for the Republicans and was more interested in strong agriculture, smaller militias than a standing army, and a smaller federal government impact. He believed that bankers couldn’t be trusted, had little interest in manufacturing, and believed in the opposite of a strong centralized government. He opted for a more rural society where a country was able to be more self-sufficient without the big government stepping in. Thomas Jefferson thought more in terms of being able to express freedom. Thomas Jefferson was against the national bank system arguing that the Constitution had no say in a federal government. Jefferson believed that instead of a national bank that the states could print money should be chartered instead. He argued that a national bank would slow down the progress of the state banks. He also argued that it would be run by the rich, and would impact the local farmers while the rich got richer, the poorer got poorer.

In conclusion, looking at the United States today, it was Alexander Hamilton’s philosophy in building what America is today. Alexander Hamilton was one of the most important founding fathers, and so important that the government in 1929 put his face on the $10 bill. Hamilton helped convince others through paper and pen that the Constitution needed to be ratified. The debate over the national bank system went on for 2 years, and after finally answering the question in 1791 was the bank was unconstitutional, it was built. Even though Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson hated each other, it was Hamilton who helped Thomas Jefferson win the election in 1800 because of a tie with Aaron Burr. At the time they may have been enemies of political parties, but they fundamentally helped shaped the political parties of today. Hamilton gathered with their fellow federal lobbyists and encouraged them to support Thomas Jefferson. He said that Aaron Burr only mainly cared about himself. Alexander Hamilton helped shape what America is today, and at the time even with a nation divided was able to convince the people that no matter what state you’re from that we can come together to be a united nation with a national bank to stabilize the nation’s finances. Without Hamilton’s philosophy, the United States wouldn’t have bloomed to become the largest economy in the world before the end of the 19th century.

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