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Hamlet: The Good Or The Evil?

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In every story the good triumphs all but what if the good was tainted before the end of the story unfold. In the Play “Hamlet”, William Shakespeare, an English poet, playwright and an actor, widely referred to as the greatest writer and a key component to the development of modern English.With “Hamlet” being on of his greatest works it made people speculate what made this story such a success. Was it the blur line between good and evil. In the play the protagonist Hamlet, a man seeking justice for his father's death who committed questionable actions which made the audience question whether he is the villain or the hero. In the end Hamlet was not a bad man on the contrary he is a hero he just did everything in his power to get justice for his father's death.

Hamlet wasn't just a man he was a son above all. When Hamlet heard news of his fathers unexpected death and witnessing his ghost appearing to tell him about the true reason for his death Hamlet was outraged. As any son close to their father would be after finding out that his own uncle killed his father and took his place. It can be seen this intense emotion of anger when he says “Haste me to know’t , that I, with wings as swift As meditation or the thought of love, May sweep to my revenge” (Act 1, scene 5, Line 29). He just wants justice severed where its needed and he sees no one will so he decides to take action on his own accord what's so wrong with that.

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Many people will argue that Hamlet was a villain that he is the one to blame for the deaths of many of the characters in the play. Hamlet was consumed with vengeance ,he had one goal which was to unveil the truth and make his uncle pay for his deed. This Can be seen when Hamlet says “ But heaven hath pleased it so, to punish me with this and this with me, That I must be their scourge and minister”. In this line we can see that Hamlet truly believes that this is his purpose in life is to get vengeance for his father's death. Hamlet is not the villain in this story in contrary he is the hero he brought justice where it was needed to be served.

Obviously Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s most remarkable works. He achieved this by developing this unique storyline and these memorable characters. The story revolves around young Hamlet mourning the loss of his father and finding out by his father’s ghost that he was killed by his own brother. Is Hamlet really the bad guy here ? I beg to differ I agree hamlet could have taken a better approach but in the end he paid the price. Since the begging Hamlet was prepared to pay the highest price for his actions something a villian wouldn’t do. And when has avenging in a story ever been seen as unjust.

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