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Hamlet as a True Character Revealed

One of Shakespeare’s most popular characters from one of his most timeless works of literature, Hamlet, is the center of some controversial discussion of whether the main character deserves to be remembered as a tragic hero or not. It can be concluded from further character analysis that Hamlet deserves to be viewed as more of a villain than a tragic hero today because of the role he played in almost every character’s death in William Shakespeare’s timeless play. From the...
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Crucial Themes in Hamlet

Introduction Hamlet life was affected by the series of events especially his personality. Hamlet went in the course of hard time through the passing away of his member of the clergy (Erikson, pg, 5). In a month afterward, he goes in the course of another horrible event, where his nurse Gertrude started an association by his uncle Claudius and planning to marry. At this point, he begun to question, have her mother planned his father to be murdered? Such question...
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Madness And Insanity In Hamlet By William Shakespeare

Hamlet is a dramatic tragedy written by William Shakespeare around 1600, but the play was first performed in 1609. Hamlet is the son of the King of Denmark, who has passed away. The “ghost” of the King of Denmark visits Hamlet and tells him to avenge his death by killing the new King, Hamlet’s uncle. Hamlet pretends to be mad, contemplates life and death numerous times, and seeks revenge for his father’s death. By the end of the play, Hamlet...
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The Theme of Loss in Hamlet

Throughout Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, loss is a fundamental concept that is present throughout the whole play. There are a variety of losses that the characters of the play suffer from, where this essay will be used to discuss the vast variety of losses. The motif scales from the loss of sanity, to the loss of self-righteousness, to the loss of beloved ones. To begin with, there are many ways in which someone can lose their sanity. Ophelia and Hamlet convey...
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The Meaning and Role of Death in Hamlet

In Shakespeare’s play, ‘Hamlet,’ death identifies himself as an uninvited guest who never cares to leave the opening scene with the ghost to the bloodshed in the final scene. However, the appearance of the tortured spirit of Old King Hamlet and the deaths of all the notable characters in the play are more evident demonstrations of death in its simplest form. But there must be some deeper meaning, connection and purpose, since death is so obvious in the physical and...
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Social and Gender Roles in Hamlet

Although a single woman controlled Europe during Shakespeare’s time, the Elizabethan society was quite patriarchal, women were always considered the “weaker sex” and always in need of protection. When women were married off, they had one main purpose, bearing children, as childbearing was considered a great honor at the time. Despite the Elizabethan era being a time of progress, women were still thought to be less than men in almost every aspect of life. In “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, there...
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Hamlet Literary Analysis: Graveyard Scene

Shakespeare is known to use juxtaposition in his play and Hamlet is no exception. In Act 5 scene 1 of the play there is a quick and unusual turn of events. The beginning of this act start of with two gravediggers digging a grave for Ophelia while discussing the validity of her cause of death in a light-hearted manner. This scene takes place in the middle of a sequence of devastating and most intense moment of the play. Just a...
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The Significance of Hamlet and Ophelia’s Love

In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet’s and Ophelia’s love is indirectly hinted at many times through the way they talk and address each other, the way people carry themselves when around the two, and how Shakespeare himself gives indications to their past relationship. There are eight types of love according to the Greeks. Eros, Philia, Storge, Ludus, Mania, Pragma, Philautia, and Agape love. Not all of these are presented in the play, but a select few are apparent in Hamlet’s and...
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Hamlet: the Peculiarities of Psyche

Over history, Hamlet has been criticized heavily by literary critics, mainly over his mental psyche. Questions have been asked about how Hamlet’s mind works and what drives him to be so hesitant in the majority of the play. Carl Jung’s theory on human psychology archetypes offer an effective way of getting insight to Hamlet’s questionable and hesitant actions which ultimately gives an in depth understanding to Hamlet’s conclusion. Carl Jung, an influential psychiatrist used his theory of archetypes to gain...
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Hamlet: Human Nature and Essence of Life

The complex nature of human nature drives individuals to choose between right or wrong, often causing conflicts between personal desires and moral decisions. William Shakespeare explores this concept through his tragedy Hamlet, in order to explore the timelessly relevant themes, ideas and values in this play. In doing so, he delivers the audience a message about tragic procrastination, morality, mortality, murderous ambitions and how this can lead to conflict, change and tragedy. Although written with Elizabethan context, the sophisticated use...
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The Themes of Hamlet Soliloquy

William Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark has seven soliloquies throughout the play with the purpose of providing a more personal understanding of Hamlet. Hamlet’s “Oh, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!” soliloquy is the most important because it provides insight into his feelings about his inaction, reveals his future plans, and creates an anticipant mood for the readers.In his soliloquy, Hamlet compares himself to the actor who teared up over someone he did not...
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Historical Context of Hamlet Play

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, who was studying at the Protestant University of Wittenburg of reformer Martin Luther. This play takes place in Denmark, which is known to be a largely Protestant nation at the time of the play which is the Renaissance period. Roman Catholic during this this time believe in a state of purgatory, where they believe that souls go after death to atone for venial sins/wrongdoings. The Protestants then began several Catholic teachings, including the existence of purgatory,...
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Gatsby and Hamlet VS Human Condition

Throughout literature and history included in this world there are various examples to answer the questions of who are we and why are we here. This coming from many people of whom are struggling in today’s world. The readers explore the appearance vs the reality of expectations followed through the pieces “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald and “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare. In these selections the readers analyze how both Hamlet and Gatsby explore the aspect of our humanity...
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Hamlet By William Shakespeare: Moral Distress Of The Whole Community

Shakespeare employs language to explore characters in Hamlet. Hamlet himself uses language as a means of defence, taking refuge within words, delaying action, manipulating his opinion of others and ultimately concealing his own identity. Perhaps more so than any other character in the play, Hamlet is aware of his skill with words and uses rhetorical devices to make sense of his world and conceal his true self from it. Through his soliloquies, Hamlet presents the true complexity of his nature...
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