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Hannah Arendt Essays

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Hannah Arendt’ Concept of “the Banality of Evil”' Analytical Essay

To what extent does Anwar Congo exemplify Hannah Arendt’s concept of “the banality of evil”? In 1965, in Indonesia, Anwar Congo played a critical role in the mass murder of nearly half a million of his own people. The claims of a coup attempt by Communists released pent-up communal hatred; these flames of revulsion were fanned by the Indonesian Army, which quickly blamed the PKI (The Communist Party of Indonesia). Communists were purged from political, social, and military life, and...
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Analytical Essay on Identification of Groups of Academia: Hanna Arendt and Giorgio Agamben

This paper will identify three groups of academia. Firstly, a theoretical philosophical approach by Hanna Arendt and Giorgio Agamben. Secondly, a group that consists of Bicocchi and Weissbrodt, and Collins elaborates on the academic work on statistical data and the problem of de facto statelessness. Finally, a third group consisting of Belton, Bicocchi, Bhabha & Matach, and Fekete which deals with the consequences of statelessness will be discussed. Hannah Arendt and Giorgio Agamben are two scholars who have discussed the...
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The Operational Framework of Hannah Arendt: Analytical Essay

The Operational Framework In the diagram below, Hannah Arendt’s concept of the “right to have rights” appears in the middle, topmost part of a square that encloses what defines the “right to have rights”. The Uyghurs, being that they are deprived of their right to religious freedom, are considered stateless given that an individual is a citizen if – and only if – one is part of a political community and is practicing their rights (Degooyer, 2018). The PRC serves...
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The Human Rights Situation of the Uyghurs according to Hannah Arendt’s “Right to Have Rights”: Analytical Essay

Abstract The aim of this chapter is to present a more inclusive definition of human rights through Hannah Arendt’s “right to have rights”. It first introduces the criticisms, recommendations, and a general analysis of the common responsibility of international, domestic, and individual actors, and proceeds to view these criticisms, recommendations, and analyses through the Right to Have Rights Framework. The chapter concludes with reconfiguring the normative concept of human rights and viewing these on the basis of natality and common...
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Analytical Framework of Hannah Arendt: Discursive Essay

Analytical Framework 1 Intellectual Background of the Author Hannah Arendt took up a degree in Philosophy at the University of Marburg. She later earned a doctorate in Philosophy at the University of Heidelberg with a doctoral dissertation, titled Love and Saint Augustine, a philosophical interpretation of three concepts of love in the work of St. Augustine. She became a full professor at Princeton and taught at other universities, such as the University of Chicago and the University of California, Berkeley....
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The World of Hannah Arendt

To enter the world of Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) is to encounter the political and moral catastrophes of the 20th century. Her life spanned the convulsions of two world wars, revolutions and civil wars, and events worse than war in which human lives were uprooted and destroyed on a scale never seen before. She lived through what she called ‘dark times,’ whose history reads like a tale of horrors in which everything taken for granted turns into its opposite. The sudden...
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