Harm of Social Networking Sites for Society

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In the past, social networking was not as well- developed as they are today. According to Newsela, as social networking sites have been evolving throughout time, they have increasingly become more popular. Although social networking sites can be beneficial, however, it’s ruining our generation today. It’s ruining our generation today by cyberbullying and it’s interfering with school or college work.

My initial reason why social networking sites aren’t good for society is since one can easily cyberbully on social media. According to ProCon.org, numerous people today are being cyberbullied on countless social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Youtube. When a person is cyberbullied, the impact on the victim is self-harm and depression. When a person has depression, it can lead to self-harm such as cutting yourself or suicide in several situations. When a person has low self-esteem, one might not be as successful as your meant to be. Cyberbullying connects to ruining our generation today since if one is cyberbullied, they would have thought of suicide. The number of suicides in our society is increasing everyone and it’s ruining many lives.

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The next reason is that social networking sites can interfere with your school or college. According to ProCon.org, “Students who are heavy social media are tended to have lower grades”. When one is on social media for countless hours, it can impact one’s school or college work, which results in procrastination this can lead to late or no work. If one is on social media for countless hours, there’s a chance one might not get into a college or one’s dream college, which might lead to a negative outcome. If one is already in college, there’s a chance one might fail or drop out, which can cause one to be in high debt without a good job.

My last reason is that catfishing has a major effect on a person, hence impacting their life in a negative way. On ProCon.org it states that social media allows people to make a new friend. However, the person one becomes friends with on social media can be catfishing them. As a result, according to cybersmile.org when one is catfished, it can be immensely damaging to one’s mental health since one can feel embarrassment and regret believing in a person which does not exist. This can result in situations like anxiety disorders and depression.

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