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Harmonizing Employee Vacation Benefits

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Our company has decided to partner with a company from outside the country. As the head of HR, I am supposed to make proposals on how to harmonize employee benefits. Our company allows a 10 day vacation during the first year and each year there is an increase of a day till a maximum of 20 days is reached. The other company has 20 days and an increase of two more days each year till a maximum of 60 is reached. As the head of HR I have to ask myself certain questions, what decision best suits each group of employee? Which decision is not a breach of their rights? And lastly which decision is for the common good?.

The virtues and values in tension here is first, the right treatment of all employees. It’s not ethical to show bias or not put into consideration equality and just to employees. Another virtue is right use of the employee’s time. As a company, we have to consider this aspect as we reevaluate the choices. The last value is to see into it that those who have no access to information or resources have been protected. In this case any employee who’s not aware of his rights should not be taken advantage of but be protected.

After laying down all the choices I opted for European workers being given the same vacation as their American counterparts up to the extent which the law permits. On reversibility, I chose this cause of action since on putting myself on our employees situation, I wouldn’t want other company treated way better than us by being given more vacation days yet we are all under one management. The choice of allowing each person to receive customary vacations in the country they are working in is not only bias but unjust. Pertaining prior agreement, each employee signed papers that had their contract descriptions, it was agreed between the company what their vacation days would be and that’s why I decided to put into consideration the decision to let them have customary holidays in the countries they are in, but on second thought the virtue of equality had to be considered. This decision allows them to feel their rights are protected at the same time they are treated fairly

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It is the general expectations of the company to promote justice, to help others and not hurt them and also to improve ourselves. By allowing the other company to have vacation days according to the employees of our company up to where their law permits, we are ensuring justice is served and our employees don’t feel that they have been treated unfairly in any way unlike the case where the vacation period of the other company was left unchanged.

Comparing the decision using the relationship lens, we have the basic liberty which states that everyone has a right to have their contract honored and have a voice in any matter that affects them. This decision ensures that the contract the employees made with the company is honored as the vacation period is not altered in a way that they feel compelled to accept the decision even if they are unsatisfied. The case where the other companies vacation is to be slashed in accordance to ours is a breach of their contract.

On reflective equilibrium we answer the question of whether the decision was made to suit the company’s needs or for dignity as ends in themselves. This decision is made solely for the sake of the employees. Employee’s needs were put into consideration unlike the case where working hours are to be slashed. The letter would increase employee input which raises the profit margin but then it’s unethical.

Basing my decision on the common good lens. This decision sees to it that both employees of both companies are satisfied. The impact will be positive to all employees unlike the case where the vacation days are slashed for the other company. The choice where our companies vacation days was to be increased to the point where it augers well with the other company will be very uneconomical for the company which may lead to a negative impact to both the employees and management. On making this decision I ensured every rule is adhered to, Employees have legal obligations under transfer of undertaking to protect the existing contract of employees who transfer to the acquiring organization. The internal good achieved by the decision is that all employees are satisfied and happy and feel that their needs are well taken care of. This decision not only meets the standards of life but also the core virtues of integrity, honesty, courage and civility. As a company we are able to exhibit this values. Basing my decision on all the lenses it shows that it’s not only legally right but ethical

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