Has Advancements In Technology Led To A Dilution Of Acceptance Of Religious Beliefs?

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Religion and Science have been in war for as long as anyone can remember. Every religion has been intimidated by technology. Bible apps, Torah-chanting apps, Buddhist prayer apps that are not what these religions preach however technology has helped religions get recognized and bringing respect, knowledge and faith into these religious communities.

There are many acts that are banned or neglected due to their faith. Women suffer at some times because of these organized religions that state the women have to be submissive to men or count as his possession. With the help of technology women got a power of speaking up to these “beliefs” and gaining more confidence with the help of many other women across the globe. In this IR, there will be an discussion of the question in which how technology led to an acceptance in religious beliefs and under this, I choose to elaborate on the topic of abortion; and how it got accepted in religious communities or even if technology helped it being led to an approval in some cases. I also will be discussing how Muslim women are obligated by their religion to wear hijabs and how affected they are when it comes to security in the modern world; these women are prohibited to show their faces or bodies because it symbolizes their ‘submission to god” therefore in an technological world, they may face certain limitations.

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When it comes to abortion, they are many setbacks toward the subject. Most of the religions do not sympathize with the idea and has it banned for those who follow. They say it symbolizes homicide, as in attempted murder of an innocent child, this is where the issues fit in. even with the whole concept being banned, women have still chosen to acquire the idea and proceed with it in unwanted pregnancies. This is influenced by modern technology, when I say modern technology, I mean modern medical procedures using machines causing less risk during the procedures. Technology has made it easier for women to overcome the fear and to share their experiences. The issue is even in life threatening conditions, should they abort their child and commit a sin trusting technology or accept death even if they don’t want it?

Wearing a Hijab is essential in a Muslim women’s life. These women are prohibited to show any skin when not with their husbands due to their religion. So, they face a certain difficulty when making legal documents because the reveal of their faces or identity has to be uncovered so that they could have benefits inside or when leaving their countries. In this case, because of these technological advancements, securities at airports when checking in and out, or passing through immigration. A lot of Muslim women are identified by their husband’s identification card which limits their entry in any other country due to face recognition, passports, identity cards. How do they get their rights by not being unfaithful to their beliefs? That’s the real issue.

These both examples are of how modern technology has set their faiths in a critical line. How these women have to choose between their right or technology, is technology wining?

The three perspectives

Global perspectives

There are several ways that technology made it possible to dismiss the faith in some countries.

Technology is not only machinery, technology also brings the internet, social media to the whole world. The internet spreads information about various topics. As a curious world, we use internet to discover about cultures, religions, politics and scenery. Due to the internet and social interaction, people have come to learn and follow new belief systems and create new opinions leading to more respect in communities or toward different countries.

Abortion: thanks to the modern technology, abortion is a safer and legal procedure in most of the developed countries therefore religious countries like Israel, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia etc is legal only in threatening situations and have given the women a safety way to get through the whole process. Even being a sin, or against their religion, these countries make sure that the health and stability of their female citizens are taken care of. They have influenced many countries and there are a huge number of countries where the idea was implemented

Hijab: as mentioned before about communities respecting and accepting other faith and beliefs. Hijab is one belief that has been accepted in some countries because of the social media and how they portrait these situations to others. For example: Muslim women in Brazil would be allowed to don hijab in their drive licenses, national IDs and passports after the western border city of Foz do Iguaçu installed a new policy for the Muslim headscarf. This was accepted by the Brazilian country due to an incident that drew national attention in Brazil after a Muslim resident, Ahlam Abdul El-Saifi, refused to remove the outfit for her driver’s license photo in the city of Sao Bernardo do Campo, in the state of Sao Paulo (.Source : OnIslam | 25 Sep)

National perspective

India is already a very conservative country of many cultures and religions, although abortion is lenient to very few cases. India does not tolerate abortion and has taken measures to reduce it for example: when pregnant a mother is not allowed to be informed about the gender of their babies due to a long history of aborting a certain gender due to its prejudice in the history.

India is also a country that has a very big population of 14.2% of the country's population or roughly 172 million people identifying as adherents of Islam so hijab identification cards are a thing and has helped a lot of Muslim women get verified in the countries system.

India is multi-cultural country, with a mixture of religions. Even with its advance technology and a very big population of aware youth. The religion is so powerful that nothing interferes their fate and what they believe in, no matter what other countries or the media is saying. Following their beliefs is the main value of their country.

Courses of actions

Abortion: instead of just making the whole concept legal, to prevent further prejudice

There should be a law stating that abortion procedure will be accepted only in life

Threatening situations, rape cases or underaged pregnancies.

Also inform more citizens about the abortion culture, have safe clinics with trained

Employees that help out in healthcare. It won’t affect the beliefs, just save more lives.

Making sure there is no prejudice and that there is going to be help and support from the government.

Hijab: in airports, these women should be taken into a private room with a female

Security guard or police and there have a checkup in private with no need to expose to other men which is against her religion there should always be an women to guide and support these women throughout this process so that they can stay safe and get ther rights with no problem of intersecting with their faith.


To protect what they trust and what their families, friends, neighbors believe in, just stop practicing their faith and what they have grown up listening to and setting an example to the younger youth then the whole concept of peace and respect for one another would fall apart because respect, education, faith are the basic and main preach that all the religions work towards. When the community stops being reminded of what a good person or action it has to fulfill, there would be chaos.


Technology has a huge impact on both of these examples used throughout my IR. It helped these problems get recognized and finding a solution for it. The whole point was to prove how religion won’t stop women from doing what they want to do or making life changing decisions because even if they have rules to go by, themselves will always be a priority.

Without being judged by the society and that is what I think about technology; it hasn’t changed the way people practice their religion, it changed the way people accept others flaws, opinions and definitely their choice without throwing stones at them.


I think that these problems that were brought out on this topic is an very hard topic, It needs a lot of research and perspectives from other people, my objective was to clear out the problems faced by these religious women when it comes to technology, if they often choose living in a perfectly religious lifestyle or giving up the expectations that are set on them as followers to live a healthy and independent life. I feel like my research has definitely been informative and hopefully clarifies what im trying to transmit through my words and my research.


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