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Hate Crimes: Causes And Solutions

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Hate crimes in society today have been evident through the news even within local communities. As stated in Hate Crime Statistics, “In 2016 7,615 people were affected by a hate crime a 168 percent rise from 10 years ago,” (FBI Victims). If this keeps growing no one of a different race will be safe within America or even their own communities. According to Damon Karson, a hate crime analyst,”Hate crimes have targeted more groups, especially LGBT, Jews, and blacks,” (Karson, Damon). This shows in America hate crimes have now expanded and affected more groups and people. As maintained by the Religious Action Center, “The report detailed over 1,500 religion-based offenses with 1,013 of them (over 66%) directed against Jews and Jewish institutions,” (Hate Crimes). Religions receive the most hate crimes as many people in America believe in one or no religions. In summary America’s hate crimes have become clear and now affecting communities and people all around us.

Causes hate crimes started in America

Secondly, these problems subsequently lead to causes as people started to become belligerent wanting revenge on the person or group who committed the crime. In the words of Karson, “Demonstrations around the country drew large crowds most importantly, groups like the Gay Liberation Front formed,” (Karson, Damon). Once hate crimes became largely impactful groups introduced campaigns to help support their cause leading to incredible support. The Religious Action Center stated,¨Legislation serves as a deterrent to those individuals who choose to act on their hatred by imposing stricter penalties against perpetrators of these crimes,¨ (Hate Crimes). Now juries are creating harsher punishments for people who committed a hate crime. As crimes are violent and often started out of only pure hate. Hate Rights Campaign claimed that,¨A 2007 Gallup poll exhibited that 68 percent of Americans favored expanding hate crimes laws to include sexual orientation and gender identity,¨ (Hate Crimes Laws). This displayed that America now supports people of different lifestyles, and wants them to be protected from the violence of modern day America. According to the Washington Post ¨The manufacturing industry collapsed, and economic inequality widened, making life more financially precarious for many white men. Then when they turn on the television, the faces they see are no longer as white as they once were,¨ (Berman, Mark). This presented how simple problems cause them to act upon people of different beliefs in violent unnecessary ways. To sum up, causes can be large or small, but any causes positive or negative could lead more people into supporting this issue.

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Solutions for the stopping the hate

Finally, to help support and limit hate crimes people must create solutions. As the Southern Poverty Law Center suggests,¨Do something. In the face of hatred, apathy will be interpreted as acceptance by the perpetrators, the public and worse the victims. Community members must take action; if we don’t, hate persists,¨ (Ten Ways to Fight Hate). People standing up to their haters might show victims are not so vulnerable, and will defend what they believe in. Not simply letting themselves be profiled and treated poorly. Following this statement, Karson Damon announced,¨ The First Amendment Defense Act was introduced in 2015 If enacted, the bill would prohibit the federal government from penalizing businesses that decide not to provide services to LGBT individuals on the basis of these types of moral and religious beliefs, (Karson, Damon). This is one act or law being set in place to help make America equal for anyone of any belief or lifestyle, and allow them to enjoy their life as any other person would. As stated by the Religious Action Center,¨

Although the stricter punishment is critical, the goal of hate crimes laws is often tied to the idea of educating perpetrators, law enforcement officers, and the general public about the scourge of hate in our society,¨ (Hate Crimes). This could be a simple solution for many of the irrelevant hate crimes though it might not affect the hate crimes against a whole race of people or large group. Nextly the Southern Poverty Law Center suggested,¨Reach out to allies from churches, schools, clubs, and other civic groups. Create a diverse coalition. Include children, police, and the media. Gather ideas from everyone, and get everyone involved,¨ (Ten Ways to Fight Hate). In America today hundreds of thousands have gathered to together for many issues including hate crimes as an attempt to gain support. Finally, the SPLC again recommended,¨If you’re a victim, report every incident in detail and ask for help. If you learn about a hate crime victim in your community, show support. Let victims know you care. Surround them with comfort and protection,¨ (Ten Ways to Fight Hate). Support is important to help the recovery process to show they’re strong, and will not let someone affect them. In closing, support is one of the large ways of showing strength, especially in numbers as the victims are praised for their heroism.

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