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Critical Review: Automatic Detection of Hate Speech

Abstract: The research emphasized that some of the significant issues on social media are abusive and harassing text messages, including controversial topics, swearing, abusive language, and taboo words which are not ethical for the human being. Social media is an independent platform where people can put their thought using text messages, without knowing what would be effected on other’s minds and behaviors. A vast majority of people who regularly engage with social media platforms will have encountered a harasser. Even...
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The Problem Of Hate Speech And The Reasons It Should Be Prohibited

INTRODUCTION In this paper, I am going to argue that hate speech both online and in-person ought to be prohibited. The plan for the discussion runs as follows. In section I., I will examine the parameters of what is and is not considered hate speech and the problems that arise from the use of hate speech. In section II., I will state various reasons why hate speech both online and in-person should be prohibited through the philosophical position of consequentialism....
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Policing Of Online Hate Speech

The introduction of the internet brought about a new revolution of connectivity and communication, but along with accessibility of communication arose the simplicity to discriminate against individuals and large groups of people with the touch of a finger. Derogatory and inflammatory speech in the United States has technically been around since the country’s founding, but it was not classified as a hate crime until the expansion of the Hate Crime Laws in 2009. Though there has been debate over its...
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Misogyny In India: A Virulent Form Of Hate Speech

Over time, our supposedly egalitarian society has nourished misogynist attitudes and beliefs and pushed ideologies that glorify the speaker as a maverick but inflict hatred on women for being as unfortunate as they are, to be women in men’s world. The laws that govern Indian women are dictated by social perceptions formed by the self-acclaimed censorious champions of morality. This exclusively masculine and misogynist society that has tied women in the fetters of these laws, endorsing sexism, has been complicit...
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Hate Speech Legislation in Sri Lanka

Here in Sri Lanka, the response to recent communal riots was to temporarily ban social media. An extra-ordinary move indeed. We should ask ourselves whether it was Facebook that caused the riots in 1915, the 1970s, the 1980s. Or is it a convenient excuse to stifle criticism of the Government’s handling of the crisis and to ignore the root causes of these issues? The question of hate speech legislation has been revived in Sri Lanka following recent communal tensions in...
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Does Sri Lanka Need New Hate Speech Legislation?

As a citizen in a post-conflict country, I cannot ignore the issues of ethno-religious violence; as an academic and a theatre artist, I must pay attention to those issues. Thus, my interests in the above topic grew out of the existential disputes I have to face almost every day. Therefore, this paper is coming out of both intellect and conscience. In the foreword of the United Nations Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech which was published in June...
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Pragmatic Supervised Learning Methodology of Hate Speech Detection in Social Media

A Pragmatic Supervised learning Methodology of Hate Speech Detection in Social Media 1G.Priyadharshini, 2Dr.M.Balamurugan 1Research Scholar, 2Professor and Head 1School of Computer Science, Engineering and Applications 1Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, India _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Abstract: In recent decades, information technology has been undergoing a huge evolution, with an expressive adoption of online social networks and social media platforms. Such progress revolutionized the way communication takes place by enabling a rapid, easy and almost costless digital interaction between its users. Although its numerous advantages,...
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Free Speech Versus Hate Speech on Social Media

Hate speech is merely critical, often demeaning, very critical, and offensive. Whenever hate speech becomes clear intimidation and threats against certain citizens, then some legal action needs to be taken. In addition, any form of malicious and persistent harassment that is focused on an individual is hate speech and should be prosecuted using the law. Individuals who send threatening messages using the internet to another individual or use public messages that are displayed on a certain website with information showing...
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Legislative Response To Hate Speech In The USA And Singapore

Introduction Hate speech is defined as speech that conveys discriminatory or stereotyped ideas based on factors such as race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity. These attacks are most prevalent among the online community, manifesting itself in social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The Internet has rooted itself in our society for more than a couple of decades, but governments all around the world continue to struggle to regulate online speech in a way where neither freedom nor security...
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Freedom of Speech as One of the Most Essentials Americans Rights

In a time of marches, Twitter debates, and mainstream politics this country is as divided as it has ever been with very few issues being bipartisan. The issue that must have agreement from both sides of the political spectrum that must stay a universal truth is free speech. Freedom of speech is one of the most essentials rights we have as Americans, it drives public discourse and helps others strengthen or change their opinion. But over recent years we have...
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Restrictions on Freedom of Speech

Words are exceptionally incredible. They can be brutal. We generally hear ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, yet words will never hurt me’. But words do hurt. Numerous individuals fall subject to verbal tormenting. While we do have the right to speak freely of discourse in the United States, there ought to be an utmost on it. One key case of how words are so incredible is simply the Constitution. Words are emotional. So as to help anticipate any...
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Opinion Essay: Freedom of Speech As the Right to Use Hate Speech

Introduction Since the 19th century, there have emerged many changes pertaining to how human beings interact and live with each other. Human beings have been set at liberty to act freely in so many aspects of their everyday living. Some of these freedoms include freedom of religion, freedom of movement, and freedom of speech among others. Freedom of speech refers to the right of every human being to express their opinions without the interference by any quarters, especially government quarters...
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Freedom of Speech Versus Hate Speech: Argumentative Essay

When looking at why political concepts are subject to contestation, it is important to first look at how they are contested. In W.B. Gallie’s journal article ‘essentially contested concepts’ (1956, p.167), he states that such a concept can never be agreed upon even by ‘reasonable men’ as they would argue interminably (Gallie, 1956) over its meaning. This essay will use the essentially contested concept of ‘freedom of speech’ to help show how and why such concepts are contested. It is...
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Discursive Essay: Is the Current Law of Hate Speech Sufficient in the UK

In the UK, is the current law of hate speech sufficient?Current Law of hate speech is sufficient because it intrudes with the freedom of speech. I will further discuss why the current hate speech laws doesn’t need amendments.Current law for hate speech in the UK is the Public Order Act 1986 in which section the section 18 Part 3 of the act states that:A person who uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or displays any written material which...
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The Idea Of Hate Speech Prohibition Laws In Light Of International Human Rights

“If you’re really in favour of free speech, then you’re in favour of freedom of speech for precisely the views you despise. Otherwise, you’re not in favour of free speech.’ – Noam Chomsky Chomsky’s quote begs the question of what exactly is ‘free speech’ and what exactly is ‘freedom of speech’. While they have been used interchangeably in conversation, casually and even in and by those more free-thinking about any perceived difference between the two statements, my initial thoughts were,...
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Does Hate Speech Provoke Hate Crimes?

Hate crime is on a rise ever since awareness regarding Freedom of speech have increased. Isn’t it ironic how the same platform that gives a voice to oppressors also gives a voice to predators? When we talk about Hate crime, we all accept that hate speech is one of the main reasons for it. Hiding under the umbrella of freedom of speech, there are hatemongers and racists that utilize the useful platform of freedom of speech to gain their personal...
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Free Speech And Hate Speech Impacts

“Social media has exploded onto the front lines in the battle over hate speech, free speech and the sociopolitical war gripping the US.”(“How Can Social Media Firms Tackle Hate Speech?”). Hate speech is defined as abusive or threatening words that express prejudice against a certain group of people. It is a crime hidden under the false pretenses of the first amendment. The effect social media has on hate speech is devastating. Social media incites hate speech by fueling hate crime,...
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