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Should Obamacare Be Repealed?

One of the biggest controversial topics in America is healthcare, specifically Obamacare. Without Obamacare, millions of people would be without healthcare. For this reason, and many other economic factors, I believe Obamacare should not be repealed. Economic Arguments Against My Position a. The Affordable Care Act negatively impacts the supply of labor. i. Obamacare reduces employment among less skilled workers as it negatively affects the reward to work for other workers. As an individual makes more money, they lose subsidies...
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The Main Reasons Of Poor Dental Care In Australia

The aging population has significantly escalated in Australia thus increasing the number of senior citizens in the residential facilities. According to Hibbert et al., (2019, p.01) most of these elderlies have dementia therefore, most of the residence are faced with challenges associated with this degenerative disease. One of the problems includes maintaining good oral health. This report will discuss three problems of providing dental health in RACFs in Australia such as obstacles related to finance, barriers related to availability and...
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OSHA At The Workplace

Occupational and Safety and Health Administration is the most significant structure that an organization has, in such a case that it exists representatives will have less desires for occurrences at work. As OSHA rose, it secures laborers of managers who don’t keep wellbeing laws in organizations and shields organizations from workers that don’t utilize the wellbeing laws and guidelines that have been created for the prosperity of all. OSHA expects bosses to have a sheltered work environment without dangers of...
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Hospital Errors: Types And Causes

One of the most asked questions is what the leading cause of death in hospitals is. John Hopkins study claims more than 250,000 people in the United States die every year from hospital errors, making it the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. By studying mistakes in the hospital, learning how to prevent them, and respond to them correctly is the key to changing the standard of care. Hospital errors are defined as mistakes done by...
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Most Common Benefits Of Regular Physical Exercise

With the boring daily life in which work and home are the only places that we spend time in, life has become totally mundane. It feels we are always tired of running faster than time. The best way of achieving a work-life balance is with the help of regular exercise. Exercise helps in healing from within. You will feel rejuvenated and fresh if you exercise daily. Physical exercise helps in increasing body energy and stamina. It balances the metabolism rate...
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Watson’s Theory Of Human Caring: Origin And Applications

Nurses in their line of duty are exposed to health hazards. During their daily routine at work, they are exposed to illnesses and injuries. Their nature of work puts them at risk of this problem. Their work majorly involves walking, standing, stretching and bending which is tiresome. Due to this fatigue, they end up getting injuries and illnesses from needle sticks, tripping, patient handling activities, violence, and repetitive stress. The cases of non-fatal occupational injuries and illnesses are high in...
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The Meaning Of Caring In Interprofessional Clinical Experience

The importance of caring in an extended care facility, means more to me than just being t physically present. It means caring for my patient with the same respect and dignity, you would want someone to care for your elderly loved one. After reading the journal article and learning more about the interprofessional clinical experience, I recognize how important it is to introduce trainees to the roles of different healthcare professionals, it provides them with the chance to participate in...
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Eco-friendly Dentistry Peculiarities: Barriers And Benefits

Dentistry is going Green? There are a number of eco-friendly disruptions brought on by socially minded groups that are happening in dentistry that are highlighting my dental practice’s competitive vulnerabilities, while at the same time representing opportunities to turn those vulnerabilities into sustainable competitive advantages for many years to come. As of late, there has been a tremendous debate in dentistry in the area of sustainability. This debate has brought together dental professionals from all aspects of the industry, including...
4 Pages 2016 Words

Clinical Knowledge, Communication Skills And Ethics As The Fundamentals Of Dental Professionalism

A profession is defined as “a vocation with a body of knowledge and skills put into service for the good of others; the welfare of society” (Van Mook et al., 2009). Medicine and dentistry are recognized by the public as the archetype of professionalism (Bloom, 2002). Professionalism is demonstrated through three key foundational elements: clinical competence, communication skills, and ethical/legal understanding. Building upon these foundations, a professional applies the principles of professionalism: excellence, humanism, accountability, and altruism. A professional aspires...
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The Importance Of HIPAA: Definition, Aspects And Violations

Communication is a key skill that we learn at a very young age. It involves the exchange of information between two or more parties. It helps us express our feelings and emotions and enhances comprehension about a person’s overall health state. Although communication is used by everyone, it is crucial to health care field. Doctor’s, nurses’, surgeons, and other health care professionals need to communicate important patient information in order to enhance quality of care. With that being said, they...
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Universal Health Care In Mexico

Health care is essential for all individuals regardless of where the person may reside. Every country has their own health care system set up differently from others. Mexico has experienced a great deal of progress over the past couple of decades. Although the health system has tried to improve through different health insurance and attempting to improve the quality of care it’s safe to say that they still face many challenges (OECD,2016). The World Health Organization had defined universal health...
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EHR And HIPAA Through History

It’s hard to imagine a time in our health care that we weren’t protected. A time when everything was handwritten and had to be filed. This was a time in history when HER (electronic health records) and the protection of HIPAA (Health Insurance Potability and Accountability) wasn’t even thought of. I’m talking about back in the 1950’s and 1960’s when electronic health records would have boggled doctors or health care professional minds. Even the thought of a law such as...
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Hand Washing: Why It Is Important To Use Soap

Hand washing (or handwashing), additionally called hand hygiene, is the act of cleansing fingers for the motive of removing soil, dust, and microorganisms. If water and soap are not to be had, arms may be wiped clean with ash. Medical hand hygiene refers to hygiene practices associated with medical approaches. Hand washing earlier than administering medication or hospital treatment can save you or limit the spread of disease. The predominant medical reason for washing fingers is to cleanse the palms...
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Safe Harbor As An Efficient Method For Deidentification In HIPAA

The experts in the wellbeing segment have a gigantic undertaking of ensuring the wellbeing information record is constantly protected. For instance, exchanges that exist between a specialist and a patient ought to be classified to a high degree and kept safely without getting to an outsider’s hand, it is profoundly conceivable that the patient wants to get approaches a landline telephone as opposed to utilizing a cell phone. Shut relatives with similar family names are not permitted to speak to...
1 Page 553 Words

Health Promotion: Nervous And Integumentary System

Throughout all the body systems covered in PNUR 113 came with a lot of different ways to keep those systems, along with the tissues, organs, and cells that are involved, healthy. In this essay, I will discuss the five systems that stood out to me the most while learning about anatomy and physiology along with interesting promotion techniques and different health promotion strategies of each. The 2 systems are the Integumentary and Nervous systems. The nervous system is the body’s...
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Obamacare: Legal And Ethical Issues In Access To Care

Introduction With regards to approach issues, ‘access to care’ centers around access to health care services, products and medical coverage. This incorporates having the option to discover clinicians and care suppliers, including medical clinics and drug stores, that give the consideration humans need. Such consideration ought to be geographically available and secured by medical coverage. Access to protection additionally includes having the option to discover coverage that addresses a issues and incorporates the specialists, different clinicians, and care suppliers that...
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OSHA: Seaworld Of Florida Case

Dawn Brancheau was a trainer for SeaWorld and was tragically killed in 2010 by a killer whale. The case of SeaWorld of Florida v. Perez is about the legal problems that were required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The plaintiff had evidence of a violation under the General Duty Clause of the OSHA act. In this case study, I will discuss how the claims were true under the OSHA Act, and how OSHA makes it mandatory for...
2 Pages 739 Words

Physiological And Socioeconomic Effects Of Obesity On The Health And Wellbeing

The aim of this essay is to focus on obesity in adults and this essay will be exploring the physiological and socioeconomic effects of obesity on the health and wellbeing of individuals as well as its influence on the wider society. The essay will further identify and evaluate one current health promotion strategy/policy from the UK which will be Obesity in adults; Prevention and Lifestyle weight management programs NICE (2016)this is to prevent and manage obesity in the society, in...
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Defining Health Promotion And Prevention Of Smoking And Obesity

What is health? According to (WHO 2003) health is, defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health has characterized by conditions resulting from the body’s constant adjustment, adaptation in response to stresses, and changes in the environment for maintaining an inner equilibrium called homeostasis. Again, health is a resource for everyday life not the objective of living. It emphasizes the positive concept, social and personal resources as...
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Hand Washing: Preventing Spread Of Disease In The Clinical Setting

In this essay, I will talk about my experience with the skill of hand hygiene in clinical practice. First I will explain how I perform the technique and my reasons for doing so using official guidelines such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), and research into hand hygiene to explain and support my method for hand hygiene. As well as supporting my own practice, I will use research to show the importance of hand hygiene in preventing the spread of...
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Transformational Leadership Is The Answer For The Crisis Of The National Health Service

Introduction We are living in a time in which the NHS is facing many economic and social challenges. Our healthcare system is suffering budget constraints, an increased and aged population, higher patient expectations, nursing staff shortages and we are now treating more complex illnesses than ever before (Rivett 2015). In order to implement the changes needed to address these issues the government has put its focus on leadership and developing strong leaders in the NHS (NHS England 2014). However, the...
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Conflict Management In Hospital Setting

The purpose of this essay is to depict the management of resolving a conflict in a typical hospital ward setting between two nurses. The aim is to resolve a conflict which strengthens the relationship of a team and create a harmony working environment which ensures patient care is delivered. There’s a post Cholecystectomy patient who is due for his wound dressing and it was his Day 2 in the ward. A moment later, the post-operative patient rang the bell and...
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Adult Nursing In Acute Hospital Setting

Nursing is such a rewarding career and a noble profession where you can have the real chance to make a difference in people’s lives. This chosen topic considers the intricate role of nurses in the care of adult patients with acute and chronic illness in hospital setting emphasising the importance of providing a safe and effective care. According to (Royal college of Nursing 2019) adult nursing looks after patients age 18 and over. (Barton and Le May 2012) states that...
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Dental Health Care Professionals Work During Covid-19 Pandemic

Health care workers are at the greatest risk — they can encounter diseases and infections daily and typically work in close proximity to one another and their patients. Many are already under quarantine because of exposure to the virus. Need of the hour is to prevent certain viral infections. The ADA recommends following standard precautions with all patients, at all times. While treating patients keep following points into mind. These are: ISOLATION & IDENTIFICATION As Dental health care personnel is...
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Public Health Issue: Breastfeeding In The United Kingdom

Introduction The public health issue which is being focused on this essay is breastfeeding and the community of practice that the essay will be based on is Newham, which is my placement area. Breastfeeding is an incomparable way of providing complete food for the healthy growth and development of infants (WHO, 2019). Breastfeeding is also an important part of the reproduction process which has very important effects on the health of mothers who breastfeed, which would benefit the mothers but...
4 Pages 1826 Words

When And How To Wash Your Hands

Cleanliness is the basic part of our religion. Every religion in the world gives the message of cleanliness. It could be cleanliness of our body or environment but most importantly it is cleanliness of our body. A person’s personality is judged by his physical look and attitude. According to a medical research 80 percent of the infections are transmitted through hands, why? Because when we greet someone, we shake hands, hugs each other and to show affection even tap on...
2 Pages 771 Words

The Evolution Of Public Health In England

This essay will critically evaluate changes of Public Health England and how it has historically shaped and developed over the centuries. It will highlight key political drivers, policies and practice in public health in England and internationally. This will be achieved by discussing historical events in public health, improvement of framework, the setting up of the National Health Service and establishment of Public Health England and organisations working closely with. Historically Public Health was not recognised. Industrial revolution at the...
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Hospital Finder Application Peculiarities

Abstract Technological advancements which have shown a substantial growth concerned with each and every field of humanity, the rapid development that has occurred in smart phones has become a very significant factor in achieving our daily tasks. During medical emergencies, common people always face problems in deciding which hospital they should visit for required treatment. The wander from hospital to another in search of medical facility, medicines, blood supply etc. Hospital finder will solve this problem by allowing people to...
3 Pages 1178 Words

Physical Exercise A Significant Role In Our Mental Health

Physical activity plays a significant role in our mental health. When we exercise our blood flow increases, and our brain starts to produce chemicals like endorphins and dopamine, which simulate happiness. Specifically, the emotional benefits of physical exercise include. Conducting physical activity can provide the following emotional benefits and many more. A study conducted by PMC (US National Library of Medicine) tested 30 people for their emotional state before and after exercise. The results showed that people that did an...
2 Pages 967 Words

HIPAA Meaning And Importance For Patients

INTRODUCTION In my report I will be discussing HIPAA , why it’s important and what it means and how it protects patient information. Here’s a little background on HIPAA, The Congress as the Kennedy-Kassebaum Bill had introduced and passed HIPAA August 21, 1996. There have been a lot of add ons to the HIPAA policies over the last 20 years. The latest one was in April 2003 and April 2005. HIPAA has four rules and they are HIPAA privacy rules...
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