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Connection of Health Promotion and Health Care: Analytical Essay

Health promotion (Ru Shi Scenario 1) Health issues are always surrounding us nowadays. The different age group has their concerns to health. Health promotion is a platform allowing the public to know the health issues in deep. The definition of Health Health is an abstract concept that is hard to explain by absolute term. World Health Organisation defined health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (WHO 1946)....
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Justification of Health Promotion

Wellbeing has been center of promotion, driving a holistic approach towards a positive overall health combining body and mind rather than dividing neutral state of mind from the physical. Health and wellbeing has been recognised as inconsistent, total health is not constant but ever interchangeable from circumstance and environmental factors therefore, overall health is valued to adaptation. It is the adaption of the individual that evidences overall health and wellbeing, framing health and wellbeing as a human aspiration not destination...
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Health Promotion Theory Critique

Health advancement is nevertheless one of the essential objectives in the present day nursing. Wellbeing elevating practices can prompt a patient’s generally speaking feeling of prosperity as well as assurance from ailment and interminable diseases. Pender’s health advancement hypothesis offers a comprehensive perspective on the patient, surveying the patient’s foundation and self-perceptions to enable the attendant to mediate and build an arrangement in like manner. The wellbeing advancement hypothesis can in a perfect world be connected to all populace’s but...
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Public Health Foundation for Health Promotion

BIOLOGICAL AND PHYSIOLOGICAL INTERVENTIONS These involves the use anti depressants medications and the use of light therapy, electro convulsive therapy, diet and also exercise in promoting positive health promotion. In relation to the depression interventions explained above I related all my interventions which are the social interventions, psychological interventions, biological and physiological inteventions to the TANNAHILL MODEL OF HEALTH PROMOTION which is classified into health education, health Prevention and health protection, In health education communication is carried out to enhance...
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Definition Of Health and Health Promotion

Florence Nightingale a nineteenth century medical pioneer defined health as a phenomenon which is as a result of multitude of influences and beyond the ‘sick -care ‘model of the day. She believes that when sickness is disobeyed it results in health (Rosa, Upvall, Beck and Dossey, 2019) The World Health Organization (WHO) evolved this definition by describing health as a ‘’ a state of complete Physical, mental and social well -being and not merely the non – existence of disease...
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The Significance of Health Promotion

Health promotion is a way in which information can be wider spread to individuals for them to make informed choices about choosing a healthier lifestyle. to consider taking actions to irradiate or prevent commonly known illnesses. Some of the models that have been constructed to help health care workers aid individuals in a way that is person centered these are the stages of change model, the health belief model, biopsychosocial. The Biopsychosocial model of health was first derived in 1977...
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Brief Overview Of Aspects Of Strategies Of Public Health, Emergence Of Public Health Policy In UK

Introduction Public health is basically the art as well as science of improving and protecting health of the people and entire community at large. In short, public health relates to changing the health behaviour of people and improving their lifestyle. The main aim of this report is to study various aspects related to public health along with the prevalence of various diseases and devise the various actions which could be taken for ensuring well-being of people. This report gives a...
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The Role of Nurses and Health Promotion Used for HIV Prevention

The role of nurses to the global health challenge of HIV and AIDS prevention is to deliver care following the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) professional code of conduct. It focuses to prioritise people, ensure that people’s health need is recognised, assessed, and provided based on their preferences, goals, and values. Nurses are own a responsibility to recognise, value and celebrate individual cultural differences. They must avoid making an assumption and stereotypes ideals on their thoughts regarding people’s culture, religion and...
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Health Promotion During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Risk Factors During pregnancy, there are many factors that can affect the fetus and/or the mother. It is important, as a healthcare provider, to incorporate health promotion into obstetrics care. My patient, JW, is on her third pregnancy, and is around 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Previously, she endured a spontaneous abortion in 2008. In 2015, at 36 weeks gestation, she went under an emergency cesarean section due to oligohydramnios, which means deficient amniotic fluid. The baby...
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Health Promotion and Vulnerability in Teenage Pregnancy

Introduction Health promotion has been considered a vital part of nursing for over 150 years. Florence Nightingale stated in 1859 that health promotion is significant to the definition of nursing. Health promotion has been confused with health education for years in nursing literature. However, health promotion as a concept requires more patient involvement than health education because it requires the patient to make a change in their lifestyle (Raingruber, 2017). Defining Vulnerability and Health Promotion The concept of vulnerability has...
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The Practice of Health Promotion in Pediatric Nursing

Hundreds of thousands of babies are brought into this world daily. With our population growing more rapidly than ever, there is an apparent demand for pediatric nurses to provide care to these children. Pediatric nurses have the ability to promote a healthy lifestyle to children through many stages of their lives with the use of ample resources to maintain well-being and to allow patients to retain the healthy habits they have been taught in order to thrive from birth into...
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Literature Critique of Advanced Nursing Role Theories Supporting Health Promotion

Overview As the profession of the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) continues to evolve within the healthcare system, the utilization of theory-guided practice is imperative for the deliverance of purposeful and effective care to patients. The use of theory in nursing gives APRNs the ability to organize and structuralize knowledge to guide patient care (McEwen & Wills, 2019). Multiple nursing theories exist dating back to Florence Nightingale. A thorough examination of the literature revealed two theories of particular importance to...
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Development of the Community within Health Promotion towards Pacific People

Introduction The intended purpose of this assignment is to ensure that nursing students have the ability to understand the process in which nurses deliver health promotion. The responsibility of a nurse is on patient care, safety and most importantly promoting health education. Demonstrating the effectiveness of nursing practice and how this will influence the development of the community within health promotion towards Pacific people. The first section of the assignment will be to identify and introducing a specific health concern...
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The Effects of Pender's Health Promotion Model on the Nutritional Behavior of Adolescent Girls

We live in a 21st-century world, a world of technological advancement. We don’t have enough time to sit down and eat with a family member. Everyone is working at a fast pace and a compact schedule. Therefore, the food we eat is also not nourishing and healthy. We lean to easy fast foods, pre-packaged foods which nutrient content not comparable to the food we cook from scratch with fresh vegetables, legumes, and grains. Our body needs nourishment and energy and...
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Critical Practice and Perspectives in Health Promotion

Introduction Diabetes is defined as those people having a fasting blood glucose value of greater than or equal to 7.0 mmol/L or on medication for diabetes/raised blood glucose. Since the last 30 years there has been an epidemic rise in the number of people between ages 20 to 60 with diabetes especially in Asia. The purpose of this essay is to debate who the experts in health promotion are. The aim of this essay is to investigate the literature regarding...
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Essay on Health Promotion Strategy: Literature Review

Introduction Health Promotion is a rapidly growing field that has a wide variety of definitions. Above all these definitions, I like the one by (Kumar and Pretha., 2012) which adduces to the fact that health and well-being are determined by many factories outside the health system. They went further to list the following as factors that determine health, socioeconomic conditions, patterns of consumption associated with food and communication, demographic patterns, learning environments, family patterns, the cultural and social fabric of...
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Psychological Health Promotion Aspects

“Survival of the fittest” a common phrase originated from the Evolutionary Theory of Darwin to describe the mechanism of natural selection. As humankind experience pandemic today, their physical health and mental health is being put into test on how to survive this disaster. Each day people are facing an invisible enemy that threatened them and their family. Hence, during this time of quarantine and people staying inside their homes to survive and try to find new ways to keep themselves...
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Essay on Managerial Interventions Needed in Health Promotional Settings in the Kalutara RDHS Division

Discussion The current study was designed to assess the knowledge, attitudes, and skills among primary healthcare workers in health promotional settings and to determine the managerial interventions needed in health promotional settings in the Kalutara RDHS division. The knowledge among 70% (215) of the study participants of this study were categorized as ‘poor’ and only 30% (92) of study participants were identified as having ‘good’ knowledge according to the scoring system. According to the self-assessed level of knowledge on health...
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Health Promotion Model in Mental Health

Abstract Mental health is one of the most misunderstood fields of nursing. Physicians frequently misconstrue the complexities of individual’s symptoms. This misunderstanding results in several unsuccessful trials of medication therapy while avoiding the root cause of the illness. Health promotion in the field of mental health is a slow timely process that requires a broad approach to treatment. Nola Pender’s Health Promotion Theory speaks to altering unhealthy behaviors to endorse health. Theoretical concepts on person, environment, nursing, health, illness, and...
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Health Communication and Promotion in Singapore

As Singapore continue to progress and prosper, health issues will forever be a cause of concern for us. From Statistics, one in nine Singaporeans has diabetes. Almost twenty-four percent of Singaporeans have high blood pressure. Singapore Promotion Board, a government organisation committed to promoting healthy living in Singapore, has also implemented a few measures to encourage individuals in order to improve their lifestyle which will improve health issues of Singaporeans. One of the programs is the Healthy 365 mobile application...
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Health Promotion: Peer Influence on Underage Drinking

Executive Summary This report explores underage drinking among year nine students and what influences the drinking habits of these Australian teenagers. The data collected through this investigation suggests that peers have a significant influence in year nine students choosing to drink alcohol. This investigation aims to reduce alcohol consumption and encourage safe drinking habits within the year nine cohort. This was achieved with the use of stalls and games which educate the students on the dangers of alcohol and teach...
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Reflective Essay on Health Promotion Scenario Involved in during Practice

During my second student nurse community placement, I was caring for a 63-year elderly of Caribbean descent with a history of smoking addiction. For confidentiality to be upheld in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council ‘The Code’ (NMC 2018), the patient has been given the pseudonym of Mr. Smith. He lived in a very cluttered terrace house in a poor condition which left him vulnerable, as he disclosed that the amount of money, he received from his pension could...
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The Promotion of Health and the Prevention of Disease

Introduction In 1941, the far-famed medical scholar Henry Sigerist wrote that the most things that has got to be enclosed in a very national health program square measure free education, as well as health education for all, the simplest doable operating and living conditions, the simplest doable suggests that of rest and recreation, and therefore the very best treatment. For Sigerist, treatment was ‘a system of health establishments and medical personnel, out there to any or all, chargeable for the...
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Health Promotion: Programs And Procedures On Enhancing Health

Health promotion is the procedure of permitting individuals to elevate check over and to better their well-being. To gain the plight of accomplished corporal, intellectual and societal well-being, the person will be capable of recognizing, notice hope, please want, manage and familiarize themselves with the territory. As stated by ( WHO) 1986 “ explained health as a resource for everyday life, not the objective of living. Health is a positive concept emphasizing societal and personal resources, corporal capacities”. To boost...
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Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Langford et al., (2018) Describes the behavioral and genetic beliefs in line with developing hypertension (HTN) using sociodemographic factors and reports based on self HTN status as well as individuals with a history of HTN, evaluating the association between the behavior change attempts and HTN related causal beliefs. Langford et al., (2018) uses a data elicited from the 2014 Health Informational National Trends survey to base the evaluations. Some of the questions based on beliefs in this article include, how...
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New Public Health Approach and Contemporary Health Challenges

Introduction I would like discuss about the most public concern health challenge, that is homelessness. It is the most experiencing challenge in India. It is also a social issue. Homelessness is defined as living in housing that doesn’t meet the minimum criteria or not even minimum secure. It is security of occupancy, services acceptability and so on. The major health challenge which I have found is homelessness in India. It is not referring to only the people who doesn’t have...
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What Does It Mean to Be Healthy: Opinion Essay

According to several references, the word health defines as the state of a person’s physical and mental conditions. On the other hand, the word wellness is defined as a process of an individual being aware of their health conditions and trying to make choices and decisions towards a healthy and better life. Some also state that the word wellness is a dynamic action of change and growth of an individual. For an individual to be healthy, he or she must...
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The Understanding and Peculiarities of Health Promotion

This assignment consists of defining the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that healthcare professionals use to apply to advance wellbeing. This will emphasis on quitting smoking in the adolescent (16-25 years old) population in the community environment, with particular reference to national NHS health guidelines. This assignment is aimed at this population because if adolescent individuals carry on smoking it would lead to a wide scope of health problems and the development of a serious disease in adulthood; for example, hearing...
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Health Promotion the Process Of Enabling People To Increase Their Control Over Health

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just disease-free or infirmity. WHO responsibilities include: Helping countries that seek progress toward universal health coverage, helping countries establish their capacity to adhere to the International health regulations, increasing access to essential and high-quality medical products, addressing the role of social, economic, and environmental factors in public health, coordinating responses to non-communicable disease and promoting public health and well-being in keeping with the sustainable development goals, set...
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Public Health: Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Public health as a whole is focused on ensuring a population stays healthy and is protected from any potential threats to their health (National Health Service (NHS), 2015). This was summarised by Acheson (1988) when he defined public health as the ‘art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of society’. The importance of this is highlighted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) who explain that public health helps increase the effectiveness of...
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