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Heart Attack Detection By Heartbeat Sensing Using Internet Of Things

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We all know that heart attacks can kill your life in 3 attempts, but now a day can even be dangerous on the first try. If we regularly monitor our health on a daily basis, we can detect so many different diseases by detecting them previously, Life is precious. Many people among us lose their lives due to heart attacks. This is due to their diet, age, less physical activity and many other factors. The heart attack is not easy to detect, overcome and help our society with heart disease and attacks. We are developing a system that will help reduce the mortality rate and early diagnosis of a heart attack. In this system, we are implementing a system to monitor heartbeats and detect heart attacks using the Internet of Things. Thus, the sensor is connected to a microcontroller that allows you to check your heart rate readings and transmit them over the Internet. The user can set the high and low level of the heart rate limit. After setting these limits, the system starts monitoring and also alerts the lower heartbeats. For this the system uses two circuits. One is the transmission circuit that is with the patient and the other is the receiving circuit that is monitored by the doctor or nurse. The system uses the heart rate sensor to detect the current heart rate level and display it on the LCD screen


This system can detect the pulse, the temperature regularly with the help of the sensor. The doctor can set the threshold for all parameters. If these parameters exceed the maximum limit, the system sends a notification on the server via Wi-Fi.

In the new era of communication and technology, the explosive growth of electronic devices, smartphones and tablets capable of communicating physically or wirelessly has become the fundamental tool of everyday life. The next generation of connected world is the Internet of Things (IoT), which connects devices, sensors, appliances, vehicles and other ‘things’. Things or objects can include the label, cell phones, sensors, actuators and more. With the help of IoT, we connect everything, access from anywhere and at any time, efficiently accessing any service and information on any object. The goal of the IoT is to extend the advantages of the Internet with remote control, data exchange, constant connectivity, etc. Using a built-in sensor that is always active and collecting data, all devices will be connected to local and global networks.

The term IoT, often called the Internet of Everything, was first introduced by Kevin Ashton in 1999, who dreams of a system in which all physical objects are connected through the Internet through ubiquitous sensors. IoT technology can provide a large amount of data on humans, objects, time and space. Combining current Internet and IoT technology, it offers plenty of space and an innovative service based on low-cost sensors and wireless communication. IPv6 and cloud computing promote the development of Internet and IoT integration. It offers more possibilities for data collection, data processing, port management and other new services. Each object that connects to IoT requires a unique IPv6 address or identification. There are so many people in the world whose health can suffer because they do not have adequate access to hospitals and health monitoring

The Internet of Things (Internet of Things or stylized IoT) is the interconnection of physical devices, vehicles (also called ‘connected devices’ and ‘smart devices’), buildings and other elements integrated with electronics, software, sensors, actuators. and network connectivity that allows these objects to collect and exchange data. In 2013, the Global Standards Initiative on the Internet of Things (IoT-GSI) defined the IoT as ‘the information society infrastructure’. IoT allows objects to be detected and / or remotely controlled through the existing network infrastructure, creating opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems and resulting in greater efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit.

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The following figure shows the system architecture and flow chart of this project.

The system uses the heart rate sensor to read the current frequency of the card and display it on the LCD screen. The transmission circuit includes a family AVR microcontroller connected to the LCD screen and this transmission circuit is powered by a 12V transformer. Similarly, the receiving circuit includes a microcontroller of the AVR family and an RF receiver and others in possession of a 12V transformer. The receiver circuit also includes an LED light and a lamp that serves as a warning to the person supervising the cardio of peace and LED light illumination and ready as well as the light of the pacific card if the inside of the normal heart rate level. whole. Now let’s make this system universal for all hospital rooms. The operator can sit in one place and monitor all patients

The sensor illuminates a light lobe (a small, very bright LED) through the ear and measures the light that is transmitted to the light-dependent resistance. The amplified signal is inverted and filtered in the circuit. To calculate the heart rate based on the blood flow on the fingertip, a heart rate sensor is assembled with the help of the OP-AMP LM358 to check the pulse of the heartbeat. When the system is switched on, IR Tx starts emitting light with a 100% intensity towards the blood cells. The light is reflected in Rx with ‘100% – x’ of it.

This ‘x’ value is our heart rate. All data will be sent directly to the server room, so in an emergency, you can act quickly. A heartbeat sensor is a monitoring device that allows you to measure your heart rate in real time or record your heart rate for further study. It provides an easy way to study heart function. When the sensor works, the time LED flashes in units on with each beat. This digital output can be connected directly to the microcontroller to measure the frequency of beats per minute (BPM). The temperature sensor is an analog quantity with a range of 0-135 degrees. All data can be detected by the sensor and display a 16 * 2 LCD screen. At the same time, this data is sent to the server and displayed in the control room. We make this universal system for all hospital rooms. The operator can sit in one place and monitor all patients.


  • Portable system
  • Save risk of heart attack as you can check it in home
  • Affordable system
  • Temperature and Heart beat monitoring by single device
  • All Patient monitored by single person seating in Server room.
  • This system also helps for Hospital monitoring system.


Today we have a higher risk of heart attacks. This system helps to detect the heart rate of a person using heart rate detection, even if the person is at home. This system also helps the hospital monitoring system, all patients monitored by a single person in the server room. This system helps to measure the body temperature, the heart rate, the pulse of the person. We will make this system for animals so that we can save them. If this technology develops, then we can detect a heart block through this technology through our project.


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