Helen of Troy Movie Analysis

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As I watch the movie Helen of Troy, at first it was just fine because I tought that it was just desame as other movies, but I was in aw on how bizarre the plot of the story for me is. I'm not really a fan of greek mythology specialy there time back then. I don't hate it at the same time I don't like it, I just think it's just so ridiculous how they live a life like that where you don't have a choice or a say with your life. Maybe what I like about it is the message of the story. I think the characters did well although I hate how immature and childish Helen was.

First and foremost I learned that we should all be standing on our own beliefs like how Paris stands for his. He didn't fight dirty but he fought with pride. Secondly is that we should be wise in making decisions specialy if many people are involved. Thirdly is that we should not be manipulated by what we feel, they say that feelings are easy to be manipulated and I believe Menelaus prove that. He was so weak to stand for his own, he let his brother control him and he was too late to realize what his brother's true intentions. Fourthly is that we should not let our pride be in the first of us. King Priam, King of Troy let his pride first. Being a ruler is both an honour and responsibility and being a King should be wise for he does not only decide for his ownself but also for the people and his nation. King Priam being prideful, he let that big horse enter his kingdom whithout knowing that it was a trap and that it was all planed by there enemies. He should have been cautious and did not let his guard down knowing that the war lasted for years and there enemy wouldn't just give up just like. Fifthly is that, no human is immortal even the the strongest of people are not immortal. Achilles, King of warriors was killed by Paris and Paris being one of the main character of the story was killed by Philoctetes and Agamemnon was killed by his own wife. Lastly, we should fight that person if we truely love them. Helen of Troy is about love and love transcends all. Paris and Helen's love was the fruit of that Trojan War and that is the story all about.

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After watching the movie I realize many things, and one of them is that it is somewhat like the story Rome and Juliet. It is both all about love, like how they fought for love and how they die for love. Also they have both similarities by being so stupid when being in love, but isn't love all about that?. Love may be sometimes misunderstood by people but as you go through that process you'll realize its true meaning. In the end love is not all about happy endings because love is connected by pain, it wouldn't be called love if there is no pain with it. As they say, love is blind and love can be foolish. Our heart's doesn't always love the right person at the right time. Sometimes we hurt the ones that love us the most and sometimes we love the ones that we met but are not destined of.

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