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Helping the Internet of Things in the Covid-19 Era

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The Internet of Things, called the IoT for short, is a new interconnection of technology heralded as the next industrial revolution—implying radical change, disruption, and an entirely new paradigm for the planet. Specifically, the Internet of Things is an extension of the existing connections between people and computers to include digitally-connected ‘things’. These things measure and report data. This data can be simple numbers from a stationary or mobile sensor (such as a temperature sensor), or more complex findings from devices that measure and report multiple data streams at once. These advanced devices can even actuate or effect the data they’re measuring (connected thermostat is an easy example).

IOT or the Internet of Things is a burning topic these days. Like every fresh concept, the masses are not too familiar with this novel idea. So, what exactly is IoT? Said in the simplest manner, it refers to a virtual Internet connection from things, processes, people, animals and almost everything that we see around. It describes a situation where everything in our surrounding environment is made capable of automatically communicating with each other without any inter-human or human-to-machine interaction. Apart from the fact that it is a path-breaking discovery, it can also prove to be extremely beneficial in facilitating our lives to manifolds.

Every new technology faces a million challenges in its initial phases. The Internet of Things also poses some grave issues that need to be tackled well in order to utilize its fullest potential.

Health Monitoring

Health is always a major concern in every growth the human race is advancing in terms of technology. Like the recent corona virus attack in Ghana, many lost their life due to the fear of visiting hospital. Doctors and nurses themselves were in panic to attend to patients especially when the patient is showing symptoms closer to the synthons Covid-19. In such cases, it is always a better idea to monitor these patients using remote health monitoring technology. So, the Internet of Things (IoT) based health monitoring system is the current solution for it. Remote patient monitoring arrangement empowers observation of patients outside of customary clinical settings (e.g., at home), which expands access to human services offices at bring down expenses. The smart patient health tracking system that uses Sensors to track patient health and uses the Internet to inform their loved ones in case of any issues. The smart patient health monitoring systems is to reduce health care costs by reducing physician office visits, hospitalizations, and diagnostic testing procedure. Each of our bodies utilizes temperature and also pulse acknowledging to peruse understanding wellbeing. The sensors are linked to a microcontroller to track the status which is thus interfaced to an LCD screen and additionally remote association with have the capacity to exchange alarms. If framework finds any sudden changes in understanding heart beat or body temperature, the framework consequently alarms the client about the patient’s status over IoT and furthermore indicates subtle elements of pulse and temperature of patient live in the web. In this manner IoT set up tolerant wellbeing following framework viably utilizes web to screen quiet wellbeing measurements and spare persists time. There is a significant capability between SMS based patient flourishing viewing and IoT based patient checking framework. In IoT based framework, subtle parts of the patient flourishing can be seen by different clients. The explanation behind this is the information should be checked by passing by a site or URL. While, in GSM based patient viewing, the flourishing parameters are sent utilizing GSM by strategies for SMS. In most of the rural areas, the medical facility would not be in a hand reach distance for the natives.

So, normally the people neglect any kind of minor health issues which is shown in early stages by variation of vital elements like body temperature, heartbeat rate etc. Once the health issue has been increased to a critical stage and the life of the person is endangered, then they take medical assistance, which can cause an unnecessary waste of their earnings. This also comes into account especially when certain epidemic is spread in an area where the reach of doctors is impossible. So, to avoid the spread of disease, if a smart sensor is given to patients, who can be monitored from a distance would be practical solution to save many lives.

Smart Home

There are several things we do in our day-to-day activities which seems normal until this deadly disease visited us. Our way of life changed. We are now used to things that are not part of us. For instance, after touching of door handle it need to be sanitized before another person uses it else, if the first user has contracted the virus, then the other users are likely to get the virus as well. With the help of the Internet of Things, the door can be automated to save from the rampage of the virus, the automatic door allows people to easily enter and exit through the door without the hassle of manually opening the doors. The sensor will sense the presence of human and automatically open the door for him or her. In this situation the drama of sanitizing of door before another person uses it is now saved. Again, the duty of controlling light isn’t control by only one person. Each and every person in the house hold is entitle to turning on and off the light when he or she feels there is this case doors can be turn of and off with smart phone.

Much of the country was on lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. People were bounded not go out. What happen next when you have no groceries that is going to keep you alive during the lock down. Maybe you have some groceries full packed in the fridge or refrigerator, what if it gets finished and the lockdown is still in session. That is when a smart refrigerator comes in. It could have an IP address that might support a function such as testing temperature, checking of the quantity of groceries, automatically open door when someone comes around etc. The smart refrigerator which is a typical IoT also got innovated with the expectations to make life more convenient and comfortable by managing the kitchen more efficiently. It is expected to manage items or resources kept in it, save unnecessary cost, save food wastage, plan an organized menu, as well as organized shopping list. It is a refrigerator which has been programmed to sense what kinds of products are being stored inside it and keep a track of the stock through barcode or RFID scanning. This kind of refrigerator is often equipped to automatically determine when a food item needs to be replenished. It also provides users with extra information about their products, their nutritional facts and consumption history. This refrigerator can download recipes based on its content, communicate with a microwave oven to prepare the cooking power and time for the given mix of ingredients. It can suggest drinks based on what is stored inside, the ambient temperature and the time of the day. It can also order groceries via the Internet when it get shortage. Going out to buy groceries and contract the virus is out of your way.

Industrial Security and Safety

Almost overnight, in an effort of implementing immediately social distancing, many employees around the globe started working remotely from home and staying away from offices. Outside of the normal and business-as-usual situation, with applying social distancing rules. Security personnel protecting the are not going to work due to the Covid-19 lock down. Since no one goes to work their possibility of leaking of liquid substance to cause the company to be on fire or get flooded is high. Some installation of IoT device can be installed to help the company security and safety while we are observing the Covid-19 protocols.

Smart alarm system and closed-circuit television camera. Most countries were locked down in order not to spread the virus. This gave a great opportunity to robbers to invade in some offices. With the help of the Internet of Things some companies were able to install smart alarm system that is connected to their smart phone. As the alarm or the camera sensor sense that someone unknown wants to intrude into the company premises, you will be notified on your smart phone and call for police to attend to the place.

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Fire or smoke detector is one of the essential sensors to build in your company. The function of fire smoke detector is to detect the first sign of fire and or smoke as quickly as possible and keep human life and company safe. This always create an alarm sound to alert those around to take action or call for help.

Humidity detector is installed at your office and connected directly to your smart phone. These leak sensors are used to detect any liquid substance leakages being it explosive liquid substance or water that can course the basement of the company flooded. If it senses any of it, an alert will be received and you can attend to it as soon as possible.

Other sensors like electrical sensor can also be install to check for electrical fault or even turn off all electrical appliances if there the is any electrical fault.

Smart Farming

Food production became very low during the Covid-19 pandemic. Human labor wasn’t functioning due to social distancing and the lockdown. Despite its impact on human labor, smart farming is proving its worth in raising productivity through smart applications — notably the following ones.

Precision Farming

IoT sensors on the ground, in the water, or aboard vehicles control crop production and livestock raising. Farmers access data collected from the field through low-cost satellite feeds and sensors using tablets and smartphones.

Agricultural Drones

Agricultural drones keep an eye on the fields and installations and help manage large farms with vast plantations or herds. The drones can be used to spray insecticide and other chemicals which makes the production easier. Airborne sensors collect visual and thermal data for surveying, mapping, and monitoring crops and field conditions

Smart Irrigation

Sensors installed on water channels activate the flow into furrows or ditches as soil conditions require. Sprinkler systems with intruder alert function are automatically activated when sensors detect unauthorized individuals or animals within the irrigated area.

Farm Management Systems

Automatic systems collect and process data on the work performed in the fields or at the farm installations. Sensors are connected to the Internet, and collected data is stored on cloud servers and becomes accessible from various devices and applications


The Internet of Things provides an extensive integrated network for healthcare to fight with Covid-19 pandemic. All medical devices are connected to the Internet, and during any critical situation, it automatically conveys a message to the medical staff. Infected cases can be handled appropriately in a remote location with well-connected tele-devices. It handles all cases smartly to provide ultimately strengthened service to the patient and healthcare. It has also help in food production, protection on businesses and ensure safety while we are in the lockdown.


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