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Hillary Rodham Clinton was known as a lawyer, political assistant, first lady, senator... the list of Hillary's status did not saturate yet; the most controversial political figure in the USA added a new chapter in her political career, with high hopes, appeared vim, and bravery she nominated herself in 2016 for one of the notorious presidential campaigns in this century....
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My vote would be for Hillary Clinton Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was born on October 26 1947 in Chicago, Illinois. She was raised in a suburb of the city called Park bridge by her mother and father. Hugh Rodham, Hillary’s father, was a successful business owner of a small textile business. Her mother, Dorothy Howell, was a homemaker. Dorothy gave...
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Introduction This study's main goal is to analyze how both Trump and Clinton conform to gendered speech styles and sociolinguistic interactional approaches to language and gender. This includes ‘the four D’s', which is an approach to gendered language that contains the deficit, dominance, difference, and dynamic models. However, this study will not look into how the dynamic model can be...
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People always are eager to share their development expertise, to participate in and contribute to continual improvement, to work intensely towards the attainment of their common objectives. Some of them follow those they can trust and believe in that they will be led towards a timely fruition. Others try to promote a trusting relationship, to take into account changes needed...
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Big Roles The 2016 U.S presidential race was hotly contested with Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump pitting against each other. The two presidential contenders poked into each other’s character without any hesitations. The video “Role Models” by Hillary Clinton details an advertisement, which presents some of President Trump’s comments on the campaign trail during the previous presidential elections. In...
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The 2016 presidential election showcased the ever-growing and increasingly hostile partisan divide within The United States of America. The highly publicized battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton catapulted controversial issues like immigration, healthcare and gun reform into the forefront. Aided by the recent explosion of social media, Donald Trump infiltrated an untouched population of lower- and middle-class white Americans...
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