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Historical Aspects Of Traumatic Brain Injury

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Over the past years, human being have encountered various life experiences that can drastically affect the people’s life. One of the major discussed life experiences that are faced by the human being is trauma. As such, trauma is a condition whereby people experiences both mental and physical anguish that can result in some severe changes within an individual’s life. These experiences can affect any human being regardless of his/her age. Mostly, the group of people which is affected by traumatic actions is children. In most cases, growing children get exposed to these traumatic happenings. Moreover, these traumatic incidents cause brain damage. Traumatic brain injuries occur when a collision, disappointment or even any other head injury happens.

Behavioral Characteristics

In most cases, the principal kinds of traumas that affect people include, diseases, family divorce, misfortunes, among others. In the current affairs, scholars have discussed trauma as an occurrence that may cause massive hindrance in the bodily development of the human being. In this context, trauma affects the process of cognitive or intellectual thinking. Importantly, cognitive or reasoning thinking in people mainly involves the issue of learning, implementing decisions, among others. Therefore, this paper focuses on discussing the effect of traumatic brain injuries on cognitive thinking on the people.

In this concept of traumatic brain injuries, human beings experiencing trauma suffers from the problem of being inflexible and less creative in term of reasoning and providing a solution for simple problems. Therefore, any head injury can damage an individual in the ground of deriving solutions even to small problems. In this case, brain damage can make a person to be in a position of slow thinking hence encountering the problem in term of decision making. Also, individuals with traumatic problems naturally experience challenges in cognitive abilities.

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Moreover, with a person experiencing challenges in cognitive abilities, it will affect the strength of an individual in making a sound decision. As such, a person suffering from severe brain damage can experience a problem of dealing with the matters on hand, memorizing the newly learned activities among others. Also, a damaged brain may make an individual think gradually and communicate slowly hence affecting his/her ability in solving a problem. More so, the victims of brain damage may experience the hardship of providing a solution into a simple problem due to the issue of getting g confused. In this case, trauma victims can get confused when usual practices are changed. Due to such, the individuals tend to encounter problems in implementing the decision or even providing the solution for a given task.

Education Implications for Children with Traumatic Brain Injury

It is important to note that traumatic brain injury (TBI) in children causes disability which affects child development, both cognitive and educational development. There are many effects of brain injury which are sometimes not visible, they include difficult in learning, memory problems and behavioral problem (, 2015). Other problems include physical, emotional and cognitive problems and sleep disturbance among others. The development from TBI mild to chronic or to severe stages is attributed to many issues such as health needs, cognitive development and emotional behaviors as well as social integration. Children grow with ambitions in lives same as any other person in life. This is however dependent on the state of health and mind

Personal Reflection

I believe that a child with TBI is of concerns not only to the society at large but specifically the family of the affected child. A child suffering Brain injury has not only his life affected but also those of their family members. This therefore implies that treatment is paramount no matter the type of injury. In order to successfully manage children with traumatic brain injury, clinical assessment needs to be done; furthermore this should comprise an appreciation of the potential for intracranial complications. In fact medical care, investigations and admissions of such patients should be done on such basis. Even in cases when the injury is mild should be handled with seriousness.

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