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History And Concepts Of Electricity

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Electricity is caused by particles called protons and electrons. Electricity is seen during physical observable occurrences that are linked with the presence of matter that has an electrical charge. People have studied electrical observation since ancient times through various theories. Electrical observations have been studied since ancient times, through theories.


There was not much understanding of electricity throughout the seventeenth and eighteen. In 1831, Michael Faraday, a scientist discovered the rudimentary concepts of electricity. He discovered electric currents by moving magnets inside coils of copper wire. This discovery is used today in modern power production on a larger scale. In 1844 Samuel Morse produced the electric telegraph, a machine that sent messages long distances through wire. This changed the world significantly as communication became faster. James Clerk Maxwell developed a new age of physics during the 1860s. He developed four laws of electrodynamics that brought magnetism, electricity, and light together. This eventually led to electric-powered radios and television. Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb in 1879, but it would only glow for about 40 hours. By 1880 his light bulb could last about 1200 hours and in 1882 Thomas Edison opened Pearl Street Power Station in New York City. This was the world’s first electric power plant and could provide lights in homes and businesses using a direct current. Today electrical circuits in homes use alternating circuits. Electricity transitioned from a science experiment into a household necessity within a few years because of Edison. By 1884, Nikola Tesla invented the electric alternator that produced an electric current, allowing electricity to be transported far away. Then, Tesla demonstrated the first alternating current electric system in 1888 and it included everything needed for appliances and lights). We are constantly finding new ways to use electricity to improve our lives using the knowledge that has since been acquired.


Electric Charge

“An electric charge is either positive or negative, the force it exerts depends on the charge type”(“Electric Charge’’).

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Electric Current

“Electric current is the flow rate of electric charge in an electric field” (“Electrical Voltage”).There two types of electrical currents. “A Direct Current is generated by a constant voltage source like a battery”(“Electrical Voltage”) whereas an alternating current is generated by a frequently reversed voltage (“Electrical Voltage”).

Electric Power

“Electric Power is the rate of energy consumed in an electrical circuit” (‘Electric Power”). It is measured in Watts.

Electric Voltage

“Electrical Voltage is the electrical potential difference between two points of an electrical field.”( “Electrical Voltage”)


When the basic concepts of electricity come together and they produce a major want and need in people’s lives . In today’s world people in developed countries rely on electricity for many things. Some of the things people depend on electricity for is transportation, computation, heating, cooling, light and entertainment. Electricity is used to raise living standards. Just about everything a person does in a day or use involves electricity. The water used to drink and bathe was once dirty but was cleaned during a process that involved electricity. The same thing applies to food, the machinery used to pick vegetables and fruit or slaughter animals for meat all use electricity. After that stage it is then stored in a refrigerator or freezer that keeps the food edible, when it otherwise would have been spoiled.When electricity is made it has to be used instantly because there is no way to save it. Which is why countries that are not as modern as the United States do not have electricity in every home or business, some places do not have electricity at all. Electricity is a necessity in the United States but is an uncommon luxury in other places. However, people are using electricity to fulfil their everyday wants and needs, thus causing an increase in the use of nonrenewable resources like natural gas, and coal in power production as opposed to direct uses such as heating or transportation. For this reason the use of electricity is said to be contributing to global warming.

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