History And Emergence Of Critical Disability Studies

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The topic for my final essay will be on Critical Disability Studies. I wish to explore the history and emergence of these studies, and what they are trying to do. A major focus will be on what the studies aim to achieve around issues of sex and identity. My thesis statement may look something like: Critical Disability Studies not only advocates for disabled people’s accommodation and equality, but also recognizes the importance of looking at issues around sex, sexuality, gender and identity, which we know play central roles in the private lives of disabled people, a fact that is often overlooked by the rest of society.

I will be using 3 internal sources from week 8's content: class lecture notes on 'Introduction to Critical Disability Studies,' “Relationships, sexuality, and adjustment among people with a physical disability” by Taleporos, G. & McCabe, M. P. and “The Disability Studies Reader' by Davis, L. The two external sources will be 'Understanding critical disability studies' by Reaume, G and “Disabled Sexuality: Towards Rights and Recognition” by Shakespeare, T.

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The first part of my essay will be about explaining Critical Disability Studies. The class lecture notes, part of the reader on disability studies mentioned in class and my external source on Critical Disability Studies will be used to unpack what these studies are trying to do, and how the people involved attempt to meet these goals. Each of these sources provide different takes on what the studies mean, but by putting the two together I will explain and go into detail on what the studies try to achieve, and what their beliefs are around issues regarding disabled people. The article by G. Reaume provides some information on how the movement began, and who created it. This information will make for a well-suited introduction to Critical Disability Studies. Both sources concerning Critical Disability Studies, as well as the reader by Davis, L. illustrate the studies' belief that issues pertaining to disabled people are not caused by the victims themselves, but rather by oppressive ideologies, systems, structures and institutions. It is evident that society is shaped to believe that disabled individuals are 'deficient' and 'disposable' (Scribe, M. 2019). Therefore, I will explain in my essay how Critical Disability Studies seek to remove the focus from disabled people when looking at their issues, but rather targeting social barriers placed on them. Many of these barriers come from social norms that are established to create the illusion that disabled people are at fault for their problems (Davis, L 2017).

The second half of my essay will be centred on why a tremendous need for a special focus on gender, identity and sex is needed from Critical Disability Studies for disabled people, and the issues and factors that express this need. The lecture notes provide relevant examples of injustices faced by disabled people, especially around the denial of rights regarding sexual reproductive capabilities (Scribe, M 2019). I will present the evidence-based theory that disabled people with a partner tend to have significantly lower levels of depression when those without. The only issue with these findings is that people with a disability, especially those with one that is both physical and severe, generally have a much harder time finding a partner than those without. A contributing factor for these results is that able-bodied people have a tendency to avoid forming sexual relationships with people who have a physical disability, due to the fear of them being a burden and/or needing a high level of assistance (Taleporos & McCabe 2003). Another aspect of these findings could be that disabled people may be unable to access various social spaces such as school and work, which are common environments for people to meet their partners, due to physical and/or social barriers (Shakespeare, T 2000). Overall, the main idea I intend to propose is that unlike what many people may think, people with disabilities can be searching for sexual and/or intimate relationships just as much as able-bodied people. If able-bodied people are allowed to freely express their sexualities, why can't disabled people? I will enforce the fact that disabled people deserve to be given opportunities to have intimate relationships with others, express their sexual and gender identities as they wish, and have the chance to be educated on various sexual topics.

In my conclusion I will bring all major ideas from each source together to produce my final condensed argument. This conclusion may look something like this: While Critical Disability Studies fight for the sexual inclusion of disabled people in our society, the rest of the general public may neglect to include their counterparts in this area, and view the issues regarding sex, identity and gender for disabled peopled as not worthy enough to be addressed. Negligence of these issues only results in more injustices and suffering. In order for disabled people to have the same rights and opportunities as able-bodied people, the entire social construction must be drastically changed, as the current one is designed only for the able-bodied and made to oppress the disabled.

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