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History Of Homosexuality And Its Legislative Aspects

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Laws around sexuality is an ongoing dispute with most hostility and distaste coming from those believing Christianity, where homosexuality is considered a sin and forbidden. Homosexuality is not a choice, doesn’t affect those outside the relationship, one does not need different gendered parents, a part of our History , and most of all it is still love. It is said it is okay to love, but why not now, loving one another is not a crime.

When one likes someone, it is not a choice. One does not control whether they like that person or not, one just does. There are people who fall in love with someone they thought they hated, they could not help it, it just happened. Homosexuality is just a name for those who cannot control their romantic feelings towards the same sex, it is not a choice, one does not like someone just because one wants to, love does not work like that. Love is a pain because it can be unexpected, troublesome to maintain, or something that can be controlled. There are people who are attracted to the opposite gender as well as those who are attracted to the same gender or both. If people had a choice, there would not be such a fuss about homosexuality because most people would rather be heterosexual to avoid discrimination and or possible disappointment or abuse from disturbed family members. Because it is not a choice that the LGBTQ community decided to gather and fight for rights so they can live loving who they love. Marcia Malory said in an article “Sexual preference is biologically determined. Government should protect gay people from discrimination because homosexuality is an unalterable aspect of their identity.” why are there people punishing and discriminating against people who do not have a choice to change, it is morally incorrect. Tia Ghose says “Years of research suggest that people can’t change their sexual orientation because they want to, and that trying can cause mental anguish.”

we are hurting people because we are forcing our beliefs and distaste on others who cannot do anything to change so they fight for rights. Discriminating against a large populace over an immutable characteristic will cause a use a huge turbulence if people cannot accept one another. America has a freedom of religion, but not the freedom to suppress others because what someone does is against your religion. What we are doing to other people is unethical, homosexuals want to get married and lead unhappy marriage lives too.

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Marriage. Marriage is a bond between two people, a promise, a union, it is not just a “thing of procreation” it is love. Sexualizing marriage does not make sense, it is no different than controlling what people can or cannot do, what happened to freedom? There should not be this much dispute over human love. So, what if two genders get married, they can be unhappy just like everyone else. Do not be that one villain everyone hates who tries to pull two people in love apart. Let them be and concentrate on one’s own life and not others. Besides what does same sex marriage have to do with those who are heterosexual or against it? It is not like their marriage will affect one in any way, everyone acts like it all the gay people who get married will rally and fight against everyone. Where is the equality and liberty in that? Plus, marriage is a recognized human right worldwide, yes, human. It is not a female and male partner only right, but human, which mean the whole race. Same sex marriage is still marriage between two humans, it should not be this big of a deal. Marriage is also not just for procreation, otherwise the people who are infertile or those who do not want kids also would not be allowed to marry. There really are no qualifications needed for marriage. On the plus side, same sex marriage will bring financial gain due to licenses, income taxes, etc. Homosexuality is not as bad as it seems, it is only love and romance between two people. There are more gains to same sex relationships then there are cons. We should be able to accept other people’s sexually preferences, one does not see homosexual people protesting against heterosexual marriages. There are people who say homosexuality is unnatural, but homosexuality has been seen in many species while homophobia has only been a part of Humans. The conclusion: homosexuality in not unnatural.

One of the main arguments against homosexuality relationships is the children that are raised by homosexuals. There are people who believe that children will be greatly affected but having the same gendered parent. “A June 2014 peer-reviewed University of Melbourne study showed that children raised by same-sex parents score about six percent higher than the general population on measures of general health and family cohesion.” ( what matters in raising a child is a loving, happy, healthy environment. Having homosexual parents will not ‘influence’ a child to be homosexual, that’s a choice they do not have. There are statistics that children of homosexual have a higher percentage in health and fulfillment. If discrimination against homosexuals were to disappear the rate of homosexual families will rise along with adoption. With this more children will have families to go to as well help with the issue of overpopulation for the time being. There are around 115,000 children waiting to be adopted right now, if there were more acceptance towards homosexuality most of these children will find loving homes waiting for them. For those children already in a household of same sex parents, there is probably doubt and uncertainty running around in the child’s thoughts with all the banning and discrimination against their parents. Children of unmarried same sex couples are denied the stability that comes with having married parents, including the guarantee of child support in the case of divorce and an automatic legal connection to both parents.

Homosexuality is not only seen in other species but our history as well. The first organized gay rights movement was in Germany around the late 19th century. There are historical figures who were homosexual or were bisexual for example Brent Pickett wrote in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy “Alexander the Great and the founder of Stoicism, Zeno of Citium, were known for their exclusive interest in boys and other men.”. There is even speculation that one of our most famous creators William Shakespeare was bisexual. Homosexuality was not uncommon in Rome or Greece. There is homosexuality present in every culture throughout the centuries, but their response to it are all different from acceptance, punishment, distaste, normalization, etc. There is even an article on The Telegraph about the first homosexual caveman remnants found from 5,000 years ago.

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